Sunday, November 1, 2015

Septober, Octember, Nowonder

After three days of wind, rain, and 40 degrees (5C) there is no doubt that summer is over. A little snow mixed in left no doubt. Then there are the days you can go out and walk around the farm and take in all those big and little changes that happen every year about this time. Sometimes the cooler air is so clear you can see all the way across Lake Superior which from here is about 70 miles. If you look due South and real closely at the horizon you will see the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's not much more than a shadow at this distance and we and they are high enough in elevation to get over the curvature of the planet issue.  Click the pic to embiggen.
   Then there are those frosty mornings coming with some regularity at this point. The roof of my car had the mark of the Frost Giants. Maybe the spirit of Ymir himself survived slaying by Odin and left this to remind me. Coming all the way from J√∂tunheimr just to say "Hei!" Imagine!

I think I'll take a walk in the woods and see what happens.

After a bear did this to my apple tree a few weeks ago I am tempted to find him and wear his hide as would a Berserker would when going into battle. At least I would have threatened him if I had caught him in the act. Unless he was really big and mean, course.
And I know where the hidden people, dwarves, elves, and trolls all live around here, too. In places like this.
They make it look natural so that no one suspects, but I know different. I know where they get their water.
And I know what they will do if you don't appease them. It's not pretty and I dare not take them into consideration when I do things here at the edge of their realm.
I know the dwarves made Freya's necklace and when the time comes I hope she, the leader of the Valkyries, will carry me to Valhalla in her chariot pulled by some very serious cats.
Then I emerge from the forest to the clear air and my mind settles down to the reality of the modern world. I have to ease out of my forest world gently.

I see that my own house is not made of sod and will keep me warm in the coming months. Built from the bounty of the forest, mostly, it will protect me from the elephants and the elements.
Maybe I will inscribe all of this on my very own runestone which is acting like a weather rock now. I can see that it is not winter. Yet.


  1. Ymir wouldn't do much sweating in these conditions. It's getting chilly!

  2. They are indeed serious cats. And have set my mind wandering... Not hard to do, but I do hope it comes back again.
    Love your forest. And am a fan of the colder months (perhaps because the version we get is so wimpy).

  3. A beautiful walk. (And bears gotta eat, too. Just saying.)

    Did you make your runestone? What keeps it upright?

  4. I'm jealous of your walk in the woods. It's still too hot and humid here to really enjoy going to one of the great state parks around here for a walk. Soon, I hope, soon...

  5. The bear is one of the advance elements of Putin's irsine army of conquest. Its intention is to deprive innocent hardworking Vikingssons of the literal fruit of their labour. Aux armaments, mes braves!

    Or, you know, go home and sleep.

  6. Odin takes 1/2 to Valhalla, Freya takes her half to Fólkvangr and if you are special enough she will take you to her hall..Sessumnir

  7. Ahab, Only when I overdress.

    Elephant's Child, I have often thought that I shouldn't let my mind wander. It's too small to be out by itself. The serious cold is yet to come, but usually an El Nino winter is kind to us in this area.

    jenny_o, I don't begrudge the bears a meal, but did it really have to break branches? The runestone was lying, mostly buried in the ground, near the rock it sits on. It just happens to have a good balance point, but there are a couple of small stone shims beneath it.

    Pixel Peeper, It won't be long for tolerable weather down there. Everywhere I walked I made a squishing sound. At least when the ground freezes it will have a good bit of moisture in it.

    Bill the Butcher, I think Putin's bear is mostly growl. It only looks impressive when going against a much smaller foe. Not unlike some other super powers.. The tide will turn as it always has. Ich wusste, was du gemeint

  8. JACKIESUE, I sure hope she thinks I'm special!

  9. I especially love the photo of the stream with all of that soft green moss covering the rocks. Takes me back to the fairytales that I used to escape to during my childhood.

  10. I enjoyed your Halloween walk. But now I'm cold and I think I'll go put on a jacket -- or maybe climb under the covers. Can you get any farther north and still be in the U.S.?

  11. Beautiful photos - thank you for the tour! I drew a wistful breath at the sight of your mossy stream. Our world is white today with giant snowflakes drifting down - beautiful, but it seems as though this time it might truly be winter. I'm hoping El Nino does his thing here, too - we could use the extra precipitation, and a mild winter is always nice.

    Where did you get Freya and the cats? They are serious cats indeed, and I'm intrigued by the DNA strand beneath their paws!

  12. Agi Tater, There are just a few places like that that look so incredibly soft.

    Tom Sightings, We are less than 20 miles south of the border as the raven flies.

    Diane, I think the vikings had the science/religion questions completely resolved. Evolution versus creation was never an issue for them as their understanding was much greater than the myths that and stories they told. Maybe.

  13. The other day I was just thinking about magical things like this and wondering when I'd lost my imagination. I'm glad you still have yours and remind us of the every day magic if we'll take the time to see it.

  14. I rather like those kitty cats with the glowing eyes. I'd love to have one sleeping at the end of my bed. Wouldn't need a nightlight.

  15. Vapid Vixen, You haven't lost it, but sometimes you have to dig around in the memory banks and get in a silly mood or some mood that you usually don't do. Tap in to your inner child. You'll find it.

    anne marie in philly, Well, not any more. See how well I'm protected?

    Shammickite, Wouldn't need guard dogs or guns either.

  16. Nice pictures, as always. I arrived back yesterday to 18f and snow....a far cry from the cities I've recently visited.

  17. Beautiful pics! Thanks, as always, Jono.

  18. Beautiful pictures, especially the home of the forest spirits and their watering hole. Looks cold and damp in your part of the world

  19. There’s nothing like the absolute reality of a Saga, is there?

    When I was little I swallowed Norse and Germanic Sagas whole and nothing could be more exciting than seeing Baldur in the sun chariot and Thor’s hammer in the clouds.

  20. Thank you for this fascinating journey, Jono. May Freya and her pussies take you away to places unknown but very much welcomed. Wink.

  21. Should Fish More, Welcome home!

    Donna, Thanks!

    Blog Fodder, It is cool and damp and is about to get colder and damper.

    Friko, And we owe much of it to an old Icelander by the name of Snorri Sturlasson.

    Robyn, I can always look forward to a journey and interesting company on the way. :)

  22. "The mark of the Frost Giants" -- I will never look at frost the same way again!