Sunday, June 23, 2013


Long ago and far away there was a small group of friends. They socialized, joked, made music, and laughed when they didn't have to be serious about the job at hand. They studied hard (well, most of them), grew up and got on with their lives. But, when they got together every five years or so, there were remembrances of some old social faux pas. There was the one where the false eyelash dropped off of the eye and stuck on the cheek (alcohol was involved) and was noted by that evening's date as, "is there a caterpillar on your cheek?" Embarrassment  for both, but that is where the alcohol eased the awkwardness. Then there was the time when, totally sober, a guy remarked after noting quite heavy and colorful makeup on an acquaintance, "Did you just get done with rehearsal?" Answer, "No." Response, "Oh," while quickly turning to walk away. Guess I just wasn't used to seeing that much red, blue, green, and other non flesh tone colors on something other than a clown. Jeez, I was only eighteen. There were many other tales of embarrassment and awkwardness that were recalled. We had to be careful during these stories so that we had no liquid in our mouth, otherwise there would have been modern versions of these tales ("Remember when you spewed wine all over the hors d'oeuvres?").  We were all much wiser now. Here is a thorn among the roses forty years later.
I can look at things like this and hope we will all be here in the future. Some didn't make it, but for those who do we will be waiting.
The fun part about this is watching young ones go through this cycle and wondering what adventures they will have and hope their mistakes aren't big or serious and that their imaginations will take them places they saw in their dreams. This one is expecting to fly.
And this one is hoping to see beyond the horizon. The only way to do that is by going up.

With a little luck and good fortune we may all be back in five years to do it again. We stay in contact with phone, email, Facebook, and other ways, but face to face doesn't happen all that often. Amazingly enough, we are still recognizable and time hasn't been all that devastating. 

In the immortal words of David LaFlamme founder of "It's A Beautiful Day"

  Time is too slow for those who wait
And time is too swift for those who fear
Time is too long for those who grieve
And time is too short for those that laugh

And love is too slow for those who wait
And love is too swift for those who fear
Love is too long for those who grieve
And love is too short for those that laugh

But for those who love
But for those who really love
But for those who love

Sweet time
Precious time
Lovely time
All the time
Time, time, time, time...
is eternity


  1. I'm now remembering my many make-up disasters. Looks like you've been having fun!

  2. Time looks like it has treated you four very well!

  3. Donna, those recollections can get pretty hilarious, especially the embarrassing ones.

    Kay, It was a very good time with old friends.

    Mr.C, sometimes I just go off on a retrospective introspective.

    Thanks Vicki, we hide the scars well.

  4. Wonderful poem. Love is too long for those who grieve...