Sunday, November 6, 2016

I've looked at clouds...

Sorry for the absence, but the Fall Panic puts me in a panic. Lots to do around the farm to get ready for winter, but we have had very warm and relatively dry (for the first time since the snow melted) weather.

 I also started a pottery class. It was something I did back in college for a few years and became nearly competent at doing. I had wanted to get back to it on several occasions, but life got in the way. There are only so many years you get with a life and when the opportunity came up again I decided to take it. Some of the techniques are still there in my memory, but most of the subtleties are having to be relearned. We have class once a week, but have been given 24 hour access to the studio. I have very little opportunity to take advantage of that which is a bit frustrating, but I do the best I can. The instructor is a wonderful woman I have known of for a long time, but never got to meet.

Any break from our never-ending election cycle is very welcome. We vote by mail in this county, so I already sent in my ballot. Most of you who follow me know that I did NOT vote for Orange Cosby (aka Donald Trump). If everything goes wrong on Tuesday there is a good possibility I will move to a place where I can eat Tim Horton donuts every day and do much of my shopping at Canadian Tire.

Speaking of Canada, remember that colorful Maple tree in my back yard? It changed.
It has been a good year for the Mountain Ash trees and their berry crop. The waxwings and other winter resident birds will have a good winter.
The tourists have thinned out considerably and we have our little village back to ourselves. This shot is from right before the leaves dropped.
The clouds and sunsets have been lovely to watch as the season changes. The weather patterns move into their short day and long light pattern and are quite striking. Sometimes I just want to lie on the ground and look up for hours. Just lay back and daydream about all the possibilities of life on this planet.

Here are some sunsets.

As always, click on the pic to embiggen.



  1. "Sometimes I just want to lie on the ground and look up for hours. Just lay back and daydream about all the possibilities of life on this planet." - DOOOOO ITTTTT!

    pottery - nice change of pace. everyone has an artistic talent; mine is knitting.

    have a good week!

  2. Gorgeous photos!!!

    Take heart. Only two more days to go in this travesty of an election. I'm so scared of Orange Cosby (love that name!) somehow winning. Bill Maher calls his campaign a "slow moving right wing coup" and I think that's scarily almost accurate. I might have to join you in Canada.

  3. Great photos! I am a cloud person too and constantly am looking up at the sky. Speaking from a Canadian perspective (as I am one) we would be happy to have you!

  4. I will be driving and see the sky full of great clouds and will pull over and lean against the car and just look at the clouds..sigh*

  5. Beautiful photos! We've been having record-breaking warm weather here = double-digit temperatures and the grass is still green, so it's hard to believe it's November. Hope you're finished your Fall Panic, and keeping my fingers crossed that you make it through the Trump Panic unscathed, too.

  6. Amazing photos, Jono. You've captured so much beauty in one post.

    We're watching the American election with trepidation also.

  7. The title... Is that a bit of Joni Mitchell creeping through?

    Beautiful scenery. The pottery class sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. I do love clouds. And cloud watching. I still look at the shapes and see characters, and stories, and beauty.
    Your election is worrying on this side of the world too.
    Thank you for the beauty antidote you gave us today.
    Do we get to see your pottery creations in the fullness of time? Hint, hint.

  9. Vote by mail, really? That seems so last century. Well, you voted, and that's what counts. May we all breathe a sigh of relief on Tues., and then the next discussion begins ...

  10. anne marie, Our time on this side of the dirt is so limited. It's past time to do what makes us happy.

    Jennifer, We will survive one way or the other.

    Cat Lover, It's a wonder we don't stumble more. Thanks for the welcome!

    JACKIESUE, I imagine you see a lot of sky down there.

    Diane, Thanks for the well wishes. I hope we get through this okay.

    jenny_o, It is a good thing the liquor stores are open every day except election day. I am pretty well stocked up, just in case:)

    Sioux, Yes, another great Canadian talent and an early on crush for me.

    Elephant's Child, I love clouds. It might be a month or two, but you will see my "masterpieces" such as they are. Stockpiling now for later firing and glazing.

