Sunday, January 15, 2017


It means "friend" or "comrade" in Russian. I first remember hearing the term on an old TV show called "Hogan's Heroes" when the prisoners were trying to convince the Germans that the Russians were advancing quickly from the Eastern Front. Probably something we should learn as "Fearless Leader" moves into the White House. Hey, the Russians are his friends, especially the guy with the Napoleon complex, Vladimir Putin. They are both "very smart" according to themselves. These men are faced with the task of leading about 460 million people to a better life. Yes, they are, but that is not what seems to hold their attention. Here are a few bits of entertainment.
These men (I use the term loosely) are more impressed by themselves and think more of themselves than anyone else.

No matter how often Trump denies his relationship with Russia it still doesn't change anything.

I realize there is nothing new here and all we can do is wait for all the impeachable offenses to occur. The man's lack of class and junior high maturity level will not cease to be an embarrassment for the rest of us. Let's just hope he doesn't do too much damage before he is gone or gotten rid of.

The good news is that the Women's March on Washington needs three times the number of buses than the inauguration itself. There are dozens of groups locally and nationally that are organizing to remind the President elect that he did not win the majority of votes and that a lot of his ideas and attitudes are not okay and will be fought as long as he is in a position of power. We will also stand against his political allies in the house and senate as long as necessary.  


  1. Junior high? Surely, you give him too much credit.

  2. From this side of the world I am watching anxiously. And fearfully.
    Loved the golden shower quip.

  3. But if he is impeached, what then? The one who would take over then is no better ... it's just terrible from any angle.

  4. jenny_o makes a good point. It might be better to have Pissident Trump in power than VP Mike Pence? Gawd, it's kind of a dilemma, isn't it?

  5. Don't forget to protest against the outdated electoral college and the ridiculous primary system. This thing would never have happened if unpopular candidates had not been chosen by unrepresentative minorities.

  6. Sioux, Yeah, maybe I'm being too lenient.

    Elephant's Child, We'll do the best we can, but we may need help.

    Ms. Moon, Sentiment noted.

    jenny_o, I keep forgetting that the second string is just as bad and needs to follow his boss into exile sooner rather than later.

    Debra, Neither of them impresses anyone outside their own little circle of ass kissers.

    Gorilla B., I have been calling for the end of the Electoral College for decades. I will have to try harder as it is a system designed for a different world of a different time.

    anne marie, Fucked without being kissed. We can still make them understand we don't like the way they fuck and refuse their advances.

  7. I do wish America all the best in the next four years. . . or possibly forever. My bet is that now that the GOP has pretty much sewn up power, they will endure Trump as long as he is useful and then impeach his ass. The GOP have more on him than the Russians. With Pence in the president's slot, we will see Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" become an instruction manual.

  8. I stock up on Russian vodka. I wake up from vodka blackout in 4 years, things be good, yes Tovarich?

  9. There's nothing new I can add to this. We live in very scary times.

  10. Every time I hear the word Trump in the news, I dread what he will be saying next. He scares me. No, he terrifies me. How did America ever get to this stage? And we're just the other side of the border... too close!

  11. Blog Fodder, I suspect there will be a resistance movement to make enduring a little more endurable.

    ABFTS, One day, hear knock on door. Man ask "Who is?" "Is potato man, I come around to give free potato." Man is very excite and opens door. Is not potato man, is secret police.

    JACKIESUE, Indeed, and without being kissed.

    Pixel Peeper, There are way more of us than them and we can at least slow them down.

    Shammickite, As long as he can be an ignoramus in 140 characters or less he will keep doing so until he is stopped.

  12. We have an election in two years. We must continually point out to the public (especially Republican voters) that the Senate and Congress are not working for the common man, but for the wealthy. Then perhaps we can take back the Senate and hopefully acquire some Congressional seats. That is our only hope of bringing this carnage under control.
    Constantly publish in your local news papers with editorials and letters to the editor. Blogging is fine but we tend to be preaching to the choir.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  13. "Let's just hope he doesn't do too much damage before he is gone or gotten rid of."

    He and his administration will do untold damage. I worry about the human suffering they will bring about if/before Trump is ejected from office.

    The Women's March is a glimmer of hope. It serves as a reminder that many Americans still believe in equality and justice.

  14. That's pretty incredible about the Women's March. That gives me hope.

  15. Article headline in CBC news today: "real life Archie Bunker is sworn in as President".

  16. Ol'Buzzard, If we go out in the world and educate the public we may indeed make some changes. Preaching to the choir doesn't change things. Two years isn't so long.

    Ahab, I think there is a strong and quickly growing movement to fight against all that is wrong with the coming regime. Obstructionism worked for them and it can work for us, as well. Where there is life there is hope.

    Jenny B., I believe the coalescing of those not in support of the coming administration will work to keep the regression to the "good old days" from getting very far.

    Shammickite, That is a good assessment, but the Donald has no idea about being working class. Most of his other notions seem to be the same.