Sunday, June 28, 2015

That was the week that was

I sometimes pull my head out of the sand after a week like this one past. The illustrious and fairly (very) conservative Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has handed down some middle of the road decisions. Essentially,  they have allowed millions of people to keep their health insurance (and not have to use the ER for their doctor) and they have also allowed for any two people who love each other and want to get married to actually do so.

As right wing heads explode over this "judicial tyranny" I smile for common decency and a little common sense. I still don't believe, however, that corporations have the same rights as individual humans when it comes to campaign contributions which is one of many of their decisions I disagree with. But, I (we) have to live with those decisions for now. I'm just funny that way.

The murder of nine people in a church in South Carolina has gotten people to consider the treasonous, seditious, racist confederate flag might be offensive to a lot of folks and maybe should not be revered by certain state governments. Maybe there some folks that don't take offense at people actually owning other people because "that is who we are"and "it is part of our heritage". Even though that way of life supposedly ended 150 years ago there are still some that are proud of it and have tried their best to carry it on. I hope they all die out soon.

So much for a little rant.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, the women folk are healing up after their assorted ailments and life is slowly returning to  what passes for normal.

Things are looking summery  around here. In the greenhouse there was a frog on the pitcher handle. Just a little one.
All kinds of flowery things are blooming with new ones every week.
Then there are the "three amigos,"  (left to right) The Colonel, Draugen, and Mirage doing what they do best.
The local deer get in on the action by helping keep the grass trimmed. The Colonel assumes the same position in his pasture.
Scenes of summer from the harbor as the Hjørdis heads for the open lake.
I have two cousins in Denmark that go by the same name as the schooner. Both of them use the more common nickname of Disa. Both charming and delightful women. The older Disa (pictured with my brother) is one of the youngest of my father's generation and the other is my age. I wish they didn't live so far away.

I hope you all had a good week.


  1. I hope this week proves to be a real "watershed" type of week for the USA. You guys need some good news for a change.

  2. The Supreme Court ruled wisely on same-sex marriage. I was delighted and relieved when I learned about the decision on Friday morning.

    The frog is adorable ... and surprisingly well-balanced on that pitcher.

  3. The latter part of your post reminded me why I typically like animals more than I like people. We humans still have some catching up to do in the "not sh***y" regard, but... we're getting there, I guess. Baby steps are better than nothing.

  4. Great pictures. How do you get rid of Scalia and Thomas?

  5. And in spite of the SC's decision, the following did NOT happen:

    * Marauding gangs of gay men didn't start targeting and stalking obviously heterosexual men, in an attempt to "convert" them or hit on them.

    * Gay men (with other gay men) and lesbian women (with other lesbians) didn't start frolicking and making out on strangers' yards... straight strangers, that is.

    * Gays and lesbians haven't shoved their sexual preference down other people's throats, expecting everyone else to become gay or lesbian.

    But I guess it's too soon for that to happen...

  6. How I wish our guvmint would come to the party on the same sex marriage question. The precious little petals seem to assume that if they do it will become mandatory.
    Love the look into the gentle side of your world. Gardens and critters make more sense that a lot of things in the world - and look better too.

  7. It certainly was a busy week for exciting news!

    And in response to Sioux' list: I'm not aware of any heterosexual marriage that has fallen apart due to the SC's decision.

    What a cute little frog!

  8. Debra, We needed good news for a long time. It was certainly nice to get some at long last.

    Ahab, Despite Scalia's general nastiness and grumpy old fartedness, the majority decision was good for basic human rights. It was a happy day.

    ABFTS, Now you understand why I spend most of my time on the farm. The frog seemed happy there for several hours. I admire its relatively simple life.

    Blog Fodder, I haven't been able to come up with an effective LEGAL way to do it. As long as they are alive I will keep working on it.

    Sioux, Funny how I was not solicited by those marauding groups. I didn't think I was THAT ugly.

    Elephant's Child, It seemed like basic civil rights to me. Probably even covered by the Magna Carta. I must go back and read it again.

    PP, Yes, I have been waiting for all of the heterosexual marriages to explode. Haven't seen so much as a puff of smoke. I'm still waiting for the "death panels" brought on by the ACA. Hard to believe Sarah Palin was wrong about that, too.

  9. I love the little frog. And thanks to the Supreme Court, I might be able to marry it now!

    The recent cases by the Supreme Court have relieved some of my concern about Chief Justice Roberts. he is very conservative, certainly, but he doesn't appear to be of the type of conservatism of Scalia, Thomas, and Alito. Both his gay marriage and ACA opinions stress... caution(?), I guess.

  10. It is refreshing to have some good/sane news out of Washington for a change. Of course it didn't happen without substantial kicking and screaming. And yes we have to live with some decisions … yet slavery would still be a thing in this country if a few folks didn't decide to stop living with a few decisions. Ya know?

    In the meantime, I love how nature always brings things into perspective. Thanks for the reminder and the lovely photos.

  11. There was good news this week, indeed. But nothing offers more solace than nature and good friends and family. Thanks for more wonderful pics!

  12. I have to admit I was surprised by the SCOTUS ruling, but in a good way (kinda... more on that in Wednesday's blog post). And I love your little frog - what a cutie! We don't have any frogs out here that are that colourful - ours tend to be gray/brown/black.

    The bluebells are blooming here, too, and we saw a deer and tiny spotted fawn a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday's treat was a family of badgers - the three kids were almost as big as the mom, and the only way we figured out who was who was that the mom crouched at the side of the road snarling a challenge while the kids retreated. Then when everybody was safe, mom followed. I love the way they move - their bodies just seem to flatten out and ripple over the terrain!

  13. Summer has also come to the western Maine mountains, though the last few days the high temps have been in the sixties and the night temps in the upper forties - the birds are having their morning rap session, each trying to out perform the other.
    I don't often have a good word for humanity in general; but this week has been the exception. Imagine how wonderful it would be if people just put away bias and accepted each other.

    There always seems to be that fifty percent that are looking to upset the apple cart - but this week no one is listening to them.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  14. Katy, I'm not so sure about inter-species weddings, but who knows? Roberts is very conservative, but not as cruel and snarky as Scalia.

    Agi T, at least some things go the right way now and then. I'm sure there is a small contingent that would like to still have legal slavery.

    Donna, I like to be aware of the world, but chillin' on the farm is alright by me.

    Diane, You just never know with the Court. I really like seeing the new life this time of year. The baby barn swallows' heads are now sticking out above the rim of their nests now.

    JACKIESUE, We finally did the right thing.

    Ol' Buzzard, We were at 37F this morning. Great sleeping weather.
    Somehow I think it is getting to be less than fifty percent. At least I hope so.

  15. Sorry it took me so long to pay a visit Jono.
    That frog is awfully cute, and those family members look awfully nice, and why am I using awful to describe nice things/people? I don't know. Someone else started it.

    Have an awfully nice holiday weekend, my friend. xo

  16. Robyn, Thanks! You always know how to put a smile on my face. You really rawk!

  17. Summer on the North Shore. So lovely. You certainly wait long enough for such a short warm season.
    It was wonderful to see the SC opinions. Just 3 years ago, I don't know that they would have been the same. Timing is everything, and it has all seemed to come together perfectly. The marriage industry should be busy for a while. Perhaps you should set up to do weddings there on the farm, overlooking the lake. What a wonderful venue that would be, and the critters would make fantastic attendants.

    I will be up your way at the end of the month. Can't wait to be at the lake.

  18. alwaysinthebackrow, Maybe that would be a nice supplemental income for my later years. I could build a little wedding pavilion and advertise.
    Hope to see you when you get up here.