Sunday, January 5, 2014

Profundity, etc.

Oh, to be able to say something profound and meaningful gained from my years of being on this side of the dirt. To be able to share the wisdom I have gleaned from life's experiences in a meaningful way would give me the fulfillment I so richly deserve. Wouldn't it? My wisdom consists mainly of "dom" without much "wis".

Speaking of wisdom, this is how I pictured the Three Wise Men (or three wise guys) at Christmas from the time I was about 10 years old. Really. Who would bring myrrh to a baby?

I have read a few end of year/beginning of year blogs that really do have something useful and wonderful to express.  This won't be one of them. I resolve not to resolve. I just do the best I can and hope things improve even if just in small increments.

This being Minnesota, and the northern border at that, it would be apropos to mention that it was -26F this morning when we let the horses out of the barn. Thank goodness we are near the lake and not inland where it is really cold. Don't mention the wind chill. It did warm up enough to snow the other day and after the plowing and shoveling I noticed that we had snow dunes. Similar to sand dunes, only colder. They look like this...

Back on New Year's Day the ladies wanted to try and continue a tradition of sorts and go out for a short ride around the farm. The temperature had climbed up to 0F that day and so out they went. The horses were happy to get out and do something and were well behaved. They even stopped for a quick picture.
  Tomorrow is Monday and the governor decided that it was too cold for the schools to be open as the children would be endangered by the even colder weather predicted. The Cooker was telling someone about when she was a kid they didn't ride school buses, but walked on the snow banks to school. I remarked that she didn't ride a bus because the wheel hadn't been invented yet. I ducked and hobbled away as fast as my new knee would carry me.

Well it's up to -12F and the wind seems to be staying below 20mph so I think I'll head toward the barn, start cleaning it, and set it up for tonight. If I keep my smart-ass comments to myself I may get some help from the women. That would be a good thing. 


  1. And we think we have it bad!
    Mind you, permanent rain is no fun, I’d rather have that crisp snow of yours.

    Yes, do keep your smartass comments to yourself. There are some women who are extremely good at wielding a rolling pin.

  2. I believe if I were in Minnesota right now, all my resolving energy would be used up by resolving to stay warm.

  3. Getting help from the women is always a good thing…

  4. Forgive me for asking what I might be able to hunt down in a past post, but what kind of horses are those? They look more suited to cold weather than the ones I'm used to seeing.

    I can't believe how cold it is ... well, pretty much everywhere in North America. Your temps are colder than ours in Nova Scotia, Canada. By quite a lot.

  5. -23 in Minneapolis right now. The bus stop was almost uncomfortable. :-)

    Polarly vortexed,


  6. Friko, I do tend to keep my mouth shut, but sometimes the temptation is overwhelming.

    PP, you would fit right in!

    Professor, I'd be lost without it.

    jenny o, They are Norwegian Fjord Horses. There should be some near you in Antigonish (Beaver Dam Farm). You will get some of this cold in a day or two.

    Pearl, it's a bit nipply in this wasteland. Don't stick your tongue on anything metal.

  7. Thanks for the horse info, Jono. Yours are beautiful.

  8. I am pleased I came to read your blog as it warmed me up. I read about your snow dunes, looked at your pictures and saw that yesterday morning your temp was -26 F, so ours at 25 F ( the coldest in decades and colder in Atlanta than in Anchorage, Alaska still) is sounding much warmer. Thank you.

  9. Beautiful horses! Glad you were able to get out for a ride!

  10. After nearly 6 decades of happy Minnesota residence, I'm beginning to think about New Mexico or Costa Rica.

    This winter is a tough one.

  11. Knatolee, We have to use them, otherwise what's the point. Then again they are like big fuzzy teddy bears sometimes.

    The Geezers, I like forest and water, but this cold stuff puts me on edge. I know where to go, people have been telling me for years.