Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Activities

While I was lacking inspiration to write anything I published a bit of my father's life as it seemed more interesting. Then I made a quick trip out of town last weekend, but in looking through the stuff I had actually been doing the last few weeks I decided it wasn't so bad. Even if the only time I seem to have is on the weekends it has been a fun month. I'll mostly show it in pictures.

Earlier in July we had the local Art Festival. Over 70 local and regional artists were exhibiting their wares and there was a pretty steady crowd milling around for a couple of days. The weather was reasonably cooperative, the lake was a wonderful companion and the entertainment was first rate.

At the end of July, a couple of days after my birthday, A couple of friends invited me to go along to
5th annual Bay & Algoma Busker's Festival in Thunder Bay, Ontario which is just across the border. Thank goodness the Canadians haven't built a wall yet to keep out us undesirables from the South so all we needed was our passports. There were at least 27 acts signed up for the two day festival along with food vendors and the local businesses in this Finnish community. Most of the performers were quite good and the local food was also tasty. It was a hot day by our standards and might have gotten into the low 80s Fahrenheit for us and about 27 or 28 C for them. Some people dress for the heat and the nearby harbour has a wading pool for everyone to cool off. Here are Ann and Dan deciding if the want to wet their toes.

  People watching at these things is always fun, isn't it?
Here are a couple of buskers entertaining Dan (who is remaining anonymous) and Ann, who is obviously happy, and Ayla (who stopped by the farm last year to visit our horses)is tending to her dogs.

Last weekend I went to a friend's daughter's wedding in Minneapolis. It was a combination of the young friends of the bride and groom and those of my vintage all enjoying themselves on Nicollet Island which is in the Mississippi River. I got to see a lot of old friends and roommates from years ago. Here is the bride and the parents and brother of the bride.

The last shot is Maggie, the bride, and her father Jim who is one of my best friends for the last 48 years or so.

This weekend is the Perseid meteor shower. I went out behind the house Friday night to see what I could see. I saw a hundred satellites and several meteors and attempted to take photos of the event to see if I could capture any. I have tried this before without much success. I only had until about 11:30 when the moon would be above the trees and too bright. This time I got one! Click on it for a better visual experience.


  1. Okay, I admit it. I hesitated clicking on the last photo, thinking I'd just see a bigger rectangle of blackness. I thought you might be pulling our leg.

    The joke WAS on me. I shouldn't have doubted you.

    From the pictures, you've had a fun summer. Hopefully the fall will be full of joy as well.

  2. It looks as if you have had a wonderful time. Not dull at all. And I love the meteor shower. So much.

  3. Good to see that you've been able to enjoy the summer sun!
    I'll be up in GM on the 31st, staying here:

  4. Those are great people photos and I really love the meteor one. Wow!

  5. Beautiful set of images and you sure seemed to have been having a great time! Lovely shot of the meteor shower!

  6. anne marie, In retrospect it really has been, but some leaves are starting to turn already so I better enjoy the rest while it lasts.

    Sioux, I was hopeful that I caught a few more, but happy that I got the one I did. I also remembered how much fun it is to just watch the night sky. I also forgot to mention the howling wolf pack nearby as I stepped out onto the deck.

    Elephant's Child, It has been fun and it isn't quite over yet.

    Professor, I know exactly where it is as well as knowing the owner/builder. We'll have to spend an evening out.

    Harry, On my last trip to Europe, especially the London part, got me interested in street photography. Imagining all the lives of the folks sharing the same general space at the same time is really fun.

    magiceye, This is always high praise coming from you. I really enjoy seeing your world and am always happy to share mine.

  7. Looks like you're having a GREAT summer! I like the idea of a wading area to beat the heat at an event like that. What is the colourful pole in the fourth picture? Looks like maybe a long knitted/crocheted piece wrapped around an existing artwork? Cool, in any case.

    Well done on the meteor capture. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a night shot on my camera. Maybe it's not even possible (it's a point-and-shoot digital).

  8. Here in the hills we have had incessant rain and landslides, floods in the plains below.

    Ain't global warming fun?

