Sunday, February 7, 2016

Still Winter

It's still winter. I can tell because the temperature stays below freezing and it keeps snowing regularly. I decided to take a good look at it before it starts to wane. Of course, it really won't even start to wane for at least a month yet. I went out this afternoon to top off the water tanks and check on the critters during daylight. Although, yesterday was the first day I could go to work without needing my headlights and the chickens' ovaries are starting to kick in as they are laying a few more eggs.

I decided to take my camera along even though it was still snowing and see how everyone in pasture world was getting along since I don't get to see them in daylight during the week. So here they are.

First we have Dakota who has been spending the winter here as his owners decided to go to Arizona for a few months (good idea). He'll probably be leaving in a month or two to go back to his own place. I sometimes call him Old Blue Eyes even though he doesn't sound like Sinatra. As usual, click the pic to embiggen.
He shares a paddock with with our mule, Colonel, who is always looking for treats or attention or human company.
Then there are Draugen and Mirage who are the bosses in that group of four. Mirage thinks it's better to just stand in the feeder to eat.
Then I move to the south side of the barn where Odamae, who belongs to our friend Arlene, shares a paddock with Beezer (Bethany Star).

Then we move to the middle paddock where we keep the two older critters.  Frisky the pony is about 30 years old and about 400 plus pounds. He lives with, and is the boss of, Vedas who is about 1100 pounds. Vedas is Beezer's grandmother and Draugen's older sister. As a young lady she went through the evaluation process for Fjords in North America and was rated in the top several percent. She is also very affectionate and likes her kisses and belly scratches.

Looking down at the arena it looks like we are locked in for a while and the trees have a nice coating of snow. That will go away in the next couple of days when the wind starts to blow and the temperature drops to uncomfortable levels. The horses go in the barn on those nights.

So as the winter carries on and I look at my castle being slowly buried in snow I think of Dr. Zhivago. At least there aren't any icicles on the inside of the house, but looking forward to the time when it will start to melt. Eventually it will. It always does.


  1. oh my; no thanks. such beautiful animals, esp. "old blue eyes"; they look so gentle and loving.

  2. Jono--Beautiful animals, beautiful photos.

    The "evaluation process for Fjords in North America"? What does that involve? (You've piqued my curiosity.)

  3. It all looks so beautiful...the horses, the snow-covered trees, your house with its snow-covered roof. But I remember what it feels like when you step out into the biting cold, when your feet get wet and numb, and when - right about mid-February - you get so sick of it all.

    Of course I remember the first warm days in March, too, when nature's awakening and the smells of spring just would make your heart ache...usually to be followed by one more blizzard.

  4. Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.
    How very, very beautiful. Both the critters and the scenery.
    We are having another ramp up in temperatures and these photos gave me blissful relief. Thank you.

  5. Really beautiful - I agree with Elephant's Child! Got a chuckle from your comment about Frisky. Small but mighty :)

  6. Thank you for the lovely photos. They cheer me up. The leaves finally fell off my tree recently, and we got down to 40 (F) degrees last night.


  7. That's a fine herd of horses you have on your ranch! My days of owning horses are over, but I have a grand-horse by the name of Maeve, a big girl half quarter horse, half heavy draft horse, and very beautiful. And you certainly have lotsa snow, here we have nothing, just green grass and blue skies, very unusual for feb, but I'm sure we'll get some this week. Now where's my snow brush?

  8. Such lovely scenery, and beautiful creatures. Through all of that snow, there's still so much to cherish. You made my day, and now I need some hot chocolate to warm me up.


  9. Oh, your animals are beautiful! So is the winter scenery. I would love to spend a winter in a place like that. You're lucky!

  10. Well, I'm glad the horses have a barn to sleep in and I assume it has plenty of hay. How do horses feel about blankets and hot water bottles?

  11. anne marie, They are a lovely bunch except once in a great while. The climate keeps most of the riff raff away.

    Sioux, Thanks! You can find the evaluation program at It involves a lot and sometimes more. Conformation and movement as well as performance. We worked to get her in shape for about 5 months previous to her second evaluation. She was still a bit fluffy, but he's a big-boned girl.

    Pixel Peeper, You know exactly how I feel! And then there's always one more blizzard.

    Elephant's Child, It would be fun to go back and forth between our climates just to see if I could take it. I suspect I would appreciate both places even more.

    jenny_o, Sometimes I just need to stop and smell the manure.

    Janie Junebug, 40F? Time to get out the shorts!

    Shammickite, Thanks. Yes, all the fun will have to end someday. One of the finest quarter horse/draft crosses I met was a police horse at the Kentucky Horse Park. He was about the calmest and most confident animal I had ever met. I asked where he was going at retirement. The cop answered, "My back yard."

    Dixie, I also need some hot chocolate to warm up. Maybe an extra large with extra chocolate.

    Jennifer, Thanks! Parts of winter can be nice, but after a few months it tends to get a bit annoying.

    Gorilla Bananas, Believe me, these animals are far from starving. Blankets don't thrill them, but heated water buckets keep them happy.

  12. What lovely animal friends you have! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  13. Great photos. They've given me a chill, however, so I'm running to get a sweater.

  14. Those horses are endearing beauties.
    I don't envy you, Jono, not at all. But the snow looks beautiful from sunny CA.
    Take care and be safe.

  15. Love Dr Zhivago.
    Your winter pics look like our normal winter here in western Maine - but this year hasn't been normal. We only have about six inches of standing snow where we usually measure it in feet. Have spent much of my time in Maine since 1962 and don't remember a winter like this with temperatures in the high thirties and forties throughout the months of December, January and up until now in February. A cold front from Canada is coming through tomorrow and temperatures are suppose to drop to what would be considered normal for this time of year: teens in the daytime and near or around zero at night.
    I love the winter, the blizzards, the storms - and this sux.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  16. Beautiful photos, and how nice to see your four-footed friends! We have so little snow and it's melting so fast that I'm worried about drought this summer. Snow in August and +16C (61F) in February - crazy.

  17. Donna, Thanks! They are a likable bunch for the most part.

    Tom, Grab an extra sweater for me. It's all about layers.

    Robyn, Looking at snow and winter is always fun if you have somewhere warm to be in the meantime. Hugs.

    Ol'Buzzard, It has been much warmer than normal here, too, but still we have almost average snow. The unfortunate part is we have had a lot of freezing rain instead of snow which really sucks. We have been well below zero every night this week, so I am getting tired of it now.

    Diane, Send us your warm air and keep your cold air and those Alberta Clippers.