Friday, January 24, 2014

Nude Icelandic Women

Now that I have your attention, I have to tell you about this from the Iceland Review.

Húsavík Women Pose Nude for Fundraising Calendar
The women’s club in Húsavík, North Iceland, recently published a fundraising calendar. Women aged 18 to 80 posed in various states of undress for the limited edition calendar, which was photographed by local photographer, Pétur Jónasson, who has had a photo studio in the town for more than half a century.
The funds will be used for good causes in the region, reports.
The calendar, which will only be sold this afternoon and on Friday in the Kaskó foodstore in Húsavík, costs ISK 2,500 (USD 8.50, EUR 6.50) - or more, if you want to pay more.

This is from the Iceland Review which I read almost daily. This reminds me of the movie "Calendar Girls" based on the true story of women in the Rylstone Women's Institute in the U.K. The death of one woman's husband from non-Hodgkins lymphoma inspired a fund raising campaign for leukemia research. I don't think their local club had any idea that they would become famous and raise over 2 million pounds.

While I doubt that kind of thing would happen in Iceland, you just never know. They are using the Thorrablot celebration time to have this fund raiser. I hope they do well. 

I should tell you that I have been in my usual mid-winter funk until now. Let me tell you how I got out of it and added a little excitement to my life. I wrote to the grocery store in Husavik (population about 2200 and known for whale watching) and they forwarded my email to the ladies that are putting this together. That was yesterday. I got a reply today from the women asking for my address (and credit card) and the would send me a calendar right away! I am thrilled that something like this can even happen. I guess the interwebs can really bring people together. I may even be distant cousins with some of these women as my grandfather was born over on the next fjord to the west from there. Next time I am in Iceland I have to go to Husavik! 


  1. Are all the models elderly gals? I've been to iceland, and am here to tell you that the correct selection of models would be a very popular calendar.

  2. The women could probably make a bit of money if they sold the calendars on the web. Of course that might mean exposure of a more serious sort involving snide comments from an ageist society such as here in the U.S. I imagine them having fun putting the calendar together and I appreciate the idea of older women telling the world, so to speak, that they remain quite vital human beings.

  3. The Geezers. I've been there, too. They are ages 18-80 and I think they are all formidable women doing what they can for a cause.

    RJ, Thanks for stopping by. I think they want to keep it relatively low key, but seemed to be flattered by my request. I suspect they are all wonderful women.

  4. Awesome--and yes, your post title had me at hello.

  5. Yes, your post title showing up on my blog list had me skipping over here right away. Any chance there will be a calendar with Icelandic men?

  6. Last year, I had a calendar in my barn of women of various ages all at the hockey arena. No clothes, just hockey pads and things covering strategic areas. It was a fundraising calendar and I bought a copy because some people were complaining about older women posing nude in a calendar! I decided to show my support for their fundraising effort, naysayers be damned.

    I have only been in the airport in Iceland. I want to go back for a real trip one day!

  7. My visit to Iceland was also limited to the airport I would love to see more..of the country and the people. I did meet a woman on the plane who was fascinating.
    If you are still in a funk, consider a trip to the south here and I'll take you out for dinner or something. Maybe we can both get the funk out.

  8. Donna,I wonder what kind of traffic it will generate?

    PP, They probably do already as Iceland has had so many " World's Strongest Man" entries and winners.

    Knatolee, older women have a different and stronger allure for a man over 30. Did I mention that I am over 30? You should stay longer next time, it is an amazing place!

    Always, Icelandic women are a strong, smart, and independent lot. My father,Otto, was proud of his second cousin, Vigdis Finnbogidottir who was the first woman elected President of Iceland.