Sunday, April 3, 2016


Disappointment is not breaking or undoing an appointment. No, this is English, so it means something else entirely. According to Merriam-Webster it means:
  1. 1 :  unhappiness from the failure of something hoped for or expected to happen disappointment, the cookies were gone.>
  • 2 :  someone or something that fails to satisfy hopes or expectations disappointment.>
  • You see? It has nothing at all to do with appointments. You thought I was making that up, didn't you?

    No I'm not talking about personal failures of my own, and there have been a few as hard to imagine as that is. I'm not talking about all the failures of others which are nearly infinite. I am not talking about mechanical failures, structural, systemic, box-office, business, political, automotive, creative, and dozens of other types too numerous to look up or even think of.

    I am talking about an annual BIG FAILURE of Nature to deliver on it's promise of spring in a timely manner! THIS is what I am talking about!

    The second phase of disappointment is getting over it. I know it's only a temporary setback as it is only April and this can happen for at least another month. Time to suck it up and put on my big boy thong and just get on with my life. 

    One of the ways I have accomplished this nothing-less-than-great feat is to read. Lately, I have been reading some of the works of Henning Mankell, a well known, but recently deceased (October 2015 at the age of 67), Swedish writer. He had written dramas and children's books, but is probably best know for his crime novels and the character Kurt Wallander. Most of these ten or so books were written between 1991 and 2009. As police procedurals they are quite good and reflect the changing of social conditions and technology of that time period. I am nearly finished with the sixth in the series written in 1996. I love books in a series with the main character(s) growing and changing and the minor characters coming and going. References back to earlier books and events really give a series a voluminous feel.

    Mankell was a political leftist and activist, married four times and had four children. His final marriage was to Eva Bergman, Ingmar Bergman's daughter, from 1998 until his death.  He gave generously to charities.
    When I get done with his books I will look up his film and TV adaptations of Wallander stories. Hopefully, my local library can get them.
    That's another thing. I like my Kindle, but  filling it with reading material gets a little noticeable on the old wallet. I am using the library much more extensively.
    In the meantime, before I suck down the last hundred pages of The Fifth Woman I should go out and deal with the s**w in the driveway and get out the hose to top off the horses' water tanks. Before I come in and finish the laundry. And play a little guitar and have a beer. And whine some more about the weather. May your troubles be less than mine and not as deep. 



    1. Disappointment is not breaking or undoing an appointment. Well, of course it is! Mother Nature broke her appointment with spring!

      This cold front was very welcome here in Florida. We got a nice break from the heat and humidity of the last two weeks and woke up to cool, dry weather this morning. Sorry that for you that meant snow.

    2. Spring, and her big sister Autumn are chronic flirts. Or perhaps just weak and allow Summer and Winter to push them around.
      Yay for series where the characters grow. One of my brothers is addicted to Kurt Wallander. I think he has read (and reread) them all.

    3. Of course I've read Stieg Larsson, and I've read Hakan Nesser and Olin Steinhauer. But I haven't tried Henning Mankell, so I'm going to check him out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    4. Jono--I would LOVE that snow right now. A snow day (or two. Or three.) would be heavenly for us teacher-folk.

      However, I imagine you guys don't often close down for snow. You people are smart and skilled and can get around, so I figure you folks simply forge ahead.

    5. We had a nice day here in Anoka today, so I ruined it by hauling and stacking landscaping bricks! If we had snow it would have never happened.

    6. We had the s**w today also. But not as deep as yours. Like you said, though, it's April, so it will probably disappear soon. Fingers crossed! Gotta say, I don't mind the cooler weather. I am dreading our hot summer months.

    7. I haven't seen the Wallander series but I understand it's very good. Kenneth Branagh is always worthy in whatever role he undertakes. And the first season features a young Tom Hiddleston (squeeeeeee) as his rookie sidekick. So now I want to see this series too.

      Big boy thong, eh? Jono, you sonovagun you.

    8. anne marie, That was pretty much my reaction when it started getting light outside.

      Pixel Peeper, I stand corrected. Florida can be so nice this time of year.

      Elephant's Child, Spring and Autumn are big teases. Your brother has great taste in mysteries. Wallander is a classic literary cop.

      Tom, I have no doubt you will like him.

      Sioux, Any excuse for a day off is a good one. We can get around if we have to, but if it is foolish to try then we don't go anywhere.

      Professor B, You are getting serious about the World's Strongest Man contest, aren't you?

      jenny_o, Our summers really don't get very hot and on the day they do a quick jump into Lake Superior will make you shiver in an instant.

    9. Hi Jono,
      Being in sunny CA isn't as wonderful as it may sound. Seeing your photos of the snow made me slightly homesick. I'm ready to return to the tundra. There is too much sun here and far too many people. Far, far too many people.
      xoxo AKColdweather

    10. AK, It was 68 in your part of the tundra yesterday. We never got to freezing here. Work related travel?

    11. I woke this morning to find my outdoor world covered with that pesky white stuff that is not supposed to be present during the lovely springlike month of April. About 4 inches of that white stuff. At 6:23 this morning the snowplow rumbled and flashed it's way down my street. Yes, disappointment indeed. Climate change? In which direction?
      Yeah... Henning Mankell..... didn't I tell you about him a while ago?

