Saturday, November 5, 2011

Professor Batty

I can go no farther in this blog thing without recognizing the most esteemed Professor Batty. I had only heard of blogs and had an idea what they were until after my Scandinavia trip in 2007. After finding the The Iceland Weather Report shortly after the trip I found an interesting comment by The Professor and a link to Flippism is the Key . Here was this guy in the same state who played the same music, guitars, had some same audio components, same age, a bunch of other things in common, and keen interest in things Icelandic. How come I never ran across him when I lived in the same city? The best thing is Batty is very well read, witty, and expresses things in ways I will never be able to. He is just more cultured than me and that gave me some opportunities. He turned me on to Halldor Laxness as well as other Icelandic literature and music. Along with Rose, my personal librarian, I was challenged to read with a more discerning eye and try to fully comprehend all that is in these books. This has been a great ride for me and when I learn to link things better and get permission, I may be able to share some of the Professor's wisdom. So after reading a number of other people's writings and getting inspiration from all I decided I might want to give it a try. I can assure you that there will be no great revelations here, just sharing a few things of this fun life I have been living all these years. Just remember, I ain't dead yet!  

Here are some sheep from the farm Grytubakki near the village of Grenevik.
These noble animals have kept the Icelanders warm and fed for over a thousand years.


  1. Think you express yourself very well Jon. Can't figure out if Professor Batty is a real name or not. Still checking it out.

    I was just looking at Icelandic sweaters on eBay yesterday. I'm such a push over for animals. Hope the sheep have their own building to keep warm during the winter.

  2. Batty is only his blog persona, but he makes it work in so many ways. The farmer that owns these sheep shears them in the spring, but leaves the back 20% or so on in case the weather turns bad. They turn their butts to the wind, like horses, and can stay a bit more comfortable.

  3. Nina ø ~ I can't figure that Professor Batty out either!

    Jono ~ So you've joined us, or are you Maria reincarnate? Keep up the good work.

    One eyed mouse, indeed!

  4. Yeah. I thought the one eye mouse was really clever. Don't tell Jon, but he is very creative.

  5. I'm so delighted that you're writing and sharing pictures, Jon.
    Here's hoping your recovery is strong like a saga hero--but gentler, or you'll alienate your excellent nurses!