Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Image of Pluto

What can I say?

It has been crazy for a couple of weeks. Either there is too much to do or I just can't keep up any more.

I need to click "refresh" in my brain. Maybe it will reboot and settle down.

In the meantime enjoy this silliness.


  1. Some gems - and some to make me wince.

  2. Jono--You always manage to find things that make me laugh... and make me want to gouge out my mind's eye.

    Thanks. ;)

  3. I refuse to believe the "can't keep up any more" theory. It's definitely just "too much to do."

    Thanks for the laughs!

  4. Funny, Pluto doesn't look like a dwarf. These are a riot, Jono. And I remember when our biggest problem was that the President was getting a blow-job in the oval office. Ecstatic days they were, especially for Bill.

    Be well. Get refreshed, and keep a smile.

  5. Mr Bean's daughter near finished me

  6. Hahahahaha, these are all great! Thank gawd Mr Bean's daughter got her mother's looks!

  7. Elephant's child, It is a rather eclectic collection, isn't it?

    John Gray, Thanks, great master of the hounds!

    Sioux, I am good at confusion. It's one of my best traits.

    JACKIESUE, You, my friend, are the pinnacle of memeization.

    Pixel Peeper, If I could only keep up with your clouds and food!

    Rawkinrobyn, It's funny how the important things often end up to be very unimportant. Except maybe for Bill. I know cigars were involved, but chocolate may have been a better choice.

    Blog Fodder, Genetics is a strange bedfellow.

    Debra, when folks get out of their jeans and mix up their genes, strange things can happen. Hope you are enjoying your hiatus.

  8. My brain must be slowing, too. I had to read "image of Pluto" an embarrassing number of times before it dawned on me what the joke was :)

  9. The 'movie heroes' one cracked me up! I have to agree: I don't trust any man who looks prettier or smells better than I do.

  10. Great selection
    the Ol'Buzzard

  11. I love these memes you collect! The one with the shark blocking the man's view was my favorite. Aren't we all relieved that Rowan Atkinson's daughter didn't inherit his looks?

    Oh, and Clint Eastwood is overrated. :P

  12. That's the first time I've seen Mr. Bean in a bikini. He must work out.

  13. ABFTS, Sometimes I just get in a mood. I think the Bean is one of my favorites.

    jenny_o, I have those same issues on a daily basis. You are not alone.

    Donna, I always have you in mind for at least a few of these.

    Diane, Or a woman who is stronger or smells worse than me.

    Ol'Buzzard, It's always fun to go through them and pick.

    Ahab, A long time ago I tried to "squint like Clint". My eyes have never been the same.

    Agi, I wonder who his trainer is?

  14. I read this while enjoying my morning coffee, I only just managed not to shower my computer!

  15. Maja, Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes your way is the only way to actually clean off the computer. If it doesn't ruin it.