Sunday, February 25, 2018

More of the same only different

It is still winter. I can tell by the two feet of snow we have had this week. Smaller doses starting last weekend and finishing this morning with another foot of the stuff plus a pretty stiff wind. At least it compresses and blows away otherwise it would be impossible to traverse. I got out skiing yesterday and realized how much I missed moving. Walking is difficult because it has been slippery and until recently skiing hasn't been fun because it was too cold. Now things are getting warmer and better so I am excited to get moving more. Here are a few pictures from this morning.

The inside cats know just what to do when the weather outside is frightful and lots of snow needs to be moved. They have been doing their part so well for years that they can practically sleep through it. Here are Bella, Cotton, and Blue doing their part.
Vinny, the outside wild man, has a nice house on the deck. It was under snow this morning, but he had the forethought to spend the night in a hay shed making sure that no mice would rest easily. That is apparently his part. He is less fearful of the camera now, but his attitude is unmistakable.  Here was the day before the storm resting in his human made digs.
Still pointing that thing at me?

 Click the pics to embiggen.

It will be March this coming week. There are a lot of special days in March. The first ones to pop into my head are the Ides of March, in which I make a mental note to appreciate the works of William Shakespeare, St. Patrick's Day, and the Spring Equinox. Other special days are, March 2nd which is Employee Appreciation Day, March 4th which is Grammar Day, March 9th which is Meatball Day, March 11th which is World Plumbing Day, March 12th which is Napping Day (one of my personal favorites), and March 31st which is Bunsen Burner Day reminding us of all the near and not so near misses in our early science education. There are lots of other fun days in March in which I always celebrate the return of a decent length of daylight at last.

I would be remiss if I didn't congratulate Norway on it's fine and winning participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Gratulerer med spillene!


  1. Whoa, I guess yeah, it's still winter!

    Still, the pictures look great. That third one is amazing. I have ived (briefly) in places where it gets cold before, and I know that thepictures often look a lot better than having to live in it. Of course, I don't ski, so I might not be calculating that right.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow! Even more than we have. But it sure does look pretty. I love that look Vinny gives you. The look of disapproval :)


  3. Wow so much beautiful snow. I hope the horse finds his way back in the barn.
    Vinny is a very handsome Cat. His little house looks so cute and warm with the snow covered roof.
    Lovely photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. For sheer beauty, a new snowfall is hard to beat. Not overly convenient, but you are taking the right approach, enjoying the skiing it brings. Your cats are doing an exemplary job of resting, all except Vinny, who is doing an exemplary job of being furry. They are all a good-looking bunch, as my dad would say. Stay warm, Jono!

  5. Hopefully the 14" of snow we got in Anoka will have melted by the time we get back from San Francisco.

  6. norway sure took home the bulk of the medals; they must know winter sports!

    we have had rain for 4 days back yard is nothing but mud.

    LOVE the precious cat pix!

  7. Yes, Norway was certainly TOP DOG at the Winter Olympics! Canada came 3rd, not too bad at all.

  8. Lucky lucky you are. Although perfectly happy living without winter, as soon as I see somebody else’s winter, I get envious.
    It has been a little lonely without the Olympics today. I celebrated Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands and it has been quite busy the last weeks.

  9. Harry, You can't FEEL what it is like by looking at pictures. Well, a really good photographer might beg to differ. If you click on that third pic you can see the snow blowing from right to left down it the trees.

    Martha, Out here in the middle of the continent the arctic wind whips down from the north, across the prairies where it picks up speed. If it weren't for the trees here to slow it down we might just need weighted boots. Vinny is very opinionated.

    angryparsnip, The horses are fairly comfortable in the open where lions can't sneak up on them, but they can just walk into their shelters if they are so moved.

    jenny_o, I needed sunglasses from the bright whiteness. Coming in from the outside is a difficult change to make for the eyes. Fortunately my igloo is warm, at least.Vinny is amazingly soft, too. I wonder if he'll ever let me brush him?

