Saturday, April 30, 2016

The rest of the story...

Saturday after lunch I saw about fifteen people gather up to do some singing while I decided to go for a walk. There I was in the German camp looking at stuff and realizing I was staying at the oldest of the camps.
In case you wondered how I knew this was German camp I'll show you some clues.

 There were deer around the area, also. In case they got lost there was a sign for them.

I looked around a little more before heading back to Skogfjorden enjoying the sandy soil trails that were easy on the feet. There was a sign that I didn't see coming from the other direction.

Before too long I heard something along the trail that had been indicated by the sign. A frog pond!


Of course they shut up when they saw me. I guess they didn't want me to hear what they were saying. Then back to class.

Saturday evening brought the "bankett" (banquet) . Remember those fifteen people that were singing earlier in the day? Well, when you get this many Norwegians together they like to sing. Even when sober. The amazing thing was that they were pretty darn good singers.
Anyone who had traditional garb (bunad) will wear it on Saturday evening. Everyone else could wear whatever they want, but now that I have been there I may have to bring something appropriate next time.
After the meal and singing were a couple of quick awards for a couple of folks who had been coming for twenty years. Program director Kari, gave the awards to Edith and Myron who said a few words, but mostly grinned and had fun.
Did I mention the food? It was tasty and plentiful and I didn't get a good picture of it so I lifted one from one of my fellow campers. It may give you an idea.
So much for the diet. I forgot to mention that in one of our classes we learned to read a recipe for applecake, or eplekake in Norwegian. With six people working on it there wasn't much time wasted, but the aroma wafting through the building did attract some other classes. Being the socialists that we are we just had to share.

Sunday was a drizzly day and after a good breakfast and another class it was time to head home. Five hours later I was back on the farm.

Today was the thirty third anniversary of our wedding day. A lovely day indeed. I'll start the diet again tomorrow. Ya shure, you betcha!



  1. That sounds delectable and delightful.
    And it is way too long since I have heard a frog.

  2. It sounds like a fun (and educational) trip.

    (You're not goin' all Sarah Palin on us, are you? ;)

  3. That sounds like a really good time - good food, good company, and beautiful outdoor vistas. I haven't heard frogs for years. When I was a kid we lived across the road from a farm. The pond the cows drank from was close to the road, therefore close to our house. It was full of frogs; the peepers were ridiculously loud in the spring. I miss that.

  4. Are those aubergines? I'm allergic to them.

  5. Wow - that food looks amazing! Happy Anniversary, you two! One day after ours :)

  6. good food and singing..can't beat that.

  7. Good thing those were German deer. Otherwise, they'd never be able to understand that sign! ;-)

  8. Wait, hang on. German deer at a Norwegian camp? Those were probably some confused deer on holiday.

  9. Happy Anniversary! You had a unique celebration.
    It's really no wonder you didn't hear any frogs in, pond? I'd rather stay in the triangle sign were I a frog.
    Cheers, my friend.

  10. The food on the plate looks delicious! What do you mean, so much for the diet? It all looks like healthy, good food to me. I have to admit I have no idea what a typical Norwegian diet would be. I'm guessing maybe a lot of fish. And Lutefisk, for Christmas. :-) there's a good German word. Anyone else would break a tongue trying to pronounce that.

  11. And I meant to add, happy anniversary to you and your wife!

  12. Elephant's Child, No frogs? Our ponds thawed about a week ago and the wood frogs and Spring Peepers are singing their little hearts out.

    Sioux, Sarah Palin tried to educate herself? How is THAT possible?

    jenny_o, It was indeed fun. Everyone should have frogs in their life.

    Bill, No, those are mussels. A very sweet and tasty shellfish (mollusk).

    anne marie, there was a time I wasn't sure I would SEE 33 let alone do something that long.

    Dawn, Thanks and happy anniversary to you, too! The food was tasty.

    JACKIESUE, Definitely hard to beat. I had a permanent smile all weekend, but it may have been caused by those extra vowels.

    Al P., The deer seemed to know their way around. Aren't the deer supposed to cross at those deer crossing signs on the highway?

    Robyn, Thanks! There were frogs in there. They just shut up when I got too close. All some of them need is a little humidity and they go nuts.

    PP, It was delicious! My problem was that I couldn't get enough, so I kind of pigged out a bit. There was never a shortage and they "made" us take some home so it wouldn't go to waste. It went to my waist instead. Thanks!

  13. Happy anniversary! Are you celebrating with eplekake?

  14. Happy anniversary! What an awesome festivity, food porn and all. I like some joyous singing as long as it's good. The raucous drunken kind, not so much. Well, unless I'm one of the people joining in.

  15. Frog ponds make me happy :) I love the sounds!!

  16. How fun, and delicious! Keep on celebrating.

  17. Happy Anniversary and that meal looks delish! What a great celebration!

  18. Sounds like a grand time. Congratulations on you anniversary.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  19. Debra, I wasn't quick witted enough to think of it, bt it would have been a nice touch.

    ABFTS, Yeah, after a few drinks it's, "Hey these guys are pretty good" even if there is just one woman singing.

    Optimistic Existentialist, Frogs are one of the true signs that spring really is here, at last!

    Donna, Even celebrating waking up every day sounds like a good idea.

    Just Keepin It Real, After a long winter it is good to break free and celebrate.

    Ol'Buzzard, Thanks! Have you got spring in Maine, yet?

  20. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like your camp was a wonderful experience, and it's nice to know there are still a few frog ponds here and there.

  21. I could have sworn I left a comment on this post a few days ago. I'm losing it … or maybe I just need better drugs …?

    Looks like a good time was had by all. Happy Anniversary Jono!

  22. Did they sing in Norwegian? There are people who say it's a sexier language than French.

  23. Diane, Thanks! Amphibians forever! may be a new motto as the world changes.

    Agi Tater, I have done the same thing and nothing shows up. I blame it on something or someone other than me just to get out from under all the other self-doubt. Better drugs is often a good solution. Thanks!

    Gorilla B., We ALL sang in Norwegian and the harmonies were impressive! Norwegian is probably sexier to another Norwegian at least. I know it softens my heart when I hear it in a kind context. If you are curious, listen to this...

  24. Ha. Love all the signs and your humor cracked me up. That food looks amazing. Looks like a lot of fun all around.

  25. Momma Fargo, Thanks for stopping in. It was a lot of fun and educational, too.