Sunday, March 4, 2018

Photo Free Entry

Spring is a time of renewal so they say, whoever "they" are. I took a walk today instead of a ski as there is a not too icy place to go. Of course we will get more snow and cold and I will get out and ski again, but today it was a walk.

A lot of friends and acquaintances are traveling about now with most going someplace warmer. Costa Rica seems to be a favorite this year. Apparently our president hasn't insulted Costa Ricans yet so no one has to spend their time apologizing and explaining their way through the day other than general questions like "why" and "how" of course, but not specifically having to apologize to specific Costa Ricans.

Another guy I know, a recent immigrant to the county, is headed in another direction. To the Hebrides and the Faeroe Islands and vicinity. I doubt he is going for the weather. I hope he gets some nice days.

Others are headed down to Arizona, Florida, and other places to visit snowbird friends before everyone comes back up this way to evade the heat of the southern U.S.

The computer I have been blogging on is on its last legs and this may be the final post from it. It is eleven (maybe twelve) years old and aging, wearing out, slowing down, and becoming obsolete. I won't draw the obvious parallel to its owner. I have maintained, updated, upgraded, added memory, deleted files, and done my best to keep it moving, but it is about time for an assisted demise. I have already ordered another and will transfer the stuff on this one to it, hopefully, and be up and running again soon. Last weeks photos had to be loaded into the Cooker's computer and emailed to this one instead of the direct SD card reader which has now failed in addition to some other things. I shouldn't have to reconstruct too much, but it is always a chore to do so if I must.

'Tis a kinder thing I do to Old Vista. It has served me well. If I am not back in a week or so, don't worry. I will likely be pulling out my remaining hair and recalling words I haven't needed for quite some time, but I shall return.  


  1. The computer I'm on has lasted almost 6 years now, and though it's probably on its last legs, it's lasted a LOT longer than any other computer I've had.

    11-12 years is unbelievably good!

  2. I am still limping around on my Win7, so far I have managed to elude Win 10, though not as antiquated as yours, its time hovers nearby...
    Spring is coming here although I know winter hasn't ended for us yet. Flowers blooming can fool us all.
    The best of luck switching over!

  3. Gotta say, mercy killing is better than a sudden heart attack, when it comes to computers. Good luck with the change-over. I'm sure you'll remember words you didn't even know you knew, when the time comes that you need them :)

  4. I too am on Win7, and dread the day the PC dies.
    Good luck.
    I hope that your warmer days continue and that we get some blessed coolth.

  5. Good Luck with the change. Hope all goes well with no hair pulling !
    Is the gud Kattie is still happy in his hideaway ?

    cheers, parsnip

  6. i don't even want to think of changing computers. This year in Maine we only have a few inches of snow still standing - usually about four feet this time of year. We have six to eight coming tomorrow, but the temps are still in the forties???
    the Ol'Buzzard

  7. TLA: SSD

    Three Letter Acronym, Solid State Drive.

    Don't skimp by not having one. It doesn't have to be big (you can get a cheap regular hard drive for long term storage) but a SSD really helps your operating system and memory intensive programs fly.

  8. It seems like everyone I know is headed to Mexico at the moment. Good luck with your new computer!

  9. Everyone I know is going away for a few days, even YoungerSon and the family are escaping to Myrtle Beach for March break and leaving me all alone. I don't even have the dog to look after, she's spending the week with the kids' auntie. Well, I suppose I can get on with some neglected art projects, and I might take a stab at my income tax. Good luck with changing to a new computer. My laptop seems OK for now, but has fits every so often, and I have to call in family help.

  10. Good. It wouldn't be the same without you, so I'm glad you won't leave us for good.

    Costa Rica is a wonderful place. I'd go back in a heartbeat.
    Be well, friend.

  11. Good luck with the changeover! That's always a stressful and annoying activity, but I hope you get through it with all your data (and hair) intact. On the upside, if it doesn't go well, at least you'll be broadening your vocabulary. ;-)

  12. Harry, I think some of it is luck, but the temptation to throw it has been overcome by using colorful language. Computers don't sue for defamation of character, either.

