Saturday, April 21, 2018

Canal Park continued

One of the reasons I went to the Canal Park area of Duluth was to visit a fellow blogger. He is a luthier (maker of wooden stringed instruments) in one of the spaces in the Dewitt-Seitz Marketplace  in Canal Park. There were several reasons for this visit. Michael repairs some fascinating instruments as some are unusual, some are classic, some are just someone's favorite, or any other reason to have something tweaked or repaired.

I also wanted to try out a Seagull guitar as they are still made in North America (Quebec) by hand and are a more affordable than the other makes that I like. They are quite impressive to me and I need one. It should be an electrified acoustic guitar for band purposes. It'll be a while, though.
Here are some in the shop.

While commenting on Michael's blog I found out that he also had a connection to Iceland which is an unusual coincidence. It turns out that he lived there for a year when he was about 24 years of age and returns every few years to visit his other home and family.

There are several workbenches at Rosewood Music and all have instruments on them in various stages of work.
The location is terrific and Michael said he used to live across the lift bridge on Park Point so he could walk to work. That was so very convenient, but he has since moved out of the city back to the peace and quiet of being in a more rural setting. To give you an idea of how close he was here is a shot out the shop window.
Michael generously spent a good hour with me talking of many things, but he had to get back to work and I needed a cup of coffee before heading back to the bus depot. It's okay as I knew we could have a rest stop on the way back up the North Shore. Here is Michael in his natural environment.
Looking back on my day at Canal Park I can appreciate the outside world and make a connection. When I look out my window and see a ship going by I can imagine it having come under the lift bridge and through the canal more than a hundred nautical miles down the lake. If I wonder where it is headed I can actually go online and look it up.


  1. I find luthiers and their work so fascinating! Craftsmanship in its highest form!

  2. I learned a few new things today. Luthier....never heard the word before. I love it. Additionally, how did I miss that you are a musician? Any video links Jono?

    Happy Saturday.

  3. When I was a kid I had an uncle who lived in Iceland for a few years ... he was with the military. Anyhow, I love the craftspeople who keep these old traditions alive ... if I had any talent (and manual dexterity) I'd be one of them.

  4. Nice post :) My bf plays guitar and we've been to the local luthiers in Montreal (Qc) south of where we live. Their workshops are wonderful to visit, it's quite a skill!

  5. Luthiers intrigue me. What a wonderful tradition they continue.
    And hooray for meeting another blogger.

  6. It's a lot of fun meeting a fellow blogger - and even more so if you have so much in common!

  7. What a great day, a visit to the musical instrument shop and a long chat to an interesting fellow blogger. So are you going to buy a new guitar? I imagine a Seagull guitar would be quite expensive.

  8. Sounds like an enjoyable hour for you. And you put your finger on one of the things that I like about travelling (even though I'm not an avid traveller) -- it provides so much detail to recover from one's brain when thinking of the place in the future.

  9. I think you would like one of favourite weekend CBC radio shows -- North by Northwest (I am in BC Canada). They've been doing a series about luthiers in Vancouver. However I suspect you'd enjoy the whole show.

    I believe you can listen to it either as a podcast, live or in clips.

    -- gem

  10. Debra, It is precise and exacting work. I am glad they do it.

    Linda, There is so much in the world we will never know. I still have to figur out how to upload sound.

    Tom, The base at Keflavik was occupied by American forces until 2006. It's about 45 minutes from Reykjavik if the weather is good. It's mostly lava fields.

    Rain, I like hanging out in those kinds of places.

    Elephant's Child, There is still a need for the old world skills. We have a local folk school that keeps many of those traditions alive.

    Pixel Peeper, It is fun, isn't it?

    Shammickite, It was a memorable day to go out in my own backyard for a change. I need an acoustic guitar that I can plug in to a P.A. system. Nicer than playing into a microphone as it's not as restrictive when I need to move a little.

    jenny_o, One of my big travel ambitions is to come out your way for Celtic Colours. That would put a lot of sweet memories in the old memory bank.

    Research, Thanks for stopping by! And thank for the link. The CBC always puts out good programming.

  11. Wow, that's fascinating! I've always been captivated by stringed instruments and always wanted to play the guitar - it's such a wonderful way to make "portable" music. I did actually borrow a guitar and learn a few chords in my teens, but the guitar had to be returned and I never did get back to it. Maybe someday... :-)

    P.S. Still hoping for a video of you making some music...

  12. Diane, There are things, many things, I wanted to pursue and now time is running out. There can be a desperation that comes with age so priorities have to be made. You're not getting any younger either, ya know, so decide soon. Meanwhile keep on doing what you do since there are many of us who would miss those things.
    I haven't forgot the musical thing. I'm working on it.

  13. I love when you take me on trips to see things I never even know I did’t know anything about.

  14. Onevikinggirl, The feeling is mutual. I remember Portugal most fondly.

  15. Blogging is a great way to meet people! What an interesting guy. Love his craft.

  16. I too have a connection to Iceland.

  17. Donna, I have met a handful of bloggers and all are great human beings. A credit to their species.

    Kulkuri, Thanks for the link. I have run across several people that served at Keflavik in the last few years. I have only been there at the airport and didn't have time to wander around the peninsula.