Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's Still Falling and Empty Bowls

We are about at peak color now. The skies are different, the weather is cooler, and the days are shorter. I need to stay aware of my own Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) tendencies and try to stay happy. Time to start using the daylight light fixtures, getting outside and walking, and keeping nutritional needs focused. Trying it without anti-depressants as I find their side effects somewhat, you know, depressing.

Last weekend was the 14th Annual Libra ride. which brings local equines and their human caretakers, especially those who have birthdays around this time, to gather for a ride, competition, and a delicious potluck. The event has been hosted by this farm for those years. This year was delightful and delicious as usual. The ride was down a local county road which is covered in maple trees, followed by an in hand competition in our arena. There were eleven entrants in that. The competitors scored each other and yours truly had to add the scores to determine the winner. Here is some of the group.
Our friend borrowed the Colonel, our faithful mule and with map in hand had some fun convincing him to go through the obstacles.
Ultimately, Stitch was the winner with our little mare "Beezer" as determined by the other competitors. Here they are checking the mailbox.
The food prepared in my home and the food brought by the rest of the participants was wonderfully delicious as always. I didn't need to eat for a couple of days afterward, but I did anyway.

Ahh, the changes. Morning sun last week.
Filtered light on the Lake Superior Hiking Trail just down the road from the farm.
This is a piece of the maple tree next to the house.
October skies.
The harbor entry.
Birches Aspens across the road.
The yard.
Yesterday was a lovely day. I insulated the garage ceiling with cellulose, which is a blown in process, with equipment I borrowed from work. I don't heat the garage, but I like keeping the vehicles cozy in winter. Later in the afternoon I went to town to participate in our local Empty Bowls program which involves some pottery. Since I can easily make a serviceable bowl or two I thought it would be a good idea. You see, about 12% of our county's population needs some or a lot of food assistance to get by in the world. Granted we only have a little over 5000 people spread out in a fairly large area, but they all need to eat. People sign up to help make the bowls, local potters help finish them and later there is a sale of these hundreds of bowls along with a fund raising feed at one of the local churches. Last year was the first time I got involved if only to make a few bowls and eat some tasty food. There were a lot of people signing up to participate, even some from out of the area (how cool is that?). It was my intention to do it again this year, but my bowls would be nicer. So I get a phone call last week from the Art Colony to assist one of the teachers in the session I signed up for. I haven't thrown a pot for six months, but I'm game. I ended up making a few myself, but helped six people, nearly all of whom had never made anything on a potter's wheel, make what I hope will be serviceable bowls! Hannah, the actual qualified potter, was in charge of the hand building pots. It felt good to be useful and teaching is a talent that I never pictured myself having, but it was fun and for a good cause. If you are interested in more information it can be found here and some photos can be found here.

From the drive into town yesterday.
I drive this route at least every weekday and never get tired of it. Happy autumn to you all!


  1. Jono--As usual, your photos could grace note cards--they're that beautiful.

    The Empty Bowls event sounds like it was fun... and successful.

  2. Lovely photos Jono! The skies are marvellous this time of year. I don't think I would tire of that view either.
    The Empty Bowl event sounds great. Would love to see the bowls you make!
    Take care.

  3. I bought a SAD lamp for my desk a couple of years ago. It made a big difference for me. You took some beautiful shots, loved the stand of birches. That bowl project sounds like fun and great for those in need.

  4. so many hungry people out there; my fave charity is philabundance, which collects surplus food in this area for all the food banks. it sucks that people have to beg for food.

  5. Looks like a good weekend, and productive too! Happy autumn to you!

  6. Wonderful post today.
    The photos were lovely. Would have love to see Colonel on the obstacles course.
    The last photo of your drive to town is outstanding. What a beautiful drive.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Thanks for your comment, I went to check out your blog and am struck by what a beautiful place you live in. Wow! The bowl idea is a great way to help others. I would really love to take a hike on the Lake Superior trail.

  8. Some truly glorious photos. Thank you.
    The empty bowls project sounds brilliant. And hooray for becoming a teacher. And loving it.
    The Libra Ride (and dinner) sounds good too.
    I like the cooler months here but also struggle with the diminished light impacting on mood. Getting outside whenever possible helps me too.

  9. The Empty Bowl project sounds like a great way to help those less fortunate.

    I love all your colorful photos. What a great season, fall. I've been lucky in that I never suffered from the "dark season" - as a matter of fact, I quite enjoy the longer hours of darkness. To me, it feels cozy and homey. I hope the right light fixtures help you!

