Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just Fooling!

Today, the first of April, is April Fool's Day. It is usually a day of pranking. I have seen relatively benign pranks such as Iceland Review's lead story of Google relocating to Iceland because of its cheap electricity, cool climate (for all those servers), always Greenwich Mean Time, its location between Europe and North America, and Iceland's strict laws on information sharing (raspberries to the NSA). I have also seen or heard of pranks that caused great embarrassment, having an eye nearly put out, or having someone in the ER with inexplicable injuries. I think April fool jokes are fine as long as no one is physically hurt or is caused untreatable mental anguish.

We are currently well below freezing and experiencing a blizzard (no foolin') so mother nature is ROFLOL at us. We appreciate the humor, but you can stop now. In the spirit of jocularity, here are a few things to ponder. Hopefully there aren't too many repeats as I find I sometimes repeat myself as I age, repeat myself as I age. Starting and ending with the most interesting man in the world.

  Have a happy April first and don't get fooled!


  1. I needed a chuckle this evening. Thanks.

  2. Hah - those are great!

    I have to confess something - I've seen the "most interesting man in the world" (as you called him) on many of those "I don't always...but when I do" Facebook memes. I don't know who he is. Obviously you do...will you please tell me? I will send some warm temps up your way in gratitude. It's supposed to be 88ยบ here on Friday.

  3. "That union guy is out to take your cookie."


  4. Sioux, Did it get your mind off the manuscript for a moment?

    BF, Thanks, and thanks for the info from Ukraine.

    PP, He is just a character selling Dos Equis beer as they show him doing all kinds of interesting and exotic things. He actually had a bit part in the original Star Trek.

    Agi T, truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it?

  5. You had me at "jocularity." One of my favorite words, along with hobo and crackhead.
    Wonder what that means?
    These memes are hilarious. I think my favorite is the bear.

  6. Oh, yes....we have the blizzard today. Sick, sick, sick of it. A few smiles helped. Thanks. I liked the m&m one. Reminded me of a friend who counted her m&ms as she ate them. I was shocked!
    Stay warm till spring finally shows up.