Friday, October 4, 2013

Broderick Crawford and Cheese

Broderick Crawford, "10-4" in Highway Patrol

Today is October 4th, or as my old friends and I referred to it, Broderick Crawford Day.  Our greatest recollection of the actor was his special way of barking "10-4" into the microphone of his police radio in the TV series "Highway Patrol".

He played many other parts on the stage and in Hollywood winning an Oscar for Best Actor in 1949 for All the Kings Men. He played in many roles and formats for over 50 years everything from vaudeville and radio, to drama, and even an episode of Saturday Night Live back in the 70's.  "Twenty-One-Fifty to Headquarters!" was perhaps better known than our "10-4" for his Highway Patrol years.

 Mr. Crawford had one of those faces you don't forget. Probably not handsome, but one that had seen a lot of living.


Cheese! Fellow blogger Pearl inspired me with one of her bus/bus stop stories. This one was about finding string cheese in her purse. Ah, the things hunger will drive you to looking for. The story reminded me that I have seen string cheese come out of many Minnesota purses over the years. Is this one of those mysteries about what women, especially Midwestern ones, carry in their purse? About half of Minnesotans (generally the ones with deeper voices) wonder about this except maybe the ones that carry "European Shoulder Bags". I imagined that women carry a basic survival kit in there that can include, depending on age and musical preferences, things like food, drink, a change of underwear, various prescription and OTC meds, writing utensils, phones, ipad, ipod, money, first aid items, keys to all kinds of things, and in Pearl's case, string cheese. Being from just south of Philadelphia I imagined women there keeping Cream Cheese in reserve for emergencies. In Upstate New York you might find a wedge of Herkimer County Cheddar or in a  Vermont purse, some delicious Jersey or goat milk cheese.

Personally, I will carry a more masculine purse. It's actually a 1981 vintage Igloo cooler that has most of the above mentioned items, less the ipad and iphone, along with some old grocery lists and receipts for stuff I don't remember buying. And my lunch on most days.

And on the way into work this morning... 
The sunsets, when we actually have them, have been pretty nice, too.



  1. String cheese, huh?

    I carry all that in my purse, minus string cheese, plus chocolate.

    Well, and a camera. Or two.

  2. Well, Jono - I'm an Ohioan and I've been known to carry strong cheese. It travels pretty well. So there you go. :)

  3. Women with young children are the ones who have the most variety of items in a purse. I recall diaper cream, pacifiers, crackers, band aids, diapers, juice boxes, etc, all in one very large purse. Nowa0days, I carry a bit smaller purse, but still seem to have it full of many things. Also, my husband often uses my purse as well. "Put this in your purse for me, would you?" or "Here, carry this home in your purse".

  4. I'm going to bring the cheese in the purse trend to Southern California. What kind of cheese would you recommend?

  5. PP, I usually have the camera in the bag on the other shoulder.

    Dawn, Strong cheese = strong woman!

    chlost, Your husband is a smart man!

    MP, something that would go well with your favorite domestic wine, of course.