    Sharon, Windows 7 is still in use in many places and has a reputation for stability. As long as it is supported, why not stay with it? It'll be a couple of months before anything blooms here. The pussy willows may be out in a few weeks,though.

    jenny_o, Yeah, my computer has had a few small strokes, but isn't totally paralyzed yet. I know I'm pushing the limits and dare not do it any longer. I'm waiting for my more colorful vocabulary to be urged into use. Hopefully no one else will be nearby to hear it.

    Elephant's Child, As humans many of us want cooler when it is hot and hotter when it is too cool. There are a few weeks of the year when things are just right, but living in those conditions all the time might get monotonous. I have been conserving use of my PC, but must finally give in to the inevitable.

    angryparsnip, There is not much hair left to pull. Vinny laid down and exposed his belly Sunday evening while I sat next to him and scratched around his ruff. Yesterday evening he would barely let me touch him. I think it's a mood thing.

    Ol'Buzzard, Winters get stranger every year and more different than the previous year. Those of us who remember 40 or 50 years ago and being out in it all the time have noticed the changes. We need the snow to hang around for a while in the spring to keep the fire danger down.

    Batty, It was the first thing on the wish list. I have seen them in action and while I prefer tubes in my amplifiers solid state seems a better choice in computers. I lowered other expectations to compensate.

    Debra, Seems most people need a boost in their psyche after the long winter. Thanks for the wishes!

    Shammickite, Going on a warm vacation or doing taxes doesn't doesn't sound like a difficult choice. I wonder how far I would get if I just started walking south? It is good to have related computer consultants who were weaned on technology.

    Robyn, I'll be around for a while barring anything debilitating. I've never been farther south than Key West, but would jump at the chance to go. Never farther north than the Arctic Circle, but would jump at that chance, too.

    Diane, I'll call you if I need a consultant on language. After your move and house building project I expect you have a huge, appropriate vocabulary.

  13. LOL! Depends on your definition of "appropriate"... ;-)

  14. My understanding is that Costa Rica is safe, friendly -- and unlike some other Central American countries, the people there welcome Americans. But what do I know ... I haven't been out of the country since 1992. Fortunately, my computer is (slightly) newer than that. Good luck with your new one.

  15. Wow!!! Vista? You are a rugged, patient soul from the horror stories I heard about it long ago. When it was "the new thing" I waited and waited until I could leapfrog over it. I am currently using 7 and do appreciate its reliability. Good luck to you for an easy transfer over to your new machine!!!

  16. Oops!!!! I was not thinking clearly!!! Vista is relatively new. The OS that was problematic that I was thinking of was Windows Me. I still never ended up having a Vista machine.... nor (fortunately) an Me machine.

  17. 11 to 12 years old??? That's like 100 years old in human years!

    My old computer was about 8 or 9 years old (also Vista) when I switched to my current laptop about 2 1/2 years ago. I didn't have any issues getting used to Windows 10. I think Windows 8 was the stinker.

    No more room for pictures, yeah - that's a good reason to get a new computer! Hope all goes well.

  18. Diane, I think it means the same thing to both of us.

    Tom, The sun and the heat of the southern climes is inviting for a month or two in the dead of winter, but only for a visit.

    Pipe Tobacco, We use 7 at my workplace because of its stability and I have dabbled with 10 on other machines, but this one, Vista, is well past its prime. I avoided Me because of its well known issues.

    Pixel Peeper, It is practically a fossil, however I have a nice 23" monitor that I will keep. I didn't hear much good about 8 either. 10 should be easy to adapt to. Photography issues forced me into a delayed decision.

  19. In our country either people go to warmer places and i live in one of them so we go to our native northern village in summers to avoid extreme heat of these southern parts.

    i am using w10 and ,my computer is also almost 11 years old ,so many precious photos and stuff in it .it has also started behaving like 105 years old guy and playing with my patience .

    hope you will get soon the new one and be happy with it and feel obviously younger with smooth use of fingers :)

  20. baili, I also have thousands of photos on mine. I need to save them and put them in the new computer.

  21. You are a rugged, patient soul from the horror stories I heard about it long ago. When it was "the new thing" I waited and waited until I could leapfrog over it. I am currently using 7 and do appreciate its reliability. Good luck to you for an easy transfer over to your new machine!!!สมัคร D2BET

  22. The cooker?! Your cooker has a computer you can use?!