Sunday, March 18, 2018


No, nothing serious, just the winter into spring transition. There is still a couple of feet of snow in the woods, but along the lake not so much. There are bare patches and the road surfaces are all exposed. For the last week the daytime temperatures have been above freezing and below at night. This is good for those who tap maple trees for what will become a delicious syrup. Those of us with a little less ambition just watch in anticipation of what will come.

I went for a walk along the lake through Croftville, like I did in the fall. The road is bare, but there is still a bit of snow and ice around the edges. The coming days will be a little colder and getting out for a leisurely walk is a luxury for me. So I brought my camera along to see what things are like now.
Unfortunately I am still using my old computer and it no longer accepts my sd cards as it is aging and no longer accepts numerous things I tell it. The new one arrived Friday, but the Solid State Drive has to be installed in it and it needs to be configured in general before I can stick all the useful information from this relic into it. I am thinking it will be ready to go by the end of the month. Maybe hoping is a better word.

In the meantime I inserted the pictures in the Cooker's computer and had her email them to mine which means they had to be substantially reduced in size/resolution.

I started out stopping (?) by the harbor in town as I had a few errands to run before I could walk. Don't most people walk before they run? Not me. I have to be different. There was ice on the harbor, but not entirely, and some of it was making strange noise as it moved around.

The water is quite clear where there is no ice.
I didn't see any sunken ships or pieces of eight lying on the bottom. Darn!
A few hearty souls were walking out on the breakwater.
If you use your imagination you can understand why the ridges above the lake are called the Sawtooth Mountains. Rumor has it that they were over ten thousand feet tall before the last Ice Age, but there were no witnesses coming forward to verify that.
There is still thick ice along the shore rocks.

And a culvert that won't thaw anytime soon.
There is still snow in many places.

With the proper wish and more sunlight spring will be right around the corner.

Soon everyone, soon.


  1. Loving the chilly elegance of the beauty you share. While hoping on your behalf that spring can push winter out the door. Soon.
    Here it is summer which is hanging on. And a town near to us lost over 70 homes to a fire last night. Autumn will be very welcome. And if she brings rain even more so.

  2. Beautiful photos. I really love the third from the bottom with the top of the beautiful fir tree on the right .
    I study all the photo from bloggers who live in places I only visit.
    Some clouds blew in today little light drizzle till noon and now it is gone but a few gray clouds are left.
    Our winters are so different.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I like the culvert pix; that ice is THICK!

  4. Your pictures are full of beauty, Jono. Is that a small lighthouse beacon in the fifth photo? It's a wonderful shot - very striking.

    Spring is almost here, yes - at least on the calendar. Can real spring be far behind? Okay, don't answer that. Have a good week and fingers crossed for the computer switch.

  5. That culvert looks like a good location to chill a beer. If you wanted a cold beer...really, hot tea would be more my feeling after looking at your pictures.

    Good luck with the computer. Don't they come with a solid state drive already installed and configured? (not that I have any idea what it means that I just typed...)

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  7. Jono, The relative humidity while I was in Brisbane the past month was approx 75% with 80 deg F temps; sticky! I was thirsting for Minnesota weather! Love your photos.

  8. Elephant's Child, Fire is scary stuff. Every once in a while we get a bad one in a dry year. It has been ten years or so since the last one. I hope you get rain soon.

    angryparsnip, I do the same thing. Places I may never get to see or places I want to remember can be found in pictures from the blogosphere.

    anne marie, It was funny to see it that locked up. It may be another month before it opens.

    jenny_o, Yes, it is a small lighthouse. Maybe ten meters tall and only a couple of meters above the lake. Sometimes the waves wash over it (think gales of November). Spring comes and goes for a while yet.

    Pixel Peeper, That is the nice thing about this climate. Refrigeration is only a concern for a short time in the summer. I wanted what I wanted the way I wanted it with the new computer. I could have gotten by on less, but I expect it will have to last quite a while and do what I want it to for that time. There are only a few things I am that fussy about.

    AK, It has been cool and dry the whole time you were gone. Traveling can make one appreciate what they have, but a little contrast is a good thing.

  9. Beautiful photos! I'm imagining the sound those ice plates make as they shift against each other, and I love the way the ice clings to those rugged shore rocks. But I'm glad to see the snow and ice in your photos instead of in my back yard! ;-)

  10. there are days where I wished I lived someplace that had seasons and got snow..but it's 72 out today so fuck that.

  11. So beautiful! Thank you for giving me some winter, the perfect kind. Snowy, sunny and photographic.
    Strength on your computer transition - it is a horrid process.

  12. I'm so tired of feeling cold all the time, it's been cold at night it seems like forever, and even during the day the temperature doesn't go much higher than 3C or 4C. At least there's not much snow left on the ground. I'm hoping for spring flowers soon. And I wonder if my rhubarb has survived the winter?

  13. Brrrr! I am shivering now. Looks so cold, and yet so beautiful.
    Stay as warm and healthy as possible, Jono.
    Thanks for the grand photos.

  14. I love your line about "running errands before you can walk." Very clever.

    Your ice and snow are absolutely gorgeous... to look at in pictures. I've never experienced the kind of cold you have there, but it got jolly cold enough in Maryland for me, and I can't say that I miss the joys of shoveling snow or the futility of trying to keep warm hands inside of frozen mittens. (Well, one simply HAD to make snowballs and snow forts...) The only thing I miss is sledding, but I'm too old for that now, anyway.

    Here, the pollen is so thick right now, it feels like you have to chew the air to breathe. Yellow sandstorms blow down the streets on dry days, and when it rains, the puddles and streams look like yellow muck. (But the flowers are pretty!)

    May spring spring for you soon.

  15. Wow! Some amazing photos. I see the saw-tooth

  16. Wonderful pics Jono. I was wondering what’s going on with the stray cat. He still around?

  17. That is very pretty but I hope for your sake that some of it has melted!

  18. Spring seems to be lazy this time around :)

  19. The photos are so poetic and pretty and they do signify transitions.