Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Another holiday season is upon us and the days are starting to lengthen. Stitch has gone down to St.Paul to visit her family so we opened a couple of presents last night. We are saving the rest for when she gets back on Monday. We have an assortment of decorations on the nine foot high cactus in the living room as well as on our walls and windows. We didn't decorate our "moosemas tree" (moose antler) this year because of space issues, I guess. We don't bring in a tree from outside and stick it inside somewhere as we already track enough of the forest into the house. It would seem as though the only reason to bring an actual tree indoors would be for heat. If I feel the need for the smell of an evergreen I can just step outside and crumble some needles between my frozen fingers. That is if my nostrils haven't frozen shut. Normally I would only be slightly exaggerating the winter conditions, but this year has been unusually warm. Only two mornings below zero. I know the overall picture is bleak, but for my own selfish reasons global warming is a good thing.

I hope you all survive the holiday season intact and that you are aware of the good things in your lives. Whatever it is that you celebrate, I hope you have a joyous happy wonderful time. Not like Bevis the cat who has to put up with untold humiliation.


  1. You *know* Bevis is going to take his revenge sometime. He's got that look in his eyes ...

    Happy Holidays, Jono!

  2. Gotta ask... NINE FOOT CACTUS??? ;-)

    Hope you had a WONDERFUL holiday!

  3. CD- I have no doubt that he will have his vengeance.

    Kelli- I'll post a picture before we un-decorate it. It was an orphan from the floral shop where the Cooker worked back in the 90's.

  4. 12 cats and an orphan cactus! Gotta love you guys.

  5. Bevis needs a star on his head. Oh, and my word verification is "hicatt."

    Happy New Year, Jono!

  6. I can't believe your cat allowed you to do this! He does have revenge in his eyes though.

  7. Bevis looks wonderful, but were I you, I'd watch my back. ;))) Cats are very crafty!