Sunday, March 23, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

The quick answer is  no, not yet. Still just a little below zero in the morning and a few inches off fresh snow to make it feel like Winter Solstice instead of Spring Equinox. Granted, this is an unusual winter, but not unheard of, and we have definitely been here before. At least the blue sky and sunshine have given me some opportunities to start coming out of hibernation.

Even though the ride to work is still the ride to work, it is bringing a small promise of things to come. As soon as the ice melts.

   The little harbor in the little town is still locked up and there were people flying kites on it last week. Unfortunately, I didn't get any kite pictures, but the breakwall and lighthouse  are patiently waiting for the relentless waves of Superior to challenge their right to exist.

It is about two miles down the hill to the shore of Gitchigumee, so I don't see the details unless I just hang around the shore. There are still some old cabins and fish houses from days past that can be seen. Some are still occasionally occupied and others are completely abandoned. I have wanted to document this one before a big wave shatters it into a memory.


  1. The sun on the harbor almost looks warm. The seasons are changing.

  2. That last photo--especially--would make a great notecard.

    I'm just sayin'...

    Yes, winter is trying to eek out a few last gasps...

  3. Looks god awful cold and damp. But the sun is shining. Spring will come.
    Also, I had no idea there really was a Gitchigumee. I thought Longfellow made it up.

  4. With the sky this blue, you could almost imagine the snow is the white sand on Florida beaches...


    Well, I tried. You should squint really hard. And maybe have a colorful drink with an umbrella.

    I wondered where I had heard "Gitchigumee" before. Had to do some googling, then I remembered...the Gordon Lightfoot song about the Edmund Fitzgerald!

  5. This winter has been unreasonably long, and I'm done with it.

    Now if it would only be done with me…


  6. Oh,I love that harbor. But I have never been there in the winter. Not sure I want to see it even after your great photos. I prefer to see the waves pound the huge black rocks on a sunny day.

    You are ever optimistic.

  7. Donna, it actually FEELS warm if you stay out of the wind.

    Sioux, what, greetings from hell frozen over? Or, "this is our new North Shore getaway?" You know, it just might work!

    Blog Fodder, Gitchigumee is (one of) the native name for Superior. It is a little nipply, too. I hope Mr. Putin backs off your back soon.

    PP, I could turn up the heat and drink umbrella drinks. After a few I could probably imagine a lot of things. Thanks for the idea!

    Pearl, my dear talented southern friend. I will use my influence to see what I can do.

    Always, I have to be optimistic. If I throw myself into the water this time of year I just make a dull thud.

  8. It may not be spring but you got some beautiful late winter scenes.

    Just wait, it won’t be long now. It can’t be, can it?

  9. I enlarged your photos – so beautiful and cold looking! It has been a long winter. Even here in the Deep South we have a cooler weather than usual – yesterday was only 50 F and today maybe 56 – unusual for late March, but there are blossoms on trees finally. I love your landscape – it is dreamy.

  10. Had to pop in again and let you know how much your comment on my post amused me. The thought that toes look like ones feet are beginning to fray... :-D


  11. So THAT'S where all of our snow went this year.

    Beautiful photos as always.

  12. Friko, Thanks and it just can't be.

    Vagabonde, dreamy like a phase of hypothermia!

    Pearl, I could never have a foot fetish.

    AT, Yep, every last flake of it must be here.