Sunday, September 24, 2017

Goodbye Frisky, hello autumn

Frisky was a Welsh pony cross who was a diminutive equine of about 12 hands and about 400 pounds. A cute little guy who had worked at stables as a riding pony for kids and was quite tolerant of their antics. A few years ago our neighbor's kid was having a sixth birthday party and we gave all the kids a short pony ride on Frisky who came out of retirement for the occasion. Some of the kids were a bit nervous getting on him, but once the braver kids did it they all wanted to. By the end of the session you could see that Frisky was getting tired of it, but he did what he needed to do. It was about five or six years ago that we took him in to our "retirement home" so he could have a quiet life just grazing and wandering around the pasture. His pasture buddy, Timmy, was put down at the ripe old age of 30. Here they are together.
 Then Frisky moved in with Vedas, our big Fjord mare, and they kept each other company until her passing last summer. 
 Frisky put up with all kinds of nonsense from human beings, but never lost his dignity and remained a faithful friend until today.

He had occasional company with our other horses, but preferred his own pasture and got to stay in at night with nobody to compete for his food, water, or space. He was pretty tired this morning and I was going to leave him inside for a while, but he insisted on going out anyway. Who was I to say no? Stitch found him this afternoon a short way into the woods where he had died. He will be buried next to his old buddy, Timmy. Frisky was 31 years old.

The trees are continuing to change color and fall will be in the air after this next cold front passes through. Here are some from this morning.

 That's a 'shroom on a mule muffin.
Maple in the woods.
Geese in the pasture.

Flowers around the yard.
Here is a nice one I got from my friend, Ann, who was out bicycling with a friend not too far from here. They were under the maple canopy which will be changing for the next few weeks. As always, click to embiggen.


  1. Farewell Frisky.
    It is never easy, but he sounds to have led a good life. And died where he wanted to be.
    Love your autumnal colour and critters.

  2. Jono--Frisky had a good life--at least good while he lived with you--and he died out in the woods.

    We should all be that lucky...

  3. I am in tears, what a beautiful life he had with you.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. You provided him with a good life. R.I.P. Frisky.

  5. It's hard to lose an old friend, man or beast. I'm sorry, Jono. As others have said, he had a good old age with you, and died with the sounds of a beautiful autumn all around him. That's not a bad way to go -- and go we all must. Damn it.

  6. How sad to lose an equine friend; but at least you know he died happy and at a ripe old age. And your photos are beautiful as always.

  7. I am sorry Jono about Frisky passing. What a wonderful life he had with you.
    Gorgeous photos! We are still very hot and humid here. I love seeing your Fall colours.
    Take care.

  8. Safe travels sweet soul. Big hug you to on losing your pony and also taking such good care of a 4 legged friend.

  9. Oh, how sad.
    It's almost like Fall is a metaphor for Frisky. :-(

  10. Sorry to hear about the loss of Frisky. He sounded like he had a great life. Also, he definitely had more patience and composure than most humans I know. Myself included.

  11. Thanks everyone. He was a gentle and calm pony with only a mild concern for changes in his world. He offended no one and got along with nearly every person and almost all other equines (and they can be fussy about the company they keep). He was buried today next to his old friend, Timmy, who also made sure that Frisky was safe under his watchful eye when they were together on this side of the dirt. It was a privilege to take care of him.

  12. Good-bye Frisky. He did seem to have a good full life, still sad when the time comes though. Nice little tribute.

  13. Fall leads to the death of winter. Frisky was ready to go before it grew cold. I'm sorry for your loss.


  14. Frisky sounds like a good and noble horse. You gave him a good, long life and he lived it on his own terms, more or less. RIP

  15. If we could all depart as gracefully as Frisky.

  16. I guess Frisky knew what was coming. What a peaceful end.
    So sorry though. I suspect you will miss him.

  17. I'm sorry about the loss of Frisky.

    And what ended up happening with that 'shroom?



  18. Sorry to hear about Frisky, but happy to hear it happened the way it should happen.

    Beautiful fall photos!

  19. So sorry for your loss. That beautiful horse had a beautiful owner and life.

  20. Sorry about Frisky.

    But, I must say that your photography is quite nice! Thank you!!!

  21. happy to hear it happened the way it should happen.