Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick trip

No, I didn't stumble. At least that is not what this is about. It was my brother's turn for a biopsy, so I went to the Twin Cities to accompany him to the procedure. It was pretty uneventful, fortunately and I got a few errands done. For example, I cashed in my enormous pile of gold stuff. Yes, I am being facetious here. I haven't worn my high school class ring since she took it off over 40 years ago. There were a couple of other odds and ends that I am no longer sentimental about so I decided to cash it in for a future trip to Europe, probably accompanied by the aforementioned brother. If you remember this post where I learned the monetary value of gold, you won't believe that I found a refiner that would buy from the general public. It more than covered the expenses of the trip. So I got much closer to the actual value of the metal by avoiding the middle man.

I took my camera and a "new" old lens I bought off ebay for about $35. I took a slow trip home and stopped at a rest area and found this:
 I thought I wasn't in a hurry, but I didn't think it was "lumbering".  So I get through Duluth and pull off at Brighton Beach. Not much sand, but what's in a name? I looked back toward Duluth and it looked like this:
Stopped by the Beaver River which was still frozen, but there were a few folks hangin' out at the beach.
Before you get to Grand Marais there is a sharp bend in the road and the rock referred to locally as the "rock cut". From there you can see Coast Guard point or Artist's Point jutting out from town into the lake forming the harbor.
 Right before I turn up the hill to go home, after driving along the lake for about 120 miles, is another part of the shore near Five Mile Rock, which is, you know, five miles from town. A lot of people stop here to do some beach combing for driftwood and agates and anything else of interest to drag home. It is part of my daily drive to work. Sure beats the hell out of rush hour in the city.
A few miles later I was back on the farm.


  1. Your gold mining is awesome. Stash the cash and go to Iceland this summer.

    Loved the travelogue coming back from Duluth. You should write for the AAA magazine.

    BTW, you are a good brother going on the biopsy trip.

  2. A day where you make money and find some good scenery sounds like a good one! Pretty sick of rush hour myself.

  3. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

    When you get to Iceland, if you happen to be passing through Sauðárkrókur pop in to the old Post House for a kaffi.

  4. Nina, thanks!

    Irbii, not a bad weekend at all. Why do they call it "rush hour" when everything is so clogged it barely moves?

    Vicki, I would make it a point to see you and your remodeled abode. Nothing would make me happier (having followed your adventure since before leaving Australia)! You are not that far from Akureyri where I would be spending some time.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I had a zen moment reading this post.

  6. Love the photos!!!! Love the Great Lakes. I miss living near them and you reminded me -- yet again!

  7. And I thought Minnesota was mostly part of the Great Plains. Now I know the truth... they cut all of the trees down. And they're proud of it. Go figure.

  8. Nice of you to tag along with your brother. At times like this you know who your friends are.

    Selling gold, now there's an idea. Where do i go to get the gold?

    I like your commute to work, some people have all the luck.

  9. Donna and Kay, your wit gets me through the week a little easier.

    Mr.C, this corner is the boreal forest adjacent to Canada. They did cut most of the trees down, but the darn things grew back!

    Friko, I would do it for anyone in need. It takes generations to acquire several rings and a pendant of gold. The Cooker would have been a little more than perturbed if I had sold the wedding band.

  10. I look forward to your visit, I am only about 1.5hrs drive from Akureyri, which is another lovely scenic drive.

  11. Vicki, I don't know if it will be this year or next, but I will be there.

  12. That's a little piece of heaven right there.