Saturday, October 29, 2011


This is a story about one of our cats, Orange Mamalady. She is one of the feral females that adopted us when she had kittens. She is a small cat and very feisty with the other cats and an excellent hunter. She is also our "guest cat." Everyone wants to take her home because she is so sweet and affectionate with people. Especially those who are allergic to cats. One morning, about a year ago before anyone else was awake, I got out of the shower, put on my robe and got a cup of coffee. I sat down on the sofa to watch the morning news. I am a guy who likes to relax, so I am sitting there with my cup in hand kind of sprawled across the sofa in nothing but my robe. Out of the corner of my eye I see the little orange cat walking toward me and I assume she is going to jump up on me make herself comfortable and purr herself to sleep as per usual.  What happened next was rather surprising. She apparently saw a one-eyed mouse and proceeded to take a quick swat at it. She was right on the money and I jumped up yelling something, grabbing a napkin and applying direct pressure to the offended appendage which was bleeding profusely. No serious damage was done, but to this day I always put on underwear beneath my robe.

 So, I have to go to the big city tomorrow for some surgery on Monday morning. I should be back on Tuesday, but will have a catheter for a while. I am concerned that there may be tempting things for curious cats to examine and this is why I told this story. I just have to think like a cat to prevent any disaster.


  1. So funny Jon. God speed on your trip and your surgery. Hope you have lots of time to blog during your recovery. Check out a blog by Lloyd Kahn. He is publishing a tiny house blog and he has some pixs of Iceland.

  2. Jon--you started a blog and didn't tell me? I'm so glad! Keep it up; I'll enjoy reading it. Mine is on hold, mostly, until we move into the log cabin. But I miss my Icelandic connections. Keep up the writing! Best, Rose

  3. Cats are just like 2-yr-olds -- they know exactly what they aren't supposed to play with! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and for well-behaved cats!

  4. Rose, after reading so many great blogs, getting wonderful literary advice from a few, I had to give it a try. I have found some wonderful people in the world that I would never have known otherwise. Some have actually commented here!