Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm not the kind of guy that thinks about underwear very often, but questions from my last post, some of the (ex) Mormon blogs I read, and  Murr's latest post got me thinking more about it. The answer as to what kind of underwear we got for our dear friend Andie is Exofficio. It is a specially formulated travel garment to lighten the burden of the frequent traveler. Now that I have mentioned it, I expect a big fat check from Exofficio for helping the big boost in sales they get from my humble words. Retirement, here I come! Underwear has often been the butt of many jokes (yes, I meant that) as it is something most of us can relate to. If you think about undies at all you are way ahead of me on this. I only think about them in the morning and on laundry day, except, maybe, the occasional juvenile reference, "I see England, I see France..." 

Another point of view is that of the Mormon faith. I am not at all clear on this, as my education is at an early stage in the ways of Latter Day Saints, so please forgive any misinterpretations of their skivvies. They are referred to as temple garments and look something like this. Thank you, Wikipedia.

Do you think Mitt Romney wears these grape smugglers? They look more like a summer weight union suit, but apparently these "magic undergarments" will help you to survive natural disasters and car wrecks among other tragic occurrences. Perhaps they will help you win elections. If you need to know more (and who doesn't?) you should check out The Cognitive Dissenter to learn more of this fascinating cult religion. She has links to many other blogs of a similar and very informative bent. Be careful, if you read these, to not have any liquid in your mouth as it may come shooting out your nose. My eyes have been opened to a whole way of thinking like I never thunk before, all available with the click of a mouse.

Down here on the farm, the weather gets messy,
Hanging around with nuthin' to do.
When you went away, you took my cow Bessie,
I miss her darlin', more than I miss you.

Winter has returned to the Scandinavian Riviera with some snow and then some more. We are expecting another 5 to 10 inches by morning.
 Other than the usual feedings and other chores, and some snow removal, I intend to stay indoors today and do all the filing and organizing of the stuff of this year before it gets out of hand. A pile for everything and everything in its pile has always been my motto. The cats will be at their usual tasks for most of the day only waking up occasionally to see if anything has changed.
 Nothing changed. Might as well go back to sleep.

Don't be concerned. If anything changes, I'll let you know.


  1. You are much more organized than I! Scary, huh? Your cats are truly adorable.The snow has missed us for the most part. There is just a little flurry in the air right now. I am joining you in staying indoors today as much as possible. No outdoor chores here.
    Stay cozy in those undies.

  2. Thanks for the info on ExOfficio. Great site. I am going to check out their black bikini briefs. Two pairs. When I went to DK last year for 19 days, I took 19 pairs of my slinky Vassarette bikini undies. I can see going to DK this year with 3 pairs of undies! And camping in my Westfalia! So many uses!

    Yes, your cats are adorable. Gitte is getting jealous. She thinks I need to post her picture also.

    I will not comment on weather. Here in NorCal I went to lunch with my 90 year old Aunt and Cousin Heide and we were complaining about how hot we were. It was in the 70's in Santa Rosa! I think winter was just an aberration here this year.

  3. Oh my ... oh my. Loss for words because I am laughing too much! (But at underwear AND at "Scandinavian Riviera"!) Great post, Jon.

  4. chlost, That IS scary!

    Nina, I think your part of California has some of the nicest weather this side of the Mediterranean. What year is the Westfalia?

    Jena, If you could ever get here,you would see that Scandinavian Riviera is not far from the truth!

  5. Winter, oddly enough, has missed Minneapolis entirely.

    "The garment". Hmmm. Mormonism is strange. They come to the door, sometimes. An ex-LDSer told me that the way to get them to go away and not come back is to ask them about "the dark lord". I've not tried it yet, but it's in my back pocket. :-)


  6. Jono
    Did a post on the Westfalia. It was fun.

  7. Pearl, thanks for stopping by! Watch out now, because I am following you. That sounds creepy, doesn't it?

    Nina, I will check it out very soon!

  8. It is my understanding that Romney does indeed wear Temple Garments. My wife and her father were born in Utah and know a lot about Mormon beliefs. For example, you can never take off your Temple Garments. So when you shower, for example, you have to wash one half of your body, then the other.

    Cognitive Dissenter is a good source for uncovering odd Mormon theology.

  9. Robert, Cognitive Dissenter has been the key to my information on Mormons and the links on her page fill in a lot more. Rules to wash by...priceless!

  10. Hey, thanks for the shout out and the kind words! I just realized that for some odd reason your blog hasn't been updating on my blogroll ... I've missed out and got some reading here to catch up on.

    Yes, Romney wears his sacred underwear. Every Mormon who has participated in temple ordinances covenants to wear them day and night. However, most Mormons don't wear them (and are not expected to) for activities like bathing, showering, swimming, sex ... I have heard about a few zealots who do though. How? I don't even want to know.