    12. Wallandar love love..haven't read the books but they are on my list..the Norway??? version movies or tv show was fantastic..I fell in love with him..and what was scary is the actor looks a lot like my daddy when he was younger..when the last movie ended I cried like a baby...found as many movies as I could with that actor and watched him..I may go back and watch Wallander all over again.

      we have had spring weather and a dose of winter just to keep us on our toes..but bluebonnets are out so I'm happy.

    13. Debra, I will be patient waiting for the video versions, but have heard they are quite good. Thong. No panties for me (that I'll ever tell).

      Shammickite, It was headed your way. I should have warned you. Climate change. Compared to 30 or more years ago it is definitely warmer. may have mentioned him, but I have been on a Scandinavian mystery kick for a few years now.

    14. THAT is why I haven't removed the snowthrower from my tractor. The grass is getting greener and longer, is only April.

    15. I've heard good things about the Wallender series. Is it colder in Sweden now?

    16. Beautiful pictures. Both frame-able. You would likely appreciate them more if it were December.
      Spring will come, as my uncle used to say or else it will be a long winter. But it sure can take its time, can't it?

    17. Al, Good idea. It is not usually safe to call it summer until about August.

      Donna, They are some of Scandinavia's best. Sweden is actually warmer than here right now with less snow unless you go waaay north.

      Blog Fodder, Thanks! I'm getting to the point of wondering how many more springs I will see.

      JACKIESUE, I'll bet those bluebonnets are beautiful!

    18. Hi Jono,
      Yes, work related. I may need to visit your neck of the woods just to sniff the cold and rub some snow on my body.
      xoxo AK

    19. Those photos are revolting - hope the s*** stays at your end of the country. We're on the west coast at the moment, where the flowers are blooming and the poplar trees are in full leaf. We aren't looking forward to returning to Calgary in a few days, but it's still far better there than what you've got. You have my sympathy! (And I'm sure it'll be my turn to be disappointed when we get our usual snow in May.) ;-)

    20. Seems to me it's a tad early for that big boy thong. Me, I,m keeping on my big boy union suit on for another week at least.

    21. I reckon you've got the perfect weather for Swedish literature. I predict you'll want lighter reading when Spring finally arrives.

    22. AK, As you probably know I would be more than happy helping you with the snow part if I thought I could get away with it. ;)

      Diane, If I were you I would consider staying where you are for a few more weeks.

      MRMacrum, You're probably right. Who was the genius that invented the union suit back door? I want to shake his hand!

    23. I got excited for you - sucking a fifth woman and all, but then I read more carefully. Darn the luck.

      On my plane trip back home the other day, this young evangelistic annoying a-hole spouted off about how global warming is God's doing - you know, cuz the Almighty is disappointed in mankind. The locals in your area must be particularly disappointing.

      Glad you have plenty of good reading to do.

    24. Oh come on. When one of my specimens fails to keep his or her appointment, that's one disappointed specimen, you bet.

    25. Robyn, It was The Fifth Woman I finished on Monday. I ordered One Step Behind from the Library, but couldn't pick it up until today so I read The Torso by Helene Tursten yesterday and today because I was home with a nasty cold. I'll start on One Step Behind this evening.

      Bill, I can totally understand that kind of disappointment.

    26. AND it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

    27. Uuuuugh. We too are dealing with "second winter" and it can all just go the hell away any time now!!
      Hope you have a good weekend!

    28. WTF is right!!

      I watched the BBC Wallander series - I'll definitely have to check out the books.

    29. wow beautiful writing you expressed your thoughts so effectively from first to last line ,

      here i consider disappointment the way of loosing my faith in my creator so truly no matter what happen i still dig the tiniest hole of hope in the dark thick wall of sadness and hold the thin robe of coming light through it so tight to stay optimistic and to experience the being of successful creature

      stay blessed each breath and never loose hope spring is hidden inside you

    30. You have a big boy thong? Now there would be a blog post with no disappointment!

    31. Knatolee, We might melt over the next few days! Yippee!

      Riot Kitty, I am anxious to see the series (it is at the library) when I am done with the books.

      baili, Patience is what gets tested at this time of year. We KNOW it will be good eventually, but we must wait.

      Just Keepin, I'll bet you'd like to see photographic proof, wouldn't you?

    32. After living in the Deep South for so long I don’t think I could survive in your long winters – like plants I would perish from lack of sun. Here in Georgia we have had blossoms on trees since the beginning of March. Actually we did not have much of a winter – I bought a new gadget to take the ice off my car windshield and it is still in its package, no ice at all. It is supposed to hit 81 F (27.2 C) by next Tuesday. There are quite a few things that are not that good in the south for my taste, mainly political - too conservative, and in-your-face religion - but the weather is great!
      I have not read the author you mention but, like you, I like to read books in series. Last December I read one book by Alan Furst (spy stories during WW2) and bought all of his books.

    33. Hello and good morning, sir! I will gladly take some of that snow off of your hands and trade you some of the warm weather here in Germany. I am wanting more snow!

    34. It was in the 70's earlier this week in Salt Lake City, UT. Now I'm sitting at my desk looking out the window at the dime sized hail coming down. Correct definition of disappointment or not, I'm freaking disappointed! Mentally sipping beer and whining with you.