Sunday, August 20, 2017

Things I forgot to tell you and New Stuff

When I was down in Minneapolis for the wedding I saw my first Tesla! It was pretty. I don't see them up here because of their limited range, but I think one of the big West End (of the county) resorts has some plug in stations for electric cars.

When I went out to look at the stars I was greeted by a howling wolf pack less than a half mile away. When I went around back of the house I scared a deer away. Maybe it thought I was one of the wolves.

Tomorrow is an eclipse of the sun. These happen regularly on the planet (averaging less than one total eclipse per year), but I haven't seen one since the 70s. There were a couple I saw during that decade so I guess this one is only a big deal since it crosses the U.S. diagonally from coast to coast. I will only see about 80% here, but it will be cloudy so I won't likely see it at all.

Meanwhile, I like sunny days better. Summer is starting to wane and there are some leaves jumping the gun of autumn. I had to work a half day on Saturday and decided that since it was a nice day I would stop by the harbor and take my camera for a short walk. And this is what I saw:

Families and friends enjoying each other's company.

And then I just sat on the rocks for a bit and took some deep breaths to relax. Work has been grueling and I was tired so it felt good to just stop everything for a few long moments. I watched the waves roll in as they have done for millennia and just sat there. It was lovely.

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  1. Otto--I've seen a couple of Teslas. Probably more than a couple, but I don't pay too much attention to the cars that pass me by.

    Pretty? I'd call them more utilitarian, but my daughter drools over them.

    Your last photo is especially gorgeous.

  2. Guess I have to look up the Tesla. I wouldn't know one if it was parked in my yard.

    I noticed in the paperwork for the new tags for our truck that all electric cars need an additional $100 for registration. I'm thinking ... What? Why?

    Lovely pictures from the lake! Pretty!

  3. Beautiful images capturing the ambience!

  4. Your relaxation spot looks absolutely blissful. There is something about water...
    And I doubt I would recognise a TESLA if I tripped over it.

  5. The pictures are gorgeous. Where were they taken?

  6. You really have wolf packs in your neighbourhood? I thought Yellowstone had to import them fron Canada because they were extinct in the US. Glad you have time to appreciate the gorgeous scenery.

  7. have not seen a tesla yet round these parts.

    and the sound of lake/ocean waves is relaxing.

  8. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful spot--so jealous. "Jumping the gun of autumn"=phrase of genius. :)

  9. Funny. I live in suburbia so I see Teslas all the time. Tons of electric cars here. Hell, I drive one, though it's definitely not a fancy Tesla. I can pretend, though.

    As always, I love your pictures. And like you, I'm just savoring the last bits of summer before the cold sets in and the leaves all fall off and the snowpocalypse devours us all.

  10. Your photos are beautiful. I've only seen one Tesla that I know of. My son told me it was a Tesla so that's how I knew. It's so cloudy here that I don't think the eclipse will mean much.


  11. Sioux, unless they make an all wheel drive version it would never get me home reliably in the winter. Until then they are only pretty.

    Sharon, Extra to register an electric car. What strange thinking goes into that I wonder?

    Elephant's Child, It took me years to get over not having an ocean nearby, but Lake Superior is a pretty fair substitute. Extremely cold, but no sharks!

    Linda deV, These were taken in Grand Marais, Minnesota where I work and live only ten miles from.

    Gorilla B, Yep, we have wolves. I here them much more than see them as they are pretty secretive. They have never bothered me or my horses although people accidentally bait them with small pets.

    anne marie, I used to camp out on the beach as a kid just to be lulled to sleep by them.

    Dawn, If I had your way with words I could rule the world.

    ABFTS, One of the fiddle players in my band drove her Prius over for practice. When she parked there was no engine noise. It was very cool. Yes, the snowpocalypse will be here soon enough. Got my skis waxed already.

    Janie, When I was a kid I knew what all the cars were. Now they are just sedans, SUVs, and big SUVs.

    JACKIESUE, Thanks! And thanks for helping to get me through this alleged administration.