    Tom, Yes, we reverted back to it. We are widely scattered and polling places are quite a distance for some people (50 miles). Still have to have sealed envelopes, witnesses, etc. Depending on the mail itself is scary. The inevitable next discussion will be interesting and intense no matter who wins.

  11. Glad you are back.
    Best of luck for pottery classes.
    Your are is beautiful. Temple tree is surrounded by golden lights.
    Your enchanting day dreaming is shining through you mesmerizing photos. Amazingly beautiful

  12. Awesome photos as always. My dad asked a neighbour once if he was ready for winter. The neighbour relied he was not ready for last winter yet.

  13. I haven't watched news on TV in a week. It will be over tomorrow... and even if Hillary wins the Republicans in congress are already talking about impeachment proceedings. This is a reflection of what our country really is - and it is not pretty.
    I am too old to worry about it... but it is sad.
    the Ol'Buzzard\ nice pics.

  14. Be not disheartened; do not pack for a move. No matter the "winner" life will go on. Not perhaps without complications, but it will go on. Wishing you well as you batten d own for the winter.

  15. Well, of course you aren't voting for Orange Cosby, because you're voting for Deez Nuts - the candidate that truly cares.
    (We assume, anyway)
    And hey, they can take a lot from us, but they can't take that view from you. Well, unless Orange Cosby builds a wall there.

  16. There are nice clouds in Norway too if you wat to come "home", as in Iceland, if your tomorrow is as bad as mine. X

  17. Ah, pottery classes. I bid on a pottery learning session at our local art gallery gala at the silent auction a couple of weeks ago, and won it, so I'll probably do the course in the new year. I did a couple of courses about 15 years ago and loved it, and I'm still using the pieces I made.
    And it's Decision Day tomorrow, I wish you all good luck.... and I'll treat you to a double double and some assorted Timbits at the local Timmy's if you cant stand it on your side of the Great Divide.

  18. Lots to do around the farm to get ready for winter... <-- I can relate, and I don't even have a farm! Singing the Joni Mitchell song in my head now.

    Tim Horton's alone is worth moving to Canada for. I brought back some of their coffee during my trip to New York.

  19. baili, Thank you!

    Blog Fodder, Getting ready for winter is a perpetual motion. Never really starts or ends.

    Ol'Buzzard, I can't wait for it to be over, but it'll still be a mess. I keep voting, but things don't really change much.

    vanilla, I am getting to the age where the results are going to be someone else's problem. I tried, but couldn't effect enough change to make things much better.

    ABFTS, Deez Nuts filed to run on my birthday. How could I not give him/her a chance? The platform makes more sense than the mainstream, but what doesn't?

    Onevikinggirl, Coming "home" has been my dream of choice for about twenty years now. If I had your sense of priorities I could have done it by now.

    Shammickite, I could still walk to the border in a day if necessary. It might be necessary any moment. While I was never a big fan of Don Cherry I am pretty sure I could pass for Canadian in a few months.

    Pixel Peeper, Sometimes my earworms are good. I'll bet I could learn to ride my quad to the lake and catch some pickerel before anyone was the wiser, eh?

  20. Enjoy the days. November (so I've heard) is the cruelest month. One day, beautiful weather. The next brings sleet. We normally don't mind during the run-up to Christmas ("Because that's the way it's supposed to be!").
    Come January, though? Three months of nearly non-stop suck.

  21. After the shocking news this morning, I'm assuming you're grabbing your passport and starting to pack?

  22. Al Penwasser, We have the gales of November and a lot of clouds. I don't come out of it until about mid February, when the days are noticeably longer, the sun packs some heat and the chickens' ovaries kick in.

    Shammickite, I have been up since the middle of the night and the initial shock has worn off, but the secondary effects will last for a long, long time. My cousins in Norway said I could come there, too. You had better reinforce your border crossings as we may come in waves when he actually takes office in January. We still have time to pack.

  23. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website crashed yesterday — something a government spokesperson attributed to "a significant increase in the volume of traffic." Was that you on line?

  24. Thanks for the photos of trees. With the election news, I've forgotten to look up. I appreciate your perspective.