Monday, May 29, 2017

Temporary Dog

I have had a dog since the 8th of this month, but now her mother is coming home and will want her back. Her name is Smokey and she is a mixed cattle dog of 14 years. Getting kind of old for a dog, but she sleeps a lot.

We have been practicing our naps together with me on the sofa and her on the floor next to me. We are often joined by several cats who are usually on the sofa, but sometimes on the floor with her.

She goes to work with me as that is what she does with her owner who has been on vacation in Ireland and Scotland for the past weeks. She is the only one excited about going to work on a Monday morning (or Tuesday this week) because she gets to see all her friends. There are our regular customers as well as the delivery guys who often bring her treats. She has been sleeping under my desk mostly, but we go out for a nice walk at lunch time and any other time she tells me she needs to go out.

Most of the cats are indifferent to her, but some like her and a couple don't want anything to do with her. She doesn't care much one way or the other as long as they stay out of her food while she is eating. One of the cats shoved her face in the dog dish when Smokey was eating and that is the only time I heard her growl.

The highlight of our daily routine is going for our after work walk which we only missed once due to really cold rainy weather. We took that walk early today since it is a holiday here in the States, Memorial Day. Here are some pics of our daily walk.

 Marsh marigolds by the creek
A service berry bush in bloom.
Overlooking one of the ponds
Wild strawberries blooming
A stand of young Aspen trees
An old snag
 Tiny puffballs
Lupines way before the flowers come out
 Bent and broken Birch
A fungus among us
Smokey on the road again.

I have been dogless for about a year and am trying to slowly reduce the number of animals in this zoo, but I am still a softie. It is a difficult task. I get to see Smokey at work unless her owner, Judi, takes a day off, but I was honored to take care of her these past few weeks. I expect she will go right back to her old routines, but maybe she'll come and lay under my desk once in a while for old time's sake.



  1. why look, all the snow has disappeared in MN! what a pretty girl smokey is!

  2. Only a heart of stone wouldn't be softened by Smokey.
    I loved walking with you both too. Megathanks.

  3. Glad you still get to see her most days. The separation anxiety could be intense!

  4. What an unusual and beautiful coat she has. It's really good that she was able to stay with someone she already knew while her owner was away.

    Why are your wild strawberries already in bloom and ours are barely in leaf?! No fair :)

  5. Aha, so THAT is what you have been doing the past weeks. Sleeping with the dog(s)!
    Beautiful northern birch trees you have! Thanks for taking me on the walk.

  6. Wat a sweet girl Smokey is! What a great companion on a beautiful walk. Glad you have enjoyed your time with her.
    Take care Jono.

  7. Smokey looks like a good dog and a great companion.

  8. I love good napping buddies.


  9. A temporary dog...sounds like a solution for me. I have two intolerant cats and I do miss having a dog. I was at the local Humane Society dropping off some donations and saw a woman walking a dog. I asked if she was adopting it; she wasn't. She is a volunteer dog walker. I could do that! I thought briefly. No, no, no. I know what would happen.

  10. Aww. Sweet dog and beautiful scenery. Reduce the zoo? Impossible for me...

  11. anne marie, Yes, it hasn't snowed in two weeks!

    Elephant's Child, I enjoyed taking a walk with you. Come along anytime.

    Donna, Smokey and Judi are back at work now, but anyone can see that Smokey and I have a special bond now.

    JACKIESUE, I am always tempted because of the love. The inevitable heartache is still hard to bear.

    jenny_o, It's hard to believe we are ahead of anyone in growing season. We're not all that far from the permafrost.

    Onevikinggirl, It has been a time consuming labor of love.

    Cat Lover, She is a very sweet, but manipulative girl. She has the sad brown eyes look that will melt the coldest heart.

    Debra, I couldn't ask for a nicer dog.

    Janie, We practiced together and really made some improvement on our napping talents. The cats helped as they are professionals.

    knittergran, I have also done volunteer work at our local shelter. And cat tamer. If I didn't have so many at home it would be impossible not to come home with something.

    Riot Kitty, Impossible for you, excruciatingly difficult for me.

  12. Numerous dogs have been part of our family over the past many years, and I've always enjoyed their companionship, even though I think I'm probably more of a cat person. No dogs, or cats, for me now. But I understand how lovely it is to have a dog sleeping at your feet, and walking with you through the countryside. Smokey is a dear dog. Thank you for introducing her to me. I have to get my dog walking fix now by taking my son's dog Tessa out for "walkies".

  13. I'm more of a cat person (my cat was a "Smokey," too), but I can see how having a dog will keep you walking and staying on a regular schedule.

    Seems to me a temporary dog is a bit like a grandchild. You get to have them around for the fun parts, and then return them to their owners...ahem...parents.

  14. A dog that gets on with cats is a lady and a princess. I wish I could give her a treat. And a companion called 'Bandit'.

  15. I was thinking that you should adopt an older dog, too. Middle aged dogs make great companions!

  16. Aw, Smokey's so cute! It's always nice to borrow a dog - hope she still remembers you after her mom comes home! :-)

  17. I don't know what it is about naps being 100% better when surrounded by dogs and/or cats, but they are. Sounds like you two had a great time, even at work. I'm a sucker for man's best friend as well. Which is why I have 4.

  18. Shammickite, I have lived without pets, but it has been so long that I don't remember what it was like.

    Pixel Peeper, I seem to like all things furry. In this case I still get to see Smokey at work every weekday.

    Gorilla B, I'll bet Smokey tried to herd cats in her younger days. I'm glad she has been able to make peace with them.

    Jennifer, the housebreaking and chewing behaviors are long forgotten by middle age.

    Diane, she gets to remember me every day at work. We actually have about 5 minutes of designated time where neither of us are allowed to be bothered.

    ABFTS, I have never had more than 5 at a time, but the mushers up the street often have dozens or more. Of course, they don't all live inside.

  19. Nice dog; nice walk, lovely pix.

  20. Jono--That dog is good looking, for being such a senior.

  21. What a wonderful friend you have. She is lovely.
    Sleeping with a dog is just the best.

    cheers, parsnip andthehamish

  22. vanilla, Thank you, sir!

    Sioux, I hope I look that good when I am that old.

    angryparsnip, Alas, she is not mine to keep, but I see her at work every day and I guess maybe I am her secondary owner. I learn graduate level napping from her and my cats.