  10. i saw horse races only on t.v , must be exciting to watch these marvelous creature run before your eyes swiftly !

    One of my relative lives in london since years and says about the weather that is so depressing .

    week back my son left for Germany and telling lot about the weather .

    being from an asian country where sun shines mostly though in summer badly too yet there are months who bring soft gentle and constant sunshine with pleasant breeze which seems a Blessing to me as i love sun and can't imagine my day without him though occasionally cloudy weather is well comed !

    your Capturing is OUTSTANDING !

    brilliant shots and lovely surroundings!

    Bowl competitions sounds very interesting and how nice that you been called for assistance.

    Have stress free happy winters Jono!

  11. I hope you can get some photos of the bowls when they are for sale. That's a great project.


  12. I learned how to read and clicked on your link with the photos of the bowls. They're beautiful!

    Love again,

  13. Thank you for this spirited splash of colorful sights. Your pottery work is inspiring too. I imagine that feels therapeutic. It's hard stuff. I've tried it long ago - takes a very steady hand and more patience than I can muster. Your community is lucky for your contributions.
    Stay well, friend.

  14. We are a week away from peak color here in Western Maine. Thought for a while the colors would be muted because of the lack of rain and the above average temperatures for this time of year; but it is beginning to look stunning.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  15. Empty Bowls sounds like a great fundraiser for a worthy cause - very unique compared to most fundraisers. Your landscape photos are lovely. Our leaves are just turning now and when my mother and I took a drive today we were treated to some nice ones.

  16. The Empty Bowl project sounds like a wonderful thing. It's always nice to help others.

    Your photos are beautiful! The area you live in looks quite beautiful. Happy autumn!

  17. That Empty Bowls program sounds really cool. And thanks for all the beautiful photos -- autumn is my favourite season. What a magnificent maple tree!

  18. Happy autumn, Jono! Autumn is probably my least-favourite season, in part because I don't look forward to the long darkness of the winter. In our new house we installed kitchen lights so bright that visitors flinch when they're switched on - I'm hoping they will serve as my light therapy when the winter clouds close in. I'll take a page from your book and be sure to get out walking every day, too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos as always, and congratulations on your bowl project - very cool! :-)

  19. Sioux, Thanks! If something ISN'T fun I probably won't tell you about it except as a warning.

    Cat Lover, The views are one of the best parts of living in vacationland, but there are trade-offs. I will get some studio time in the fall and will post pictures of pots and things in December.

    Sharon, Happy lights are one of the better inventions of the last twenty years. It's difficult not to take pretty pictures this time of year.

    anne marie, I can't believe we still have such rampant hunger issues in "the greatest country in the world."

    Silver Willow, It was and thank you!

    angryparsnip, I do have a couple of shots of the colonel doing his thing. Mr. Cool and Calm he is.

    Jenny Woolf, Thanks for the comment. The hiking trail is over 300 miles long and some people do the whole thing, but most just do shorter sections. It is foot travel only.

    Elephant's Child, No, thank YOU! I would love to spend our winters near your home which would avoid winter altogether. Alas, I can't do that so I make the best of what I have.

    Pixel Peeper, I am glad the darkness is your friend. I can understand and envy that, but it has other ideas for me.

    baili, Your world is so different than mine. It is one of the reasons I like to see and hear of it. Humans are very adaptable and interesting wherever they are.

    Janie J., You found the link! There were hundreds of bowls at last years feed and no two alike. I will have some pics in a couple of months.

    Robyn, Thank you! I know some things you contribute to your community and the world. We, as a species, are lucky to have you. Be careful out there in the land of wildfires.

    Ol'Buzzard, I would love to travel through the northeast in the fall. I think I would do it on my way to Celtic Colours in Cape Breton.

    jenny_o, Would love to be on Cape Breton Island about now for the colours and the music. Someday I will do it.

    Martha, Thank you and I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful.

    Debra, Have I ever told you how much I love all things maple? While I buy maple things here I like the ones I get from your side of the border even more.

    Diane, I can imagine your kitchen lights. I am reading your book number 11 right now and will always remember the phrase "lobotomized goldfish" until the day I die.

  20. Ah, it's good to make a difference in the world. Some people do it with good works; I do it with disturbing mental images... ;-)

  21. Hello me again, I love the "Empty Bowl" idea and what a wonderful idea and art community you have.
    Just had time to get back and read what I missed.

    cheers, parsnip

  22. Diane, And a fine job you do!

    angryparsnip, Coming back for more just makes you a glutton for punishment, but thanks for coming back.

  23. You sure live in a beautiful place. I'm envious!