  12. Good to see that there isn't any snow yet, I'll be packing my lopyeysa next week—just in case…

  13. Professor Batty, A lopapeysa is always good to have nearby. The only month I haven't seen snow up here was July, but July of the year before I moved up here snowed on the fourth. It is cooling down a bit now and you will see that the leaves aren't wasting any time.

  14. Although my head knows we will still have hot days even into early October, my heart knows the cool weather will be here in a blink. I don't do well in the heat, but the heat means summer, you know? And when it starts to get cool at night, the summer seems to be next thing to a memory.

    Lovely shots to keep, and to look at in the dead of winter.

  15. It does look lovely, and I'm glad you took a well deserved break.
    I really like seeing all the different shades of blue and green in that water.

    Take care of yourself, Jono.

  16. jenny_o, I hear you on warmth, coolness, and the inevitable change of seasons. P.S. Listening to the Mull River Shuffle at the moment. Moonshine!

    Robyn, Summer colors of the water are different than the cold blue or steely gray of winter water at least until it turns solid.

  17. You'll see a large amount of electric cars, including Teslas, in Norway!

  18. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a Tesla, don't think I've come across one yet. Your pictures of the water are very nice, so calming, just sitting and looking at water does the soul good. Doesn't matter if it's a river, a lake or the ocean, just seeing the water moving gives me comfort.
    No howling wolf packs near here but I have often woken up in the night and heard the coyotes yipping and howling in the bush close by. Sadly, all the wild land has been sold and is destined to be housing very soon (Breeding boxes for more people, YUK HORRIBLE) so the coyotes are going to lose their neighbourhood.

  19. Ah, there's nothing more relaxing than watching the waves roll in - love your photos! Now that the ocean is only 15 minutes away I often sneak off to walk on the beach for a little while when I'm out running errands. It's amazing how a few minutes at the beach can make the whole day better.

  20. i smiled over your description of scaring the deer Jono!

    i remeber i saw partial in my childhood and still this is exciting memory!

    glad your favorite season is starting and hope you enjoy more blessings around you .
    sitting on a rock beside the water and taking deep breath ,what else one need to feel serene

  21. Keera Ann, I can't wait to see. All that electricity from hydro power is such a gift for Norway.

    Shammickite, I think I need a few minutes of meditation by the lake on a regular basis. We have coyotes her, too, but their yipping and howling are much higher pitched and frenzied. The two species don't seem to get along here, but I think out your way there are incidents of coy-wolves.

    Diane, I spent many summers as a kid just walking on the beach for hours on end. I still have fond memories of that time of solitude.

    baili, I try not to scare the deer and they usually let me get quite close. I sometimes regret it because they may lose their fear of humans.

  22. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photography. Here in New York we like summer too.

  23. There's nothing better than the sound of waves crashing against rocks to soothe the soul!

    We drove behind a Tesla once, in Tampa, and I commented that "this car doesn't have an exhaust pipe!" Then my husband told me it was an all-electric Tesla. So then I had to take a picture of it.

    I have to admit I had to Google "lopapeysa" because I didn't know the word. Once I saw the images, I knew what they were, I just didn't know the word for it. :-)

  24. Munir, Thanks for stopping by! I haven't been to NYC in decades and worked in the Adirondacks long ago.

    Pixel Peeper, I have often been lulled into total relaxation from waves. Electric cars are definitely quiet. Maybe the kids with the loud mufflers will realize that stealth is a better way to go. Lopapeysas are serious wool sweaters that are incredible performers.

  25. I'd call them more utilitarian, but my daughter drools over them.


  26. Norway is full of Teslas! We were amazed at seeing them everywhere we drove, but then discovered that the government subsidizes them to about 50%. And they get free charging and something about being able to go to the fjords for free (but i don't think we got that part right). Norway has wind turbines too, and I think hopes to go to total renewable energy in the next few years.

    Funny what believing in a decent future for a country can do with an intelligent government.