Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where have I been?

Now that Spring is finally here the busy season has started. Everything outside is nearly a month late and so am I.  I have been planning to go to my 40th reunion of my college graduation, a trip to Europe with my friend Andie, and converting the farm to summer mode from winter mode. I am only gone 10 hours a day for the day job, but still it gets busy during waking hours. Luckily I got to an ortho doc to inject my knees and get rid of some chronic discomfort, so I could do all this with less distraction. They need replacing, but we will put that off for a while. I will fill you in on these events soon, I want to show you our regular visitors who, so far, only show up at night.
It has been an interesting month as the seasons change. The transitions can be fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Sometimes you get the red sky at morning.
Yes, I am an early riser. The big lake still has its off days, but fewer of them in the warm months.
Then there's the farm work to be done. This is a shot of Manure Mountain which is in a growth stage as I clean the paddocks. There is no soil up here to speak of, so this is a highly prized commodity where people actually seek it out in order to grow food and flowers. Made fresh daily!
I reached a milestone last weekend as I headed back to the campus of my alma mater where I received an education all those years ago. It was very cool. Stay tuned. Note the symbolic goal post.



  1. Hmmm...I have a 40th reunion this summer, and have been vacillating as to whether or not I should attend. It will take quite an effort to so, but I have not seen most of these people for 30 years It might be interesting. Not college, but I had a small high school class.
    The knees....I have felt so wonderful since my replacement. One. I am putting off the other. It does put your world on hold for several weeks.
    I'd love to have some of that "black gold" you have there!

  2. I noticed the name of your alma mater on FB as strangely I work with someone who also went there - he only graduated 35 years ago though so a mere youngster who has been working in the UK for a while.

    Hope the trip planning is going well!

    Everything is late here too but we have had a few warmer days lately.

  3. When you get your knees done, don't let them talk you into doing them both at the same time. The recovery time is tripled. My brother did that and he was basically an invalid for three months.

  4. chlost, I didn't decide to go until two days before. I am really glad I did!
    IRBII,it's a small school, but we seem to be everywhere!

    PB, you wouldn't believe the stuff I have traded for it.

    Mr.C, yes, just one at a time when the time comes.

  5. Love your sunrise picture! And the rest of your post just makes me tired...where do you get all the energy?

  6. Great pictures as always. Glad you are back on the blogosphere.