Sunday, October 15, 2017

Color and Changes

The colors are going fast, but they all turn at different rates. Some are at their brightest and some have withered and fallen to the ground. Once in a while we get an early version of one of those Edmund Fitzgerald storms that will strip the trees of everything they had.

Some mornings going to work are still pretty nice with the timing of the sunrise.
And then I zoomed in on the Coast Guard Station and Artist's Point. It's about five or six miles away as the crow flies.
 The critters on the farm, both wild and domesticated and some in between are doing their fall thing. The options for them are to eat like there is no tomorrow and hibernate, migrate to somewhere warm, or tough it out. Most seem to go with the latter option.

Red squirrel doing what it does best.
A feral cat that we think is a female has been hanging around for a few months and we have been feeding it lately. She looks ferocious, but will only let me get about ten feet from her before she leaves.
A very colorful bee that matches the trees, but not the corner of the house. If you look closely you'll see that I need to stain the house next spring/summer. It'll take me all winter to get motivated to do that if I get started soon.
A chickadee wondering what the hell I'm looking at.
The mule keeping an eye out for trouble.
A sign that the weather will soon be a bigger factor is that the ships carrying freight are staying closer to the north shore. I caught this one sneaking past me yesterday morning.
As Elephant's Child reminds us, "Clicking on any of the photos will make them embiggen."  If that's what she says, you know it's true. Visit her if you want to see what it is like "down under."


  1. Love your critters - and colour. So much.
    I would give that feral moggie space - and a home in a heart beat. She looks like a cat who has nailed the attitude thing.
    Thank you for directing people my way too.

  2. not much color here yet. and it's supposed to drop to the mid-30s F at night this week. ew. my SAD is gonna kick in soon.

  3. Thank you for posting those delightful photographs. Nice kitty.

  4. Morning and evening light can make everything look more dramatic. That's a bee? Never saw one that color, of course, when I lived in MN I wasn't into bees. HaHa. Lovely photographs!

  5. We are making our last leaf excursion today. In about an hour, when the wife is ready, we will drive through the mountains and view the peak color, ending up, as we most always do, at a restaurant.

    Temps today are in the fifties. Last night we had some gusting winds and there are leaves covering the ground this morning - Probably our last chance to see peak.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. Great colors, and cute squirrels! The few (very few) trees that color here don't start until November. Just not cold enough until then. That being said, we have mostly green trees all year... (that's the trade off for lack of fall colors.)

  7. It's still summer here, so I enjoy your fall colors.


  8. You do share some of the best autumn porn around, that's for sure.

    The trees around here are so thin that the leaves fall off instantly. We had a few days of beautiful color, and now we just have a bunch of bald trees and dead leaves.

  9. Your autumn images are beautiful! There is some nice activity in your area with those cute critters. Looks like kitty has mad a friend...even if it's from a safe distance :)

  10. Hello Jono. I've been sucked into the sucking news cycle and neglecting my online hangouts that keep me sane. Hopefully, I still have some sanity left ... I am now making a fervent effort to avoid the crazy as much as possible.

    Beautiful photos as always. Good for the heart and the mind. Thank you.

  11. Elephant's Child, Half of our cats started out as feral so there's a good chance she'll be indoors by winter. Visiting your site and pictures is an exotic vacation for me.

    anne marie, I've got a "happy light" aimed at me as I write this. Sounds like you are getting some of our temperatures. Have I ever told you how much I miss the food out your way?

    eViL pOp TaRt, Thanks for swinging by!

    Sharon, The bee looked different to me, too, but I don't know much about the different types.

    Ol'Buzzard, The inevitable is coming upon us, but at least the changes are visually striking. A little storm can change things drastically about this time.

    Silver Willow, Some trade offs aren't at all bad. This is where I am so I make the best of it.

    Janie, Do you get any color changes down there?

    ABftS,Thanks guys. I wonder if your general lack of water does that to your trees? I have seen them at their most beautifulness and was impressed.

    Martha, I think the kitty will get us to succumb to her charm before winter gets serious.

    AGI! There you are! I have to pull out of that maelstrom of a news cycle, too, but I understand getting sucked into it. You have to come up for air now and then.

