Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring is springing! Possibly.

Yes, the signs are here. If you look around you can actually see them! Stitch had to go and assist the Easter Bunny or be the one inside the unbelievably hot and sweaty bunny suit. She opted to assist.
The runestone has become completely open to the world and is ready to predict the future with it's ancient Viking encryptions. As soon as I carve some on it.
I decided to take a quick walk down to the barn and a hike in the woods wherever the snow wasn't too deep. The neighborhood coyote was hanging around the arena when I opened the barn door. He looked at me as if I had just come out of hibernation.
The girls were sure they could smell grass growing under the snow. They didn't care about the coyote.
I turned into the woods and walked down to the creek which I could actually hear! Real running water after months of silence.
Then I saw it. Actual green plant growth! See? Right there in the middle!

Even the little woodland creatures are getting out for a little stroll in the forest. It looks like the mink that was at the bird feeder a while back.
I walked out of the woods and back to the barn to witness the last of the snow coming off the roof. At least until the next snowfall which should happen by next weekend. Hey, at least it will be gone for a few days.
The first pussy willows are starting to open. They should be in full, um, pussification in a day or two.
The Cooker went camping and ice fishing for the weekend up by the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, but had to use sleds as the water has a hard crust on it of about two feet in thickness. They actually had a fresh Lake Trout dinner one night and stayed warm in the tent. It will be about a month before we can think about using an actual canoe for such an excursion. Here Old Reliable waits patiently for that day.
What's it like where you are?


  1. Oooooh. I can't tell you how exotic and just plain beautiful I found this. Megathanks.
    Autumn is at least flirting with us here. The nights are cool meaning that snuggling into bed is a pleasure again. The days vary. Some are still very, very hot.
    The leaves are just starting to change colour. And to add confusion to the mix, as I weed I discover that many of our spring bulbs are shooting. Several months too early.

  2. Of course, being of twisted and sexually frustrated mind, I picked up on all the directions I could go with "pussy willow," but your "pussification" just about nailed it for me. Thanks, Jono. I am most satisfied. ;-)

  3. I have the air conditioning on because it's so humid. It's 72 degrees and almost midnight. I don't think I would wear a bunny suit. I would faint from the heat. I don't know how all the characters at the Disney theme parks wear those big furry costumes during the summer. It seems dangerous. Happy Easter.


  4. Just want to warn you that I can't comment here again if you keep the picture verification. It's too hard for me to see.

    Love again,

  5. Jono--

    It's warm--in the 60's one day--and cold (in the 30's and 40's) the next day. Typical for Missouri--quite changeable.

    I guess our chance of more snow days is gone (the teacher said with great sadness).

  6. no more snow! daffys and hyacinths are up, forsythia and bradford pear and cherry trees are popping. today it's raining. supposed to hit 70s this week. th-th-that's all!

  7. We are in the same place.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  8. Cold and raw here. Sap's just about tapped out and the only snow still hanging in there is in the shade. The local turkey flock looks like they made it just fine through the winter. The birds have returned begun nesting around the yard.

  9. looks fabulous...
    here it's in the 60's 70's..everything is green and blooming..and blue bonnets everywhere.

  10. I think pussification is my new favorite word. There's none of that around here, though.

    We're just getting over a 2 foot dump of snow, so everything that had just turned green has been crushed and is completely flattened. But hey, at least it's still covered by a foot of snow so we don't have to see its ugliness... just yet.

  11. Elephants Child, Autumn sleeping weather is great. It is like practice for winter hibernation. Bulbs are easily confused.

    Rawknrobyn, Your satisfaction is my pleasure, too.

    Janie, I can't imagine wearing those things in the heat. They must drink water all day and never have to pee. I'll see if I can change verification. They are hard for me to see, also.

    Sioux, They are saying the highs this coming weekend will be below freezing. We may yet have more snow days, but it takes a lot of snow.

    anne marie, I can't wait to see actual blooms and blossoms!

    Ol'Buzzard, Then we both have that depressed, yet anticipatory look in our eyes.

    MRMacrum, Sap is still flowing and syrupers are still boiling. We don't have turkeys up here yet, but I am hoping we start to see some in the next few years. We don't have much in the way of hardwoods or open land, however.

    JACKIESUE, I can't wait to see green! Someday I may have to venture south to see those bluebonets.

  12. ABFTS, I have been out your way a few times and seen how dramatic a weather change can be in only a few minutes. You can use pussification any way you want as long as I can say Monica and get away with it.

  13. It's sunny but windy here.

    Do horses normally pay attention to coyotes? I don't know a lot about horses.

    You need to get with the program and carve the ancient Viking encryptions on the runestone.

  14. It's hazy, hot, and humid. I'm jealous of the Northern spring, but then I'd have to put up with winters, too.

    Coyotes around here are known for killing outdoor cats. Sadly, they don't seem to find gophers as appealing. Go figure.

