Sunday, April 6, 2014

Women and Spring

Their are those who think women should stay at home, make babies, keep a nice house, and serve their husbands because that is their "traditional" role. If it actually had been, our species would have died out long ago. That tradition only existed for a short time during the middle of the last century and idealized by the likes of Ozzie and Harriet or Leave it to Beaver. There is nothing wrong with that way of living if all parties are agreed and the breadwinner can win enough bread to support a whole family above the poverty level. These days it's not so easy.



  It has been called to my attention recently that the Heritage Foundation, that bastion of Right Thinking, had a little get together of conservative women celebrating the last day of Women's History Month  by stating, "If we truly want women to thrive," (Mona)Charen concurred, "we have to revive the marriage norm."

 What interests Charen and the other women on the stage is their belief, as Charen put it, that "feminism has done so much damage to happiness." And the solution to this damage, it turns out, is matrimony — the same thing that will solve problems such as income inequality and the Republican Party's standing among women."

  I am not sure how many conservative women were at this conference, but I would think that it was most of them.

Following this line of thought would lead one to believe that women not following this idea might turn out to be be progressives or worse, even Democrats! The Heritage Foundation wants more women to vote Republican. If all of them did they might get a big enough majority to repeal the 19th Amendment and then women wouldn't have to bother their pretty little heads at all about voting!

Helping in this agenda would be the Mormon Church. They are all frightened (well at least the Mormon men are) because women want to wear pants in church! Jesus didn't wear pants in church so these women shouldn't either. Some of these Mormon women want to enter the priesthood! Joseph Smith would turn on the wrong axis of the planet he is God on if this would happen and his girlfriends wives would be looking to him for guidance.

Yes, it would seem the Mormon Cult Church has drawn a lot of attention to itself by making the national news on these issues as well. It seems they want to keep these protesting women and pesky media people as far away from the proceedings as they can.

Want to know more about the Mormons? Donna Banta can fill you in on her blog Ward Gossip. She is one of those uppity women (I mean that in the best way) that used to be a Mormon. Now she is simply awesome.

Spring is finally starting to, you know, spring. My coworker has a boyfriend that brings her lots of flowers on a regular basis. It certainly brightens up the atmosphere.

On a bright, sunny day the glare from the continuing snow is nearly blinding, but it does brighten attitudes and reminds us of what is to come. Here is our frozen harbor showing hints that here is something not white underneath.

Then there are the cloudy, but above freezing days and the wind that help to break up the frozen ice sheet that has covered Lake Superior for the last two months. Who knows, there may be icebergs all summer.



  1. Jon0--Mormon men in a tizzy?

    Your post made me chuckle. Some (like Mormons) might not consider it as funny as I did. ;)

  2. Having two adult daughters who's ideas would make the heritage foundation's eyes bleed, I liked the post. Good goin'.

  3. I've always disliked mixing religion and politics. It's like mixing ice cream and horse shit. It doesn't do much for the horse shit, but it surely ruins the ice cream.

    Now I have to go check out Donna Banta's blog!

    Those yellow flowers are awesome! Like a bright, cheery smiley face.

  4. Thanks again for the shout out Jono! Also for the spring flowers. Too funny (and sad) about women voting Republican so they can lose the right to vote.

  5. Sioux, I think they need to develop a better sense of humor then.

    SFM, Maybe your daughters could help open their eyes to the real world.

    PP, you know I don't either, but sometimes things need to be pointed out. It seems the line gets blurred regularly. I like your analogy.

    Donna, as long as some women vote like old white men (but, not all of us) that is what could happen. While I can't speak for people of color I doubt they would like to return to Jim Crow either.

  6. Jono
    Oh they do, in the case of the oldest, for 20 years. She is active in several women's rights arena's.

    The youngest is more a 'direct action' type, she doesn't see the issues as abstract, she see's them in direct things that affect her.

    Both come by it honestly, both parent's were responsible.

  7. " I am not sure how many conservative women were at this conference, but I would think that it was most of them."

    I read that it was a mostly empty auditorium, with the exception of some Heritage Foundation interns. Apparently the guy opening the proceedings asked, "Where are all the ladies?" or some such.

    As once columnist noted, it's likely the Republican Party will be asking that question for a long time. : )

  8. Here's what really fries me. The conservative women-Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, others of that ilk-standing on some stage badmouthing feminism, when they would not even be able to have the opportunity to be up there if it weren't for feminism. If they followed their own theory of women's place, they would be at home with their mouths shut. Oh, wait.....that actually sounds kind of good. Could they just do that and let the rest of us intelligent, motivated and enthusiastic women just do our thing?

  9. Most of my garden is actually free of snow and we're supposed to get thunderstorms tonight. A former neighbor lady always said "thunder will get the frost out of the ground", I think her advice might be a bit optimistic in this case.

  10. 1. YES to alwaysinthebackrow.
    2. I have a number of friends that are, as they say, "in recovery" from having been raised Mormon. It is a dark and scary place to be...


  11. SFM, I already like your kids and haven't even met them.

    AT, they just can't figure it out.

    aitbr, and there was the nearly substantiated rumor that Trig is Palin's grandson. "crazy eyes" Bachman has always been an embarrassment to Minnesota.

    Professor, ours is going down, but there is still three feet in the woods.

    Pearl, alwaysinthebackrow is a formidable woman and even smarter than I wish I was. I am surprised Romney got as far as he did as a cult member.

  12. Women wearing pants in church?
    In general, I am against wearing any pants at all.
    Beautiful pix, my friend!

  13. Dawn, in general that makes me blush. Thanks!

  14. You wrote a spirited post. I think that these older conservative women are on their way out. If the media did not give them some publicity, when there are no “new” news, no one would hear them, and they would stay in the dark like rats (where they belong.) As for Mormons, I only know that when I came to this country my roommate was a Mormon – the first thing she said to me was “I dislike Europeans” and she added “I work at night, and if you find a day job, then I won’t have to talk to you.” I took it as Mormons were not very friendly with non-Mormons ….

  15. Awesome comments. Maybe the next time these conservative women meet, they can rent a phone booth. that should come cheap these days.

  16. Vagabonde, I'm glad you didn't leave because of a strange roommate.

    John Gray, Dawn is usually funny, often poignant, and sometimes both.

    BF, I am sure it would be plenty roomy!

  17. I'm a Mormon,and just surfed in to read about Iceland and Norway. may give you more insight on our beliefs. I think you and your readers may be pleasantly surprised.

  18. PS: forgot to include that I am a Liberal Democrat AND and Mormon.

  19. Candy, I have read it and I wish there were many more like you.