Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travels and Wildlife

This past weekend I had a whirlwind tour quick trip down to the Twin Cities. I went down on Thursday evening and ran through a really exciting hailstorm about halfway down there. What made it exciting was that the air conditioning in my care decided to stop cooling and I had to have the windows open at 70mph. I didn't dare close them all the way or I would pass out from the heat, but that let some of the hail into the car. I had slowed to about 40 at this point because visibility wasn't so good and it looked like marbles on the road.

The reason for going was due to my brother's treatment for his prostate cancer. You might remember mine was last fall. He was just carrying on an old family tradition. He is doing fine, thank you. After we got back from the hospital at 4:00 pm I thought I better try to get the AC fixed. It was predicted to be in the low 90's for the weekend and I would surely melt. I had forgotten that the Big City holds all kinds of available services 24 hours a day and they all want you to use their offerings. To make a short story even shorter I  called a place at 4:30 and by 6 I was driving in the cool again for less than a hundred bucks! Here it would have been two weeks for the appointment and then another week for parts. It's all about trade-offs.

Speaking of deer, I stopped by our friend Andie's on my way out of the metro area and had a lovely breakfast and conversation the likes of which I rarely encounter. Andie lives in the midst of hardwoods and lakes and while looking out where her deck used to be 9Her house is in a serious remodeling phase) I thought I saw a rabbit. Well it was a pair of ears, anyway. Turns out to be a fawn with its spots wandering around. A minute or so later the mama deer comes along keeping an eye on her curious child. So the first thing I do when I get back home, after bidding farewell to her cuteness Andie is check my critter cam and found this on it.
Of course I also caught this critter on a picture in that same spot 2 days earlier in late afternoon.
Yes, that is a wolf about 100 feet from the house.

On the way back home I stopped in Two Harbors for a bite to eat. There had been a classic car show in Grand Marais over the weekend and there were still some stragglers heading home. This '57 Chevy Bel Air convertible was  pretty one.
 The Killdeer hatched its eggs and I got a shot of this one resting. It is about the size of my thumb.


  1. Love the Killdeer, and the wolf. I would love to encounter wolves in the wild. But not too close.

  2. Great photos! I guess your summer is just as extreme as your winter. Being at one with the hailstones must have been interesting.

  3. Yes, Minnesota always offers up the best in weather.....heat, hail, rain and then the best in wildlife...rabbits, deer, wolves and Thunderbirds!

    Glad you had a good time down here in civilization!

  4. Glad to hear that your brother is doing fine.

  5. Your +90F heat makes me think of Australia and how absolutely unbearable the car is without airconditioning.
    Never liked airconditioning in houses but in a hot climate it is essential in the car.

  6. We have goofy weather in Ohio, too.

    My grandpa always drove a BelAir -- but never a red convertible. LOL Grandma would have had a fit.

    Glad your bro is doing well!!!

  7. Lucky for you to get the air fixed so quickly in your car. I lived in South Carolina for seven years, driving a car that didn't have an air conditioner (bought in Buffalo).

    I feel about that wolf like you might feel about an alligator living in a pond next to where you live.

  8. I love the faun and the killdeer, but the wolf is most amazing! We do have a few around here but I have never seen one, just coyotes. Wow.

    The AC repair was a great deal. And I always wanted a red convertible!

  9. Cars without A/C were commonplace not so long ago, but that's easy to forget nowadays. Great pics!

  10. Grew up in San Francisco and never heard of A/C. When I bought my Scion it was a must even for NorCal. I think it is now on the safety list for good driving.

    Thinking that your Bro's recovery will delay your trip to Norway. Hope you still make it this year. Give him my regards.

    Loved the Killdeer photos. I only have a loquat tree on my patio and it only attracts hummingbirds, squirrels and bluejays. Will post some photos as I can.

  11. A baby killdeer! So adorable.

  12. A wolf! Fantastic. It's even more brilliant that you only shot it with your camera.

  13. Jon, just reread your post and I am confused. Doesn't it have to be like freezing weather to have a hailstorm? Confused as to why air conditioning is needed in a hailstorm. I am just weather handicapped? Would think you need to have your windows up and the heat going in a hailstorm. ??? glad it got it fixed so easily.

  14. Heat and hail, I don't think I've ever encountered them together...
    A wolf 100 feet from the house... Scary!
    Baby Killdeer... so cute!
    Interesting post!

  15. I love every photo. Great shots! I would love to see a wolf. Had to show that one to my husband.