Sunday, March 18, 2018


No, nothing serious, just the winter into spring transition. There is still a couple of feet of snow in the woods, but along the lake not so much. There are bare patches and the road surfaces are all exposed. For the last week the daytime temperatures have been above freezing and below at night. This is good for those who tap maple trees for what will become a delicious syrup. Those of us with a little less ambition just watch in anticipation of what will come.

I went for a walk along the lake through Croftville, like I did in the fall. The road is bare, but there is still a bit of snow and ice around the edges. The coming days will be a little colder and getting out for a leisurely walk is a luxury for me. So I brought my camera along to see what things are like now.
Unfortunately I am still using my old computer and it no longer accepts my sd cards as it is aging and no longer accepts numerous things I tell it. The new one arrived Friday, but the Solid State Drive has to be installed in it and it needs to be configured in general before I can stick all the useful information from this relic into it. I am thinking it will be ready to go by the end of the month. Maybe hoping is a better word.

In the meantime I inserted the pictures in the Cooker's computer and had her email them to mine which means they had to be substantially reduced in size/resolution.

I started out stopping (?) by the harbor in town as I had a few errands to run before I could walk. Don't most people walk before they run? Not me. I have to be different. There was ice on the harbor, but not entirely, and some of it was making strange noise as it moved around.

The water is quite clear where there is no ice.
I didn't see any sunken ships or pieces of eight lying on the bottom. Darn!
A few hearty souls were walking out on the breakwater.
If you use your imagination you can understand why the ridges above the lake are called the Sawtooth Mountains. Rumor has it that they were over ten thousand feet tall before the last Ice Age, but there were no witnesses coming forward to verify that.
There is still thick ice along the shore rocks.

And a culvert that won't thaw anytime soon.
There is still snow in many places.

With the proper wish and more sunlight spring will be right around the corner.

Soon everyone, soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


My computer is aging rapidly and I hope to have the new one up and running in a week or two, but these things take time. I know, I know, how much time can someone of my age have left? I have learned patience over the years, but no longer have the time to practice it. Seems like a lot of us are in the same boat.

The other day at work I had to finish a project at my desk that took a while to complete. As I got up I noticed I was a bit stiff from sitting in one position for a bit too long. I discussed it with one of my not-too-much-younger coworkers. Thinking it may be a bit of arthritis or just a little aging we determined that it could actually be early onset rigor mortis. We are all in the long slow process of dying and it seemed like a distinct possibility. But what do we know? We're not medical examiners or morticians.

Here is a smattering of thoughts on aging.


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Photo Free Entry

Spring is a time of renewal so they say, whoever "they" are. I took a walk today instead of a ski as there is a not too icy place to go. Of course we will get more snow and cold and I will get out and ski again, but today it was a walk.

A lot of friends and acquaintances are traveling about now with most going someplace warmer. Costa Rica seems to be a favorite this year. Apparently our president hasn't insulted Costa Ricans yet so no one has to spend their time apologizing and explaining their way through the day other than general questions like "why" and "how" of course, but not specifically having to apologize to specific Costa Ricans.

Another guy I know, a recent immigrant to the county, is headed in another direction. To the Hebrides and the Faeroe Islands and vicinity. I doubt he is going for the weather. I hope he gets some nice days.

Others are headed down to Arizona, Florida, and other places to visit snowbird friends before everyone comes back up this way to evade the heat of the southern U.S.

The computer I have been blogging on is on its last legs and this may be the final post from it. It is eleven (maybe twelve) years old and aging, wearing out, slowing down, and becoming obsolete. I won't draw the obvious parallel to its owner. I have maintained, updated, upgraded, added memory, deleted files, and done my best to keep it moving, but it is about time for an assisted demise. I have already ordered another and will transfer the stuff on this one to it, hopefully, and be up and running again soon. Last weeks photos had to be loaded into the Cooker's computer and emailed to this one instead of the direct SD card reader which has now failed in addition to some other things. I shouldn't have to reconstruct too much, but it is always a chore to do so if I must.

'Tis a kinder thing I do to Old Vista. It has served me well. If I am not back in a week or so, don't worry. I will likely be pulling out my remaining hair and recalling words I haven't needed for quite some time, but I shall return.