Friday, November 4, 2011


So, there I am, a surgical virgin unprobed my medical hands and happy to be that way. Of all the things my father left me, including a sense of personal integrity, helping others, guidance, and numerous other good qualities that I may go into sometime, he also left me a predisposition for prostate cancer. It was just a matter of time, but the time had finally come to get it and deal with it. On Monday they took me into the hospital, used a robot to drill a half dozen holes in me, and extract the nasty little bugger. So now I get to recover for a couple of weeks at home and then gradually resume my normal activities.  It was a hoot getting so much attention in the hospital, but now that I am home, the tough love girls are making me tow the line. The wife stayed in the Big City with me and made sure the daily things were being taken care of. Here on the farm, our roomie/friend, all around good egg or "other wife" as the real one refers to her, took care of the cats, dog, chickens, horses, fish, and the buildings while we were gone. I think I will need to be nice to her for quite some time.

I am doing pretty well now and even walked the hundred yard round trip to the mailbox without much difficulty. I got to do that in my slippers, as we didn't have the 7 inches of snow on the ground that we had last year. I may go visit the horses in a while, but I better stay on my side of the gate just in case they do something silly. I don't move very fast yet.
Two of my longtime favorite bloggers have given up their work this year. Alda of the Iceland Weather Report  and Maria of Iceland Eyes  have called it quits after a lot of output. Both are wonderful photographers and writers and have been an inspiration to me. At least they are still on Facebook, but I don't have a lot of time to spend there. At least I can still check on them when I need a fix.


  1. The part about the robot is facinating. I didn't know we were doing stuff like that. Keep that robe and slippers on!

  2. Jon, You sound like a real FIGHTER!! :-) But now is the time to rest.... Hope your recovery is going well!
    Hugs from DK!