Saturday, April 4, 2015

I'll Be Back Soon. Really!

In turning on the computer after a couple of weeks and looking at the gobs of junk mail and overwhelming amounts of blog reading I have neglected, I realize that the planet has still turned on its axis without my presence! The nerve!

There are all my favorite blogs to catch up on, books that have been published without my knowledge, and so many other things that don't take me into account. Can you believe it?

I have an excuse, though. I got the other knee replaced a couple of weeks ago and am still shaking off the anesthesia (and blood thinners, pain meds, etc.) and am barely conscious enough to write this, but I thought I had better. If it sounds funny just blame the drugs. Going to PT (pain and torture) 3 times a week plus the recommended, at home, masochistic behaviors I indulge in daily has turned me into less than a pleasant conversationalist. The Cooker has been hauling my sorry carcass around to these appointments and Stitch has been taking care of the farm. Between the two of them I have been allowed to be completely useless. While that sounds pleasant it has actually become rather annoying.

My Kindle crapped out a few days ago, so I am more in charge of my own brief moments of entertainment. While fixing it is probably a relatively simple soldering job I still need to be fairly lucid in order to do it. I figure an hour of 90% consciousness should do it. I have yet to have that big a moment though.  I hope to start catching up on all the brilliant, entertaining, an insightful posts I am so used to reading from all of you, but I think it's time for another nap.

And down I go.