Saturday, May 4, 2013


I never thought of myself as any kind of geek. First of all, I am not smart enough to be one. If I was that smart I would be a lot wealthier than I am. Really, though it all comes down to definition. I find the weather to be a fascinating thing and maybe that's why I like to be out in it passing judgement on whether it's good, bad, or indifferent. I can dress for all of it except heat. You can only get so naked in order to cool off, although the pale, white, untouched by sunlight skin reflects the light for a while. Until it turns red. Before I go out I check my little weather station to see what to expect. Today it looked like this.
The good news is that the precipitation wasn't white although the texture was quite firm.

I gently glided across the deck to the stairs to go feed things and take dog for a walk, but grabbing onto the railing was a challenge. If I hadn't had gloves on I would have dug my fingernails in for traction.
Neil Young said "Rust never sleeps", but as a Canadian he should have known it will freeze. Maybe he's lived in California for too long. This is Stitch's former transportation that hasn't found a "forever home" yet.
Of course the horses were happy about breakfast (some things you can always count on) but Beezer said "That was delicious, when is lunch?"
Eventually, it will all thaw out and dry up. Maybe by July.


  1. I gently glided across the deck See, that was lucky, because I have experienced the less gentle version of that.

    You may be sick of this kind of weather, but it sure makes for some pretty pictures!

  2. I don't think you have to be smart to be wealthy, you have to be smart to be happy, in whatever form it takes. But the odd thing is, it seems the smarter you are, the more unhappy. Go figure.

  3. It's obvious how much you love your little wilderness! Despite the weather you do make it sound pretty good. I had only just seen your other comment about possible trip in July - let me know if you need any help with trip planning if you are coming over this way!

  4. Deck sliding. Perhaps it could be made into a competitive sport up there. Lots of opportunity for practice lately. I love your horse. Knows what's important in life, doesn't he?
    We finally had a sunny warm day here. Hope you had one too.

  5. Now that is hard water. Glad you didn't slide right on by. Your horse has the right attitude to all this.

  6. I think you're smart enough to be considered a geek. Wait ... is that a compliment?

  7. You are having one heckuva chilly spring!!! Hope the icicles melt soon.

  8. PP, it's good for my balance as long as I don't fall.
    DB, I know she would like you, too.
    Mr.C, who would have guessed?
    Jenny, I always try, at least.
    IRBII, would love to met up with you and your hubby.
    chlost, every day gets a little better.
    BF, I am always sliding by.
    MP, maybe a left-handed one.
    Knatolee, yes, soon it will be bug season!

  9. Jono, where you be, boy? I come looking for you.