Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ihop and the gang

Our "new" cat is called Patch by some members of the household, but Ihop by others of us. Some might want to call him Tripod. When we first spotted him in the yard he seemed to favor his front right leg. After feeding him for a few weeks and getting closer to him he finally gave in to curiosity and came over for a touch. Once the feral cat has come into physical contact it is yours. That is rule number four in the Feral Cat Rule Book by which they all adhere. It has happened with Callie and Mommalaid who were also feral. Those two, however, neglected to let us know that they were pregnant until after the "Touch" moment which leads me to think along the lines of cat conspiracy. There is a subheading in the rule book about that.

We applied dewormer and flea-go-away within a few days of the touch" moment before we were willing to bring him indoors to let him socialize with the rest of the family. He got reasonably comfortable in a cat carrier before we hauled him off to the vet to get him examined and neutered. The vet believed that he had likely been run over as his elbow was shattered and had embedded gravel as did one of his back legs. The front right leg had to come off, but it didn't seem to bother him too much. It's just that he moves with a hopping motion and hence his name.
He moves fast and is the youngest of the herd. He is also the most gregarious of the group wanting to be everyone's friend and playmate. He is also underfoot and suspects any sound of cans or jars being opened as a sign of food for him. In the above photo you might notice that the tip of his right ear is shorter than the other. Life in the wild is tough. But he's happy now And warm.

The rest of the gang:
 Orange Mammalaid

 Callie and Blue Kitty
 Orange Ruffie
 Beevis (the butthead)

Here they are all doing what they do best. Taking up space and sleeping 20 hours a day.


  1. Crikey that's a lotta cats! And they all look so happy.
    Your take on ferals changing their opinion after "the touch" isn't always right. OlderSon has a cat living in the basement and she never comes any further than the top of the basement stairs. JoJo was a feral kitten, she's 10 now, and still won't let herself be touched. She's friends with their other cat, but very shy with people.

  2. You are back from your break! And he-who-shall-not-be-capitalized is still p.e.
    Anyway, I like Ihop the best, and I"m wondering if his chopped ear means that he was part of the TNR program---trap, neuter and release. The ear gets a bit lopped off to indicate that the cat has been neutered.
    I'm glad he's moved in with you and yours; he'll have a happy, warm life now.

  3. Nine lives x nine cats = 81! I think you're set for life!

  4. So lovely to see your post, Jono! I love cats and just love all the cat photos you are sharing! I have one cat, he is a 3 and a half year old, black and white, green eyed male...his name is Romeo. He is a real sweet cat. :) Welcome back!

  5. Glad to see you back!

    Ihop looks very pretty, but Orange Mammalaid has the most interesting name.

  6. Do they all get along with each other? They look pretty peaceful and laid back. As someone who worries about the kitties of the world, thank you and your family for taking in so many and giving them medical attention and a good home. I so enjoyed this post.

  7. Nine cats X nine lives! It looks like they're living a great life right now. Do you have a favorite and if so, why is it your favorite?

  8. Finally, a photo of the elusive Blue Kitty. I showed Akiak your kitty photos. He yawned and turned away to groom.

  9. What a herd! That is a LOT of cats!

    Ihop is my favorite too. Great name!

  10. awwwwwwww, what a nice gathering of felines! all beautiful and handsome. and well-cared for and loved.

  11. Thank you so much.
    They are all beautiful, and I love that they have found a home with you.
    And I am starting to itch for another cat. Soon. Ish.

  12. As a fellow cat lover, I find this quite fascinating. One, that you tamed a feral cat so quickly, and two, that your unrelated felines seem to get on so well. Or do they? Don't they have their own little territories inside your house?

  13. Ten cats! I would NOT want to be on litterbox duty at your place! Seriously though, how wonderful -- every time you sit down, you must have at least one cat on your lap. Does the purring of 10 cats on the bed keep you awake at night?

  14. My goodness, I didn't realize you had all those cats. As another commenter asked how do they get along? They look very loved and content.

  15. Shammickite, It takes patience, food, and something else, but it has always worked for me, so far. As far as being held on a lap they respond differently.

    knittergran, He was not neutered until we got a hold of him and I think the ear tip may have been frozen. I have seen that type of injury before.

