Sunday, February 19, 2012


One of the things the Cooker and I like to do when the weather is nice is to go for a walk around the farm. I got an old used lens and put it on my new old camera as we decided to put the critter cam back in the woods. I took a couple of test shots before I left the house. Cats are always present, so why not?
Of course, on a sunny afternoon they all take long naps. Cotton is the mostly white one and the simonize cat is Katmandoo, or Katman for short.

So we are walking through the brushy part looking at bunny (snowshoe hare) tracks. Here is the Cooker looking.
 Going down the trail through the spruces and balsams and easily crossing the creek. We can even ride the horses across the ice. There is not much snow in the woods for this time of year so walking is easy with just boots.
Over by the ponds there are a couple of old cast iron bathtubs that were used to filter leaches and minnows  out of the overflow pipe. We left one just to keep erosion at bay and flipped the other out of the way, but as the snow slowly starts to melt on these above freezing days we get to see the bottom of the tub that looks like this. I kid you not!
Stitch needed a new vehicle as her old one was getting to the point of imminent disaster, so she has been shopping for quite a while. She likes to take care of her own mechanical issues as much as she can (her father was a mechanic) so it couldn't be too modern. I put the word out Wednesday to a friend who sometimes deals in vehicles and lo and behold, by that evening Stitch had procured a 1997 Blazer with 44,000 miles on it for quite a bit less than $2500. Amazing! It mostly went to the post office, but only left town a half dozen times a year and didn't go far.

I dreamed I could fly and when I looked down I saw this.
What continent and what bodies of water could this be? It looks a bit Middle Eastern, but it is not. Give up? It is the roof of Stitch's old truck. The rest of the vehicle was much worse.

Stitch's best friend since childhood, Andie, has to travel for her job. She had some trouble getting her laundry done while in Taiwan recently, so we got her two pair of underwear designed for travel. It is very wash one-wear one in style and purpose and it was our Valentine's gift to her. We sent her a card expressing our wishes in a most civilized manner and the women wouldn't let me do any poetry in bad taste to put on it. I think Andie got a good laugh. She is a most awesome woman in so many ways (don't tell her I said that), but in my position all I can do is dream. Actually, that is all I am allowed to do!

So in my last picture is an attempt at northwoods surrealism. A blue dolphin jumping over the boreal forest. It is so much fun using a 40 year old lens on a two year old camera. I am having a blast!


  1. thanks for bringing warmth to my day!

    also, what makes underwear good for travel? i am intrigued!

  2. (Psycho)Babs, yer welcome! About the undies, they are usually found in outdoor stores and have these properties: quick-drying so you can wash on the go and pack fewer pairs, treated to control odor-causing bacteria, stain resistant, lightweight, sweat-defying, bacteria resistant. There you have it!

  3. Cats are such good subjects. I have so many cat photos it's ridiculous.
    It's good that you are enjoying your photography hobby so much, it's good to have creative outlets.

  4. Your kitties are gorgeous and I loved this post!

  5. You have a lovely way with inconsequential chatter. I really enjoyed this post.

  6. Love the names Katmandoo (and simonize!). I'd love to have a cat again. Your photos are fun to see. Your lens and camera seem to work well together with you behind them.

    blogger doesn't recognize me with the open id...I apparently am only able to comment with the google id.

    a/k/a alwaysinthebackrow

  7. IRBII, I have been inspired by many pictures of Iceland from other bloggers and photographers.

    Knat, Yours have been fun to look at, as well.

    Friko, you have found me out. I have done many different things in life and enjoyed them immensely, but I have yet to get really good at any one thing.

    chlost, thanks! I have issues with wordpress doing funny things to me, but I manage to get around it. You finally got some snow!

  8. Not your ordinary snapshots, these! I'm quite taken with the tub bottom; I believe I'd frame that one in some barnwood with triple mats of chestnut and charcoal and silver-gray.

  9. Cool pix, Jono! And I am curious what kind of panties you bought Andie. lol. Glad you're having fun with your camera - so many people have to have the latest and greatest of all their photo equipment, but then never get out and use it.

  10. Nance, good idea about the barnwood!

    Dawn, I hadn't thought much about underwear, but see my next post.

  11. In the midst of all the photos, I am shocked there was not one of the Valentine's underwear gift! :-)