    Professor, Down in tropical Anoka I am sure it will dissipate quickly. Have a safe trip back from 'Frisco.

    anne marie, The Norwegians figure about seven months of winter for the bulk of the population, so they tend to make the best of it. We will start getting rain soon enough, but I hope the snow is gone by then. Otherwise it turns into an icy mess.

    Debra, I am always cheering the Canadian teams. I live between Thunder Bay and Duluth and they seem to have some of the best curlers in the world. Kids on both sides of the border go back and forth for college and sports. It is so much fun for everyone!

    Onevikinggirl, The Winter Olympics were terrific as always. It is so much fun to see what the kids can do these days. I was amazed at the venues and opening and closing ceremonies. The South Koreans did a wonderful job as hosts..

  10. Feb and March snows are mostly warmer, aren't they? Wonder if you'll still get the big snow during the basketball tournaments, the way it used to when I lived there.
    Vinny is beautiful!

  11. Now that the Olympics are over, I suppose I have to get back to real life. I've been sitting in front of the telly too much, but I have an excuse, recovering from the hip surgery. Now I want to go to South Korea for a vacation. Congratulations to the Norwegian athletes, great job everyone. And Canada didn't do too badly either, but we really fell down in the curling, which we were supposed to excel at, oh dear. And silver and bronze for our hockey teams, but that's Ok cos it means that we don't dominate any more, other countries are getting better and more competitive.
    And another important day in March is MARCH FORTH! And of course 31st which is YoungerSon's birthday.
    Hi Vinny!

  12. Wow, that's a LOT of snow. Ours is down to only a few inches in the shade now, and it's been raining all day. All my crocuses are blooming, but they won't open up on a dark rainy day like today. Tomorrow the sun (and crocuses) should be out!

    Vinny's digs look very cozy - well done! The snow cover will help keep him warm, but with his thick coat he's probably not bothered by the cold unless it's extreme.

    Congrats to Norway! :-)

  13. Sharon, Late winter snows are almost all the heavy stuff and they can happen for the next two months. I better get some tractor fuel.

    Shammickite, I rarely march backward. On that day in 1975 Charlie Chaplin was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and in 1936 the Hindenburg had its first official flight. Canada did very well in the Olympics which is to be expected as it is frozen for most of the year. Happy birthday to YoungerSon!

    Diane, Crocuses blooming? That would be so refreshing and encouraging to see about now. Vinny is thickly furred, but is amazingly soft. He is tolerating my petting a little more of his physical self. I have to be careful, though, so he doesn't take offense and shred my hand.

  14. So much to celebrate! I'll have to send flowers to my daughter for Grammar Day. She is and has always been the Chief of the Grammar Police!

  15. Your snow pictures are beautiful, but I can't say that I miss living in a frequent snow-flying area. Here, we're on the verge of having to pull out our trusty old snow shovel out from under the house... to shovel the pollen. (A slight exaggeration, but not by much.)

  16. Though your snow pictures are gorgeous, I suspect I'd prefer being an inside cat to being an outside cat. Vinny is very handsome!

    You forgot the most important day in March: π day (Pi day) on 3.14. I always bring a pie to work that day.

  17. Your photos are very nice! I especially like the indoor cats.... they do seem to wisely know how to handle winter. :)

    I could not tell from the image because of the snow, but what is your vehicle? It looks somewhat Jeep-like, but I cannot determine the model or brand.


  18. Toni, It's good to have a living reference to consult for grammar issues. You can probably tell that I don't have one.

    Knotty, They assume everyone does. That's the only reason they can get away with the things they do and still have a home.

    Susan, It does get tiring, but it keeps the dust and bugs away.

    Pixel Peeper, Thanks! I almost forgot that one. Maybe the day could be celebrated by throwing pies at politicians.

    Pipe Tobacco, That's my roommate's suv. I have a 3/4 ton pickup and a Subaru to get through the mess. It's the only way to be sure to get home after work.

  19. Jono, I can't tell whether you have a grammar officer over your shoulder but if your grammar is incorrect, believe me, my daughter knows. Somehow, she knows.