Sunday, July 2, 2017


Everything is so green here. "How green is it?", you might ask. It is so green that when I come indoors my eyes take several minutes to adjust to other colors. Nearly daily rain is the culprit and while June tends to be our rainiest month it got a bit carried away this year. I have barely been able to cut the grass without leaving a wake. Since we have about 28 feet of clay under our feet it can be squishy and slippery.

The Cooker and I took a short walk int the woods yesterday and once we got used to talking over the squishing of our boots we found a few things other than just green things. It wasn't easy. It has been cool, also, so things that tend to have other colors have not all shown themselves. We did find the beginning of some chanterelles, but just barely. They should be pick-able in a couple of weeks if we get some warmth.
 We hardly saw any other fungi at all. Maybe they have drowned.

Our fallen "mother of all birches" is still giving life to other things like this baby birch which should start growing upward if the sun ever decides to show itself.
These will be recognizable Jack-in-the-Pulpit when Jack comes out of hiding. It looks like this now.
Soon it should look like the insectivore that it is. Like this one.
There were some Anemone canadensis (Canada Anemone) which is so appropriate for Canada Day (July 1st).
The rest are from around the front yard.

And last, but certainly not least, I present the rhubarb.


  1. Hi Jono, looks like you have been enjoying very similar weather as us. Today it is sunny though so will enjoy it. Lovely photos, glad you and the Cooker were able to take such a lovely walk in the woods.
    Have a good week!

  2. pretty colors! thanks for sharing, jon; have a great week!

  3. Jono--Beautiful photos. My backyard is a dust-bowl, due to our dog that's the size of a miniature pony. He gallops around too much for any grass to get a chance, so seeing something green makes me grateful...

  4. As one who has been on a "green kick" for the last coupe of months (you'll have to check out my car when I'm up in GM in August), I enjoyed this post greatly. And in your giving rhubarb the final spot!

  5. What a nice walk to have the opportunity to take, and then share. Your yard has lots of beauty in it as well. Thanks for bringing us all these colours, including the green. I laughed at the thought of leaving a wake behind when mowing. It does become a problem, though, when it's so rainy. One part of our yard is very wet every spring, which makes the grass taller there, which makes it harder to dry out, which makes the mowing harder, which makes the time between mowings longer, which makes it stay wet, etc. in a big loop.

  6. Sounds like your habitat has turned into a giant salad. Do you have rabbits and other critters that will feast on the foliage?

  7. Pretty pics! I don't understand the plant-y words, but YAY to the pictures!

  8. What a magnificent rhubarb patch! I am making a rhubarb/strawberry/apple crisp tomorrow with rhubarb from My Rare One's garden.

  9. As a rule most of our rain falls in winter. Not this year.
    How I love your green vistas. And rhubarb.
    And the other colours in your world. Thank you.

  10. Nice to see you haven't drowned yet! It's a bit soggy down this way, as well.

  11. That's stunning! Way more green than it is here. I mean, it's fairly green, but it's also a bit yellow from being scorched by the sun. I'm surprised I haven't melted yet. Enjoy that beauty!... and not being melted.

  12. I love all your green with the other colors sprinkled in! Our rainy season has started (as soon as I bought a new camera), so stuff here is mostly green, too. We went from "severe drought" to "drought has ended" in less than one month.

  13. Chantarelles! Yum! and all other sorts of fungi, yum, yum, yum!
    Your rhubarb needs to be made into some rabarbergrød, frugtgrød, or what the Danes call rødgrød (which they are produ of and everybody else finds so funny) and the Swedes call rabarberkräm. It isn't quite the same as kissel in Poland and Russia but prepared the same way. Perfect with a bit of milk on a warm summer day - or a rainy one. You know what I mean.

  14. Here in my corner of Canada we have been having the same weather as you during May and June, cool and very rainy, but the next 2 days have a good sunny forecast. I took Tessa (son's dog) through the forest but forgot my camera, so no pics of the wild flowers. Your rhubarb is doing well. I bought two baby rhubarb plants this year and they are thriving and producing huge leaves, probably due to all the rain. I'm looking forward to eating some of it next spring.

  15. Cat Lover, Thanks! Looks like we'll get some heat and sun now.

    anne marie, Thanks, Have a great Fourth!

    Sioux, Plenty of green here to go around. Since I am dogless my yard is easier to maintain. No scooping, either. Still, I miss a dog's love, affection, and general good attitude.

    Prof. Batty, Can't wait to see the Kia frog. Traded some manure last year for some really good rhubarb chutney. Never had it before, but want it again.

    jenny_o. Ahh, yes, the infamous mowing loop. It's not usually much of an issue, but this year...

    Gorilla B, Yes, I have to be careful of baby bunnies. They are so small and cute, but a bit slow on getting out of the way when I mow. At least they tend to stay in the deep foliage.

    Gia, Yes, I know some planty words, but not enough to carry on a conversation with a smart planty person.

    Debra, 'Tis the season for rhubarb. The next division is zucchini season when we have to lock our car doors lest we find errant zucchini donated into our back seat whilst not looking.

    Elephant's Child, The feeling is always mutual as I find your plants and critters quite wondrous.

    John Gray, Those are yellow roses. Not the Texas variety as we are 1500 miles north of them.

    Shoshanah, I keep a set of water wings handy in case the creek rises a bit too far.

    JACKIESUE, Thanks! It is an intense, but short-lived season.

    ABFTS, It is definitely different where you are. The sun is quite intense, probably because you are closer to it by a mile or so. Here we talk about weather and there you talk about water.

    Pixel Peeper, Even when you are in drought down there it still seems green. I guess that sandy soil drains quickly.

    Onevikinggirl, Looks like it could be pretty tasty. Stitch (the roommate) made some rhubarb aide the other day. A very refreshing beverage.

    Shammickite, Since the weather generally move from northwest to southeast I would guess that you often do get our weather. You have my sympathy. When you get a chance next season try making a strawberry rhubarb pie. Very tasty!

  16. Beautiful! We had a green and rainy May and early June, but now the drought has hit - we haven't had rain for nearly a month, and there's none forecast for the next month, either. We're beginning to wonder what we've gotten ourselves into... and hope the well doesn't run dry. If you'll send a bit of rain our way, we'll trade you some hot sun!

  17. Love Jack in the Pulpit! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.