Sunday, March 11, 2018


My computer is aging rapidly and I hope to have the new one up and running in a week or two, but these things take time. I know, I know, how much time can someone of my age have left? I have learned patience over the years, but no longer have the time to practice it. Seems like a lot of us are in the same boat.

The other day at work I had to finish a project at my desk that took a while to complete. As I got up I noticed I was a bit stiff from sitting in one position for a bit too long. I discussed it with one of my not-too-much-younger coworkers. Thinking it may be a bit of arthritis or just a little aging we determined that it could actually be early onset rigor mortis. We are all in the long slow process of dying and it seemed like a distinct possibility. But what do we know? We're not medical examiners or morticians.

Here is a smattering of thoughts on aging.



  1. bwhahahahahaha! #3 & #4 are my faves.

    I don't FEEL old at 63.5 AT ALL! except when the arthritis kicks up...

  2. I may be aging...I am noticing these odd albino hairs in my beard. What is that about??

  3. HAHA! These were a hoot. Thanks for the smile :)

  4. Getting old is bad but the alternative is worse. Love the funnies, especially the rocking partway round the clock and the surprise party - extra, extra good :)

  5. Smiling. And hoping I can remember why.

  6. Ha ha, as long as we can laugh at ourselves, we are still alive!

  7. Good comics! I'm glad when somebody posts them. Thanks!

  8. So much fun today !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Bahahaha!!! They're all funny, but "Guess who? / I don't care!" and the Cat in the Hat made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the giggles!

  10. I was going to leave a comment earlier but first I had to change my pants from laughing so hard!!!!

    "Early onset rigor mortis"! OMG, I will definitely be using that phrase. I can totally relate after a long movie or a good book!

  11. Ha. I'm like that woman already - the one who says "I don't care" in response to "Guess who?"
    Thanks for the giggles, Jono.
    Keep a smile and take care.

  12. Ugh, I'm young still but my legs get sore from sitting and my knees pop when i crouch down - EXTREMELY LOUDLY. "You're too young to make that noise!" Shut up, coworker.

  13. The Japanese fellow.... interesting style choice. :)

  14. anne marie, I hate to tell ya, but it may be early onset rigor mortis.

    Optimistic Existentialist, I can barely find any that aren't white. Mostly just my face, but the few left on my head still seem more brownish.

    Martha, Laughing is the only sane response other than crying and that's no fun.

    jennio, Sometimes for a musical gig I can stay awake until 11!

    EC, Why what? :)

    Tom, It's as good as a pulse in my world!

    Sharon, It's difficult to find enough good ones, but at least it is fun to do.

    angryparsnip, If we can't have some fun what's the point?

    Diane, They do that to me,too.

    Toni, We came up with that at work. I giggled about it for a couple of days.

    Robyn, I hope it is at least someone you like.

    Gia, My knees used to do that! These newfangled ones aren't nearly as noisy, but they aren't quite the same in other ways either.

  15. I hate getting older...everything is failing xxx

  16. We should be feeling younger now that spring seems to be on its' way. But during those long, dark, cold days of the past few months, it is hard not to feel every year we've been given. Good luck with the computer.

  17. I am 48 dear Jono and few years back i witnessed the sufferings of my parents who were about enter in their 80s.
    it horrified me .

    I loved them but this was time when they were not in senses to understand that how much i love them ,father died earlier and mom after him after 1 year .

    Since then i am not the same person anymore ,it looks like i am waiting for my turn only though with my family i pretend to be happy and cherish yet inside i feel that death is pulling me slowly to my grave .
    i am not afraid of dying believe me but i love my husband and kids so much and i have decided that when i will feel that my body is decaying and i become only a burden for them i will calmly serenely eat some sleeping pills to reduce the misery of myself and their's.

    i truly enjoyed your funnies though!!!

  18. Shammickite, Yes, they are apt. That is also the scary part.

    John Gray, Have you noticed that gravity is getting stronger, too. I'll bet Stephen Hawking could have explained it.

    chlost, Yes, the longer days and nicer weather is always good to boost the morale.

    baili, Sorry to bring back the bad memories. Death is just part of the life cycle and it is often more difficult to accept the death of others than it is our own. Unfortunately, it is difficult to meet death on our terms as we do not have the final say unless we chose to end it ourselves. There are still choices we can make.

  19. There was a time when I would brush my teeth in the evening contemplating if it was for going out or for going to bed. Now, I just go to bed.
    I enjoy my mornings after sleep these days, instead of before.

  20. These are too funny. And true. Well, both.

    My husband's aunt, years ago, used to say that at her age, she doesn't even want to buy green bananas any more. Of course, she's the one who's in her mid 90's now and outlived all her brothers and sisters. You just never know.

  21. Thank you for those - I couldn't stop laughing.