Monday, October 24, 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful late autumn day. The leaves are totally down so when the ladies and I went out for a ride we could see far into the trees. I rode my trusty steed Draugen who carried my sorry carcass for nearly three hours. Since he has his winter coat he got a little sweaty at our 45F temperatures. It was a tough trail with lots of up and down and a lot of roots and rocks with some slippery leaves to keep things interesting. That may be my last ride for a while as I have to have some surgery next Monday. The basic recovery should only be a couple of weeks, but long term may take months. The hardest part is restricting my own activity and relinquishing responsibility to others. After all, no one can do my stuff as well as me, right? Anyway, here's a pic of Draugen and me in the winter.

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  1. I also suffer from not delegating well. I think sometimes I invented DIY. My mother said I would not even let her hold my hand crossing the street in San Francisco by the time I was 3. When I broke my leg badly in 2007 I learned to accept help. Even though it meant a few glasses breaking now and then, I learned to accept help. And I actually like it now.