    Professor Batty, Many of the cats don't have that many left, but they probably loan those lives out when necessary.

    Linda, one would be plenty and we have "re-homed" some, but they still seem to multiply even after spaying and neutering. Go figure.

    Pixel Peeper, Here's the explanation. "Kitties in the sunshine, kitties in the shade, kitties everywhere 'cause momma got laid."

    jenny_o, Most of them get along most of the time, some better than others. They all have their preferences for the company they keep, or don't.

    Sioux, They determine who THEY like best. Orange Ruffie and I seem to enjoy each others company, but Tillie likes to sleep with me.

    AK, Did Anana even show up to look?

    Jennifer, When Ihop moves he often flops over when he gets to his destination, so I often call him Ihop Iflop.

    anne marie, Thanks! They are very comforting.

    Elephants Child, My guess is that another cat is looking for YOU.

    Gorilla B, They get along for the most part, although Mommalaid being very small, has to be a little on the feisty side. She is also the first to jump into the lap of a guest. The less apt they are to like cats, the more motivated she is. Yes, they do have their favorite spots.
    P.S. Bella and Cotton are diabetic and require insulin injections twice a day.

    Debra, There are at least seven cat boxes that get cleaned daily. When I get a cat on each knee my crotch looks like the entrance to a library or some federal building. Some of them do purr rather loudly, but their snoring is usually pretty quiet.

    Cat Lover, Callie and Blue Kitty sleep together quite a bit, but sometimes it gets hard to claim a space on the sofa. If I nap or read lying down I usually have about two sleeping on me. No need for a blanket.

  16. I shall now ALWAYS think of you as "Man With Federal Building Crotch." Thanks for that visual!

  17. Debra, It's the stuff of nightmares.

  18. And two of them have diabetes requiring twice daily injections ... you guys are amazing. Do the cats fight you on the injections?

  19. jenny_o, They often come looking for the injections as we will sometimes feed them at the same time. Food is a terrific motivator.

  20. What fun to meet your furry family! I'm amazed that they get along so well. The most we ever had was five at a time, and even then we had a few personality clashes within the group. These days we're feline-free, but we've still got the travel kennels and the giant litterboxes... just in case... ;-)

  21. It's good to know your home is protected by so many cats. My husband made fun of me once (calling me a crazy cat lady) when I said that the minimum number of cars required for a country home is four. Minimum. I was not kidding! Furry friends are a requirement. The new one looks sweet.

  22. What a sweetie! And how lucky that he found you. What trauma he went through...glad he has a happy ending.

  23. .....and you even said you had him neutered. Gah.....
    Reading comprehension is not my strongpoint, apparently.

  24. Mamalaid is the one that claims my lap when I visit. No, Anana didn't look at the photos; she was far too busy napping directly in front of the heating duct.

  25. Diane, We have never had over 12 cats at a time, so far. Five dogs at once has been our maximum on canine limits. Some of the musher kennels up the road from us have sometimes had well over 100 dogs.

    Shoshanah, I do feel much safer having all these critters keeping an eye out for my safety. I like how you said, "My husband made fun of me once." I think that says it all.

    Riot Kitty, He seems delighted with his new digs and likes to stay involved with his surroundings. Very entertaining for us humans.

    knittergran, No problem. Since they took off his leg at the same time he probably didn't notice and hasn't mentioned it.

    AK, Mama is considered the "guest kitty" for her love of new company. You can use Anana for a heat sink at night to keep the house warm.

    JACKIESUE, It is easy for me to be crazy, just so you know.

  26. That is really fantastic of you and your family to take in an injured cat.
    My respect
    the Ol'Buzzard

  27. Love your huge cat family. They all have their personalities and their places, don't they? great pictures. You are the Yousuf Karsh of cat photographers

  28. You're so wonderful for taking all of those cats in. I can't believe they all get along. My cat hates every other cat in the entire world.

  29. Ol'Buzzard, Thanks! He is the most feline entertainment we have had in a while.

    Blog Fodder, I WISH I were a Yousuf Karsh!

    Jenny B., I was just looking at some bookmarks I got from you a few years ago. I am so happy you are back!