Monday, May 28, 2018

Must be summer!

I can tell because everything is green and the bugs have come out of their winter hiding places. The temperatures are staying above freezing and even though our last frost date is mid June we are unlikely to get that cool according to the long range forecasts.

Sometimes we see specific things that tell us it is summer. For example the Cooker (my spouse) took her horse out for a ride in the woods today and came across a couple of bares. They were very white, apparently just out of hibernation, and were probably just as startled as the Cooker and her horse. They must have bought one of the small acreages behind us where we built horse trails over twenty years ago. Apparently they didn't read the fine print that mentions the trail easements. It'll all work out.

Vinny the feral cat has made a new friend on the deck and is quite happy with the company. here he is with his new friend. The Cooker used to paint things on rocks and we still have some.
He has let me brush him now and seems to enjoy it. If he didn't I suspect I wouldn't be able to type this with my hands wrapped in bandages. Despite the look he has in this picture he is getting quite affectionate. Next move is to start getting him used to being picked up.

Remember the warblers from last week? The Cooker and Stitch went and identified about ten more species than what I did. So we had about fifteen species of warblers around the ponds over last weekend. This week we had an errant visitor of the avian persuasion. We seem to get these now and then and usually they are way outside of their usual areas. This time it is a cattle egret in breeding colors. They are much more common to the Southeastern U.S., but they rarely range this close to the Canadian border. He wasn't willing to let me get very close so I had to use a long lens. The photo isn't nearly as sharp as I would like, but it will have to do.
He seemed to be all alone.

I also restrung my 12-string guitar this morning and cleaned and oiled the fretboard. That took a couple of hours as I took my time and listened to some music while doing it. At least I didn't take a break to get up and dance. My father, Otto, bought it for me for Christmas in 1966. It is showing it's age, but I still love the sound that comes out of it.

  It is a short work week for me this week so I am hopeful I will have something to say by next weekend. At least the weather is nice.


  1. Vinny looks so handsome. Happy he survived the winter.
    So many warblers, still can not get over thr bright blue and yellow one in your last post.
    Here in Tucson it is summer. No real spring just 100+ temps.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Don't pick up that cat. Never trust a feral. Take what he may give you and give but what you can and you'll sing in the sunshine… as long as you don't try to pick him up.

  3. Vinny is a beauty. And that long fur would get matted very easily. If he allowed you to brush him you have come a long way on the deferalizing path (is that a word?).
    Love the Cooker's artwork.

  4. I'm glad that Vinny the feral cat is getting friendlier. Your wife is a talented rock painter!

  5. Good to hear the going’s on round your place. Vinny is looking mighty fine. Sweet memories of your father and guitar. Glad the Cooker and the bears only surprised each other. Not a surprise I would enjoy.

  6. beautiful guitar with fond memories.
    sweet vinny.
    bears - OH MY!

  7. A guitar you've had since 1966... a cat that's getting used to people... It sounds like summer's going to be a wonderful season for you.

  8. Love that rock art! That is really cool. And good news about Vinny the feral cat. He's learning to trust you.

  9. angryparsnip, Warblers are about the most colorful birds this side of the tropics. Vinny has shed out most of his winter fur, but still seeks shade. Definitely a Northern cat.

    Professor Batty, We'll laugh every day. I will have to find a way to get him to the vet. He needs some repairs and maintenance that I cannot do and I've developed an attachment to him.

    Elephant's Child, What I did to him involved something akin to dethatching. He tolerated the discomfort very well and seemed to understand that it was to his benefit in the long run. I don't know if it was just trust or if he is able to reason a little bit.

    Debra, The Cooker has many talents.

    Linda, The Cooker was glad that those bares weren't caught in a compromising position. I found it hard to believe they were naked with the biting insects that are out now.

    anne marie, Yeah, I'll not let that one go. No, not bears, but bares. People!

    Sioux, Summer is quick and intense and hay is made while the sun shines. I was fifteen when he bought me that instrument.

    Martha, I should see if there are any more rocks laying around. She gave most of them away. Maybe sold a few, too. Vinny was on my lap, purring, and kneading me. His little claws are very sharp.

  10. I thought you made a typo and meant "hares" (having eliminated "bears" because I didn't think you had polar bears there) . . . but from the comments and your replies I see you meant exactly what you said! lol

    I like the painted rock and the good news that Vinny is falling under your Cat Whisperer spell.

  11. Loved the subtle humour running through the post! Beautiful images too!

  12. Wow, a post full of 'firsts'! I'm amazed by the cattle egret, and smiling all over my face now that Vinny the cat has succumbed to your charm. He seems like a very sweet fellow after you get past his "don't mess with me" expression. And your guitar looks pretty good for its age - at least there are no Willie-Nelson-style holes worn through it. Happy summer! :-)

  13. jenny-o, Apparently we have some nudist neighbors. I just can't imagine the biting insects on the more sensitive parts. None of the other ferals have taken nearly this long to domesticate.

    Magiceye, Thanks! Yours are inspirational.

    Diane, Early season firsts are always a good surprise. You can't see the worn guitar parts in the photo, but it needs refretting and a few minor adjustments.

  14. Vinny looks like he is in charge of everything!

    You're right, cattle egrets are very common around here. Sometimes you see them standing on top of a cow. That fascinated me so much that I got into a contest with another blogger here in Florida about who would get a photo of an egret standing on top of a cow first. I lost the contest, but I still look for them standing on top of cows. And some day, I won't be driving down the highway at 60 mph and will actually be able to stop and get my own picture...

    Now if YOU get a picture like that before I do, I'll just give up.

  15. A cat with too much fur and neighbors with not enough oooh to each ones own.
    I don’t like stingies but fur in summer is worse. Glad Vinnie got de-furred to you!

  16. I'm glad they were bares and not the other spelling, a lot less intimidating! Nice to know that Vinny is allowing some grooming. We all need a stroke and a cuddle now and again.
    How often would you need to restring your guitar. I suppose it depends on now often you play it? You were a teenager back in 1966, and a new guitar was all you could think about?

  17. That photo of Vinny with his rock pal is priceless!

  18. Hi Jono, glad to read that summer has come your way. It is rather elusive here with only a few days of very warm. Today is definitely Fall like.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed your words and photos too.
    Take care!