Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We have cats. That's the plural of cat. That means more than one. Two you might think. No, actually its twelve. We are not hoarders. No, really we are not. We started out with just a couple and then tried to tame down a feral cat hanging around the farm. After a few weeks of leaving food out for it, it finally allowed me to touch it with my finger tip on its nose. Our friendship bloomed and as it started staying closer to us it decided to show us her newborn litter of four. Their eyes were still closed, but she trusted us and so did they. We started bringing them in the house at night as winter was approaching with its usual fury. As soon as weaning time came we made the necessary veterinary appointments and got all of them vaccinated and eventually spayed and neutered. This whole scenario played itself out again two years later. Then we lost a couple to predation and one to a vehicle. Then we rescued a couple more. So now we are at twelve. They are entertaining and cuddly and goofy like most cats. Some are bold, some are afraid, and some just don't care one way or the other. There are four litter boxes that get cleaned daily and no shortage of fur. We just look at it as extra protein. I'll post some pictures one of these days. 


  1. This is a test comment. I am visiting myself. It's like looking into a mirror, into a mirror, etc.

  2. I only have one cat. Not plural. And here is my most recent cat story. Just before I retired we had a mice problem in our government office building. Dianna the office manager was having headaches from all the employee complaints. I walked into her office and said quietly: "I just got off the phone with my cat Gitte. She wants me to put in an order for 2 mice, preferably live." Dianna broke up laughing for the first time in days.

  3. Mice are supposed to be the perfect food for cats. How come we can't buy mouse flavored cat food?