Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things I can get away with

I am not supposed to lift more than ten pounds for a month or two. This wouldn't be much of a deal, except that the hay bales weigh about 70. I set things up to be easy to handle without a lot of wrestling so the girls could deal with it and not get hurt. So far so good. Today, our roomie's childhood friend, I'll call her Andie, came up from the big city with her niece for a quick getaway. Now Andie is the energetic, independent, smart and good-looking type of person I adore. I already live with two, so it's just icing on the cake. She drained and cleaned the150 gallon water tank and refilled it with only the slightest coaching from me. I should have tried this sympathy ploy much earlier in life. I could have made great strides in getting everyone else to do things for me. If I had been really good at it I could have gone into politics. I could take credit for lots of things I never actually did.

For those of you in Denmark. I was having a brief memory of my cousin Solveig when I was last there. She gave us her house for a couple of days and she stayed with her daughter nearby. It was beautiful and relaxing and her yard was a garden. Here is a picture of it.


  1. Congratulations to finally delegating something! This is so great. And it worked.

    Love the picture. Yes, it is like a typical Danish garden. Would love to meet Solveig when I go to to Denmark in 2012. How does an Icelander have a cousin in DK? ???

  2. Nina, see my next post for you answer.