  15. We have our share of coyotes, but thankfully no more snow.

  16. We are having on-again, off-again spring here. Right now it's on again. Birds everywhere - fat robins showed up last week, crows are holding public speaking competitions on the power lines, bluejays are boasting in the as-yet leafless trees. We had such a mild winter compared to last year, so there was very little snow to melt away and it feels like May already. Enjoyed your walk via your pictures! Does the coyote bother the horses? The thought of winter camping gives me goosebumps; I am a wimp.

  17. Sunny and in the 60s yesterday. 30s and 1-2 feet of snow predicted between now and tomorrow afternoon. My favorite time of year!

  18. Are coyotes bad guys? I saw a documentary about Yellowstone Parks where the coyotes were getting chewed up by the new wolf packs. I felt sorry for them, but maybe they deserved it for some reason.

  19. YAY spingtime woooo! it's definitely spring for me now - no more icky snow!

  20. Ice storm on Friday... OlderSon lost power for 20 hours. Trees coated with 1cm of ice. Then Melt on Saturday. On Sunday I was in my shirtsleeves in the sunshine on the deck reading a book, had to get a sunhat it was so hot. Then yesterday thunder lightning and torrential rain in the night waking up to thick fog. Definitely SPRING WEATHER!
    I hear coyotes yipping at night sometimes, they are in the wild bust just north of my house.

  21. Pussification? Love it! I'm interested in what runes you're going to carve on that rock too.

  22. Alexis, The horses notice the coyote, but don't care much. However the mule will go after it. When I carve runes I need to be sure of what I am writing. It'll take some homework.

    Pixel Peeper, Spring is glorious on certain days, but then there's winter to tolerate.
    Coyotes have to make a living, too. In the U.K. cats are deductible from income taxes as "pest control."

    Tom, Lucky you. I am sure we'll see more snow at least a few times.

    jenny_o, I love watching and listening to the birds come back even after our easy winter. The 'yote doesn't really bother the horses. Winter camping isn't bad if you're properly equipped.

    Agi T, You're spring sounds goofier than ours.

    Gorilla B, Coyotes are what they are, but they generally don't get along with wolves. If you see one nearby it is likely the other species is not in the vicinity. I haven't seen a wolf in a while.

    Gia, Another month for us, then about a week or two before the bugs show up.

    Shammickite, Sounds like spring alright. We can hear coyotes, wolves, and sled dogs. It is fun to stand out on the deck and listen to who is calling who out there.

  23. Cold, windy, and rainy for the past couple weeks in Zholti Vody. Which is to say 0C to +10C. Bulbs are all growing like mad with a few brave blossoms here and there. If we get a week of hot weather it will be spring in spades.
    Great picture of the coyote. You have an eye for nature. How do you carve stone? Do a blog on that, please. I am curious.

  24. Viking runestone:
    1. Invade Britain
    2. Ditch horned helmets
    3. Start football team in Minnesota

  25. finally spring has arrived you pictured it beautifully

  26. Loved the pictures, and I got a laugh out of "...ancient Viking encryptions. As soon as I carve some on it." :-)

    We started having 'spring' in January this year. Our temperatures have been consistently above 0C since then (though freezing at night), and we haven't had any appreciable precipitation in that time. The crocuses are blooming and the daffodils on the south side of the house will likely bloom this week. In short, it's our usual spring disaster waiting to happen. Everything will come out and then we'll have ten inches of soggy snow followed by -10C weather that destroys everything. (Or maybe not, says my inner optimist, but I've lived here 30 years so I tend not to listen to her much anymore.)

  27. Blog Fodder, You're not much different than here. Rune carving. Hammer and chisel, but if I can get a diamond grinder on my Dremel I might use that. I hear the hammer and chisel isn't too bad.

    Al, I have already invaded Britain and have a pretty good helmet (with chain mail). I don't think Minnesota could handle a REAL football team.

    baili, Thanks for stopping in!

    Diane, I have to get the right Skaldic verse and properly written to make this seem authentic to whoever digs it up in a thousand years. These things take time, ya know. :) We also get teasing weather, right before winter returns for a few days.

  28. Hello. Have seen you around the blogosphere for quite some time and decided to visit. Following!

  29. Geo., Thanks for stopping by! I'll be checking your blogs.

  30. Thanks for the lovely pictures, Jono. Out here in San Francisco, we've recently been told that "El Nino" is finally come to a disappointing end. It delivered some, but not enough rain, and there doesn't appear to be more in our future.

  31. It's really nice here in Italy. It's getting a lot warmer and the flowers are starting to bloom. Love your story telling:-)

  32. It's about the same as you, where we are. Snowed today, Then sunny. Then snowed. We got a picture of a coyote. The animals don't care.

  33. Chain mail?
    Now I know where they get chain letters.
    Don't forget your waiters and waitresses.