  9. Good job on the meteor! I'm lucky to even see one, let alone capture it with a camera. And I'm glad you enjoyed the festival - hope you don't have to scale a wall the next time you visit. :-)

  10. great night shot! In this time of chaos it helps to focus on the natural things around us and be among positive people.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  11. Fantastic, no need to travel far when it's like this at home! Love love love the meteor photo!

  12. You visited such beautiful places. The photos are great. They make me long to get away.


  13. jenny_o, The pole is a concrete tree trunk with two bear cubs at the top. It got dressed up for the festival. The shot might be possible if you can take a long exposure with a wide shot and an f stop of preferably less than 5 or so.

    Bill, We have been seeing the effects here in the wildlife and insects. The plants will be next.

    Diane, Luck has everything to do with it. If we can get Fearless Leader out of the White House you probably won't need the wall. Some of us have been tempted to go farther north anyway.

    Ol'Buzzard, It's a distraction from the world of idiots, morons, and just plain nasty people.

    Onevikinggirl, While there is little need to travel far I always wonder what I shall see over the lofty mountains. "Undrer jeg paa va meg for aa se over det hoye fjelle". More or less.

    Janie, Home is nice, but so is away. There is a big world out there.

  14. i am glad that you found these beautiful events inspirational and shared them with us!

    Happy birthday to you and may you see many more with health,peace and joy,amen.

    I enlarge the lake view it was breath taking .i can see this whole day so serene!
    i am happy that you are wonderful photographer and take lots of photos to share .
    i liked each of it and enjoyed the most photo of bride which seems to be taken so beautifully

  15. Sounds like you have been having an enjoyable summer Jono. Glad you came over to our side (Canada) for a visit!
    Take care.

  16. Is Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oyl in one of the pictures you took? Congratulation on capturing the meteor shower - were you using a special camera?

  17. The bride is lovely, but let's face facts, ALL brides are lovely! I love going to weddings.
    I went out in the back yard on Saturday night to see if there were any Perseid meteors visible, but just too many lights around to see the sky clearly, plus I have those silly solar deck lanterns that you just can't shut down.
    Busker fest sounds like something I would enjoy, sadly I'm a long way away from Thunder Bay. I bet the drumming was fun to listen to. Congratulations on being allowed across the border. We haven't built the wall yet, but may consider it if a certain orange person wants to come and visit.

  18. Like Sioux, I thought you were joking. But - WOW! A clear media shower amidst a blanket of stars. That's an amazing photo, Jono.
    And it's great to see you back on the blog-train. I've missed you. Glad you're enjoying life these days. Thanks for the fun, colorful photos.
    Stay well, Jono.

  19. You've been busy! We've been to a couple of weddings this year as well ... and I'm finding them much more fun and rewarding than I used to. We appreciate different things as we get older.

  20. Looks like a fun festival, it has been a while. Is that a big, long scarf around that pole? Awesome if it is! Nice wedding, pretty bride. I missed the meteor shower, glad somebody caught it!

  21. Art festivals are always a lot of fun. Our art show season ends in May, then it's just too hot. Nice photos!

    I always think about getting a picture of the nighttime sky...but it stops there. Some day I'll gather all my wits and actually do it.

  22. baili, Thank you very much.

    Cat Lover, I don't get over often enough. If I forget my passport and can't get back? Oh, well!

    Gorilla Bananas, Hahahaha! She DOES look like a modern version of Olive Oyl! Nothing special for the camera as it is a Pentax K-5 and a 12-24 lens.

    Shammickite, All the young ladies are lovely at that age. Yes, the drums were cool, but extremely loud. I wouldn't blame you if fear of idiots made you all build a wall.

    Robyn, It is different trying to take those shots and you see a lot of stars and satellites, but it is fun to do.

    Tom, We definitely appreciate things in a different way as we age.

    Sharon, Thanks for stopping in! Yes, basically it is a huge scarf around the bear tree.

    Pixel Peeper, I remember that heat! For nighttime shots the most important thing is to stay awake.