Sunday, October 2, 2016

Beautiful Days

Still in autumn mode here, but at least the weather is nice enough to get out for a walk. We have had several lovely days in a row which has been unusual this year, but things are still soft and squishy as if rain had just fallen. It is still quite lush, but the greenery is still pretty green and the colory is still pretty colorful.

The interesting thing is that here on the farm we are coming into peak color. A half a mile farther inland is already past peak. I went past our apple tree and picked the last three on there. Seems like the woodland creatures have beaten me to it again. Maybe next year.                                             

We took a drive a little while ago looking for the last rich colors. Four of us stuffed in the Subaru.
There was also a little hunting for mushrooms, but when we looked up there were nice things to see. We stopped at a nearby lake.
There was still some color in the maples and there were others out looking and playing with their dogs. I saw a few people I knew out looking at the same stuff, but we were all enjoying a beautiful day in the North Woods.

As always, click on the pic to embiggen.


  1. Truly beautiful.
    Thank you.
    I am so grateful to be able to enjoy your autumn and our spring simultaneously.

  2. Your photos are great. Our high temperatures are about five degrees lower now and the humidity isn't as bad. Franklin and I go for some early evening walks.


  3. Enjoy this time! I am jealous now, but check back with me in about three months.

    Knowing the crazy weather right now, I'll probably still complain about having to run the AC, while you're out skiing...

  4. Embiggening the pictures is always good. These are stunning. I love the fall leaves and ours are just starting to turn. That fourth photo is especially nice; the water is so calm. Thanks for sharing these.

  5. Beautiful photos, as always. Fall is my favorite season, so I'm getting excited right about now.

  6. Lovely photos. My favourite time of the year. The leaves are just starting to turn here. My husband is finished working for the year on Friday so I am looking forward to some beautiful Fall drives.
    Have a good week.

  7. That final photo is very evocative with the beautiful sunlight filtering through the trees.

  8. Elephant's Child, Thanks! I really enjoy the contrast between our settings and seasons. It's so nice to see the other side of the planet.

    Janie Junebug, It is cooling down here, too. We haven't had a frost yet, but probably will by this weekend.

    Pixel Peeper, There is a reason people from up here go down there about February or thereabout. After a certain amount of time we need to feel something different.

    Sioux, I would love to see the color line moving south for the next month. This would be a fun time for an extended road trip.

    Cat Lover, It is definitely the best time of year to go for a drive. Does your husband start hibernating in a few weeks? There will be days that I will want to, but these sunny ones are so nice.

    Debra, I had several of that type, but that was my favorite. The detail really came through.

  9. jenny_o, I'll bet it is stunning out on your island. Seems to me there is a festival of sorts going on about now out your way.

  10. Awesome pictures. So stunning. It almost makes me want to get out of my chair and go outside. Almost. And that's saying something.

  11. we just finished a week of cold and rain and damp. and no colorful leaves here yet either.

    the sun finally came out today to brighten my mood. baseball season ended for my team yesterday; now I hibernate from sports until 2/24/17 (when spring training starts).

  12. ABFTS, You can take your chair and your favorite brew outside, ya know. If you need tunes just aim your speakers out the window and entertain the neighborhood. You might accidentally start a party.

    anne marie, I was just remembering the lingering fall season out your way. This far from an ocean and at this latitude it tends to be more abrupt. Spring training usually means a trip to Florida, doesn't it?

  13. so central Texas where I live..fall is still in the 90's most days..sigh*

  14. Your trees are looking beautiful! Everything's still green... or brown... here. We're in the midst of a pretty severe drought, and it's still plenty warm and sunny. On the plus side, even though it's hot enough to have to run the air conditioning during the day, the past few nights, it got cool enough to shut it off and open the windows.

  15. Beautiful season in ta beautiful locale.

  16. Nice to see some photos with leaves still on the trees! We've had beautiful colour here this autumn, but most of the leaves have given up and fallen off by now. Enjoy those last few beautiful days! :-)

  17. So beautiful, Jono! Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. weather determines our moods ,and it provoked you for this so lovely walk and drive that made your lenses to capture the beauty of fall .loved all your photos particularly the leaves and long road surrounded by golden laces .

  19. Love the pictures. You are an inspiration. The last picture and the lake picture and the apple picture and. . . oh, heck, I love them all.
    Western Canada got a dump of snow, up to a foot in places which will put paid to harvest there. only 80% finished as it has been a wet fall. Our weather is just fall perfect, down to about 10C at night and up to 20C in day time. I could live with that forever.

  20. Beautiful photos. Fall in your neck of the woods is breathtaking. So jealous.

  21. There's nothing like the arrival of fall. The magic of it all is what keeps me enraptured.

    In my area (West Coast of Canada) we've had some spectacular colours as the leaves change. Normally that is reserved for the East Coast as they generally experience stronger change in temperature.

    Enjoy the beauty of the farm as it prepares itself for winter.

    I have added myself as a Follower - I look forward to dropping in again.
    Cheers, Jenny

  22. My absolute favorite time of year. Followed by the run-up to Christmas. Followed by "Oh-Dear-Lord-This-Sucks-Is-It-Spring-Yet?"

  23. JACKIESUE, I would melt for sure!

    Susan, We just had our first frost and I finally turned on some heat, but the windows are still cracked for some fresh air.

    vanilla, yes, I think it is my favorite, too.

    Diane, The wind will take care of any leftover leaves in the next week or so.

    Linda, It is my pleasure.

    baili, I spend much of my time outdoors when I am not at my job. Just observing changes is so much fun.

    Blog Fodder, Thanks! If I shoot enough pictures some are bound to turn out okay.

    Robyn, you always get a rise out of me.

    Donna, There is a price for this beauty and as usual the beauty is fleeting.

    Jenny, Thanks for joining up! I so much want to spend a lot of time in B.C.

    Al, Then in June it's "Oh-Dear-Lord-where-did-all-these-bugs-come-from?"

  24. Second day of glorious and gently apologetic rain here in northern California after too long without, but the light is going unto autumn, atom by atom, and temperatures are down to refreshment. Thanks for sharing these excellent photos of what I hope our regional future holds.

  25. I have never seen autumn n snow in my life . Nice seeing these pictures . Which place is this .