  12. I love this time of year, the dramatic cloudy skies, the winds, even the rain. And the leaves flying through the air. There was a ground frost here this morning, and I see sparkles on the rooftops too..... it's time to get the furnace checked out for another season of c-c-c-cold.
    That's a very fluffy kitty. I hope she moves into your barn for the winter. My son and DIL gave a home to a fluffy feral kitten 15 years ago.... she still lives mostly in their basement and doesn't interact with people unless it's dinner time (the kitty not my DIL!!!).

  13. I get my fill of the beauty of Autumn vicariously through my friends that share. Not much of that loveliness going on here so I will take yours and make it mine too.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Shammickite, I turned on the heat a couple of weeks ago on one of those days that was only about ten degrees above freezing. I'll keep you posted on Ms. Kitty. Glad your DIL is socially adept.

    Linda deV, Anything I can do to brighten someone's day is a good thing.

  15. so beautiful...the feral cat looks like a maine coon...she/he is beautiful.

  16. I've never seen such a big, colorful bee. It's a beauty, that bee.
    Stay warm, well, and in good spirits, my friend.

  17. Our leaves change color and fall during December or January. The color changes are not impressive, though. The leaves fall very soon after they change. We don't get a lot of fiery shades. I'm happy today, though. It rained last night and today it's only seventy degrees. That's my idea of heaven.

  18. Lovely photos! I love fall. You live in a gorgeous place.

  19. Gorgeous photos are the perfect respite from scary current events. Thanks so much!

  20. Beautiful pictures. I took your and EC's advice and embiggened--and enjoyed even more. Squirrels have huge back feet, don't they? That is a gorgeous cat. Any idea where she came from?

    The colours against the water are spectacular.

  21. JACKIESUE, I'll find out soon enough if it wants to come in. Glad you are up and running again.

    Robyn, It is a very cool bee. I may have to learn more about it. Thanks for the wishes.

    Janie, 70 is just about right. I guess dormancy doesn't happen much down there. I often go dormant in winter.

    Riot Kitty, Thanks! Be well and take care of yourself.

    Donna, Yeah, I need to escape the stuff that is passing for our national reality. It's good if this helps anyone even if just for a moment.

    jenny_o, That was the first thing I noticed on that squirrel, too! They can dangle upside down with just a couple of those toes. No idea where cats come from except other cats. We always spay and neuter.

  22. Beautiful photos! For the first time in over 30 years, I'm enjoying some changing colours, too - the Pacific Northwest autumn is much longer and prettier than Calgary's 10-minute autumn-followed-by-winter. I got a kick out of your note that the ships are staying closer to shore - I never would have thought of that. I learn something new every day... :-)

  23. I always think I comment but my comments do not show up... I forget to hit post !
    Love your Fall colors, still hot in Tucson, Fall should be here but I think it lost the way.

    cheers, parsnip

  24. Magnificent fall photos Jono!

    you have wonderful way of capturing ,that give to photos a touch of beautiful paintings!,

    perfect shot of squirrel ,we have here grey one with black strips.
    your prediction of weather sounds little scary,though trees will depart from older friends(leaves) to make new one and that is how life works.

    Enjoyed your remarkable shots and cool lines with them.

    wishing you all the best for summer ventures

  25. I was trying to decide if I liked your landscape pictures or your animal pictures more...and then the squirrel won. Or maybe the fluffy kitty. Or maybe the yellow tree...

    I miss fall, it's still in the mid-80's here. But there are rumors of the temperatures going to below 70 degrees at night this coming week. I think the last time this happened was in April, or maybe last March. I'm excited!

  26. Diane, I grew up on the other coast so I know the moderation provided by the ocean is a gift. The prevailing winter winds blow off this side of the lake. Near shore is more protected.

    angryparsnip, I can't tell you how many times that happens to me. Fall, such as it is, will get there eventually.

    baili. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am amazed at all the different types of squirrels on the planet. Some fascinating adaptations.

    Pixel Peeper. Thanks! We have seen the last of our 70s a while back. I think maybe the last of our 60's just a few days ago. How many months do you not need air conditioning?

  27. Beautiful beautiful pictures. I always envy 4 seasons climate people who click their cameras to capture the slowly changing colour of the nature every 4 months. Beatiful

  28. Laila, Thanks for stopping by! When I am shivering from the cold and wind I think about going to places like yours to warm me up!