Sunday, September 18, 2016

It's Falling

The nights are cooling down and getting longer, but at this latitude we get a long dusk and dawn. It must be Nature's way of consoling us. All the critters are either fattening up for winter or fattening up to make the trip south.
This is probably one of the last hummingbirds to leave. Most of the others left at least a week ago.

The ships heading in and out of Lake Superior are starting to stay closer to shore for protection from potential intense storms.

Our farrier was here this morning for as few hours getting all the horses hooves trimmed and putting shoes on a couple of them.

The leaves are starting to turn color to what I hope will be a colorful season. It only lasts a few weeks so I hope the days are sunny and the colors vibrant. Here is an Aspen in the front yard.
I had to go to town this morning for a short trip to work to take care of something without being interrupted. It only takes an hour this way instead of a day or more during regular hours. I decided to take the other scenic route home through the maple forest to see if the changes had begun. They had.

It happens every year about this time. Eventually, the trees will be bare and the snow will come. This year I bought a new pair of skis so when I am not working and can see what I'm doing I plan on enjoying the cold and snow. Otherwise, I'll just sit around waiting for Spring and that is a long wait. Might as well laugh in the face of climactic adversity.


  1. I'm for a colorful fall, too, along with lots of snow this winter (enough snow for school to be called off, that is).

  2. Loving the view from your side of the world. Very different, very beautiful.

  3. I'm hoping for a colorful fall as well, although in this area we don't get big color like in the Northeast. I'm also hoping for a tiny bit of snow this year--we didn't get a single flake last winter. :/

  4. Is "farrier" still a full time viable occupation in this day and age?

  5. "All the critters are either fattening up for winter or fattening up to make the trip south." - and some of us just stay that way all year round! :)

    the geese are beginning their migration south; the honking, the v formations...

  6. This morning it really hit that Fall is just about here. Dark still when hubby left for work and cool for our morning walk. After our hot humid Summer I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures.

  7. Yes Autumn is in the air...the grren colour of wales is turning a muddy brown

  8. I hope we have a good long Fall but apparently the forecasters predict an early winter. At least up here they do.

  9. Nice photos, Jono. We're still looking like summer here but sounding like fall - the wind rustling through the tree leaves tells me the clock is ticking in a way nothing else does.

  10. Yes, it is fall. Temps here now in high teens during the day and drop to below 10 at night. Makes it nice to walk the dog. Better than 30C. Your photos are lovely, especially the trail through the forest.

  11. I love the change in seasons. It's been a hot and very dry summer around here. Embracing the chill in the crisp fall air.

  12. Beautiful photos, as always! We had a few days of intense colour here, but it was windy yesterday and today most of it is on the ground. Now it's time to dig potatoes and carrots...

  13. liked so much the style of your writing simply beautiful expressions ,nature displays all aspects of LIFE in her own way it is up to us what we see and learn and with how much depth .
    best wishes

  14. "Waiting for spring…"

    A common affliction in the Northern climes.

  15. Love fall. Nothing like feeling that first snap in the air.

  16. My hummingbirds seemed to disappear on September 1. Clever things, able to read a calendar!
    Love the cool nights and sunny days of autumn, and of course those glorious colours in the forests.

  17. Sioux, Just enough to ski on for me.

    Elephant's Child, I really enjoy your photos for much the same reason. Often so different, but still on the same planet.

    Jennifer, If it's going to snow it might as well do enough to make a difference.

    Bill, Believe it or not it still is. I know of a handful that make a decent living at it. Very tough work, however, especially if the clients are not cooperative.

    anne marie, I am trying hard NOT to put on an extra layer for the winter. Saw a pair of sand hill cranes heading in a Southerly direction today.

    John Gray, I would think Wales in autumn would (could) be lovely.

    Debra, For a lingering Spring or Autumn I think we need to be by an ocean or in a milder climate.

    jenny_o, The clock ticking away the seasons gets louder every year. I think I know what it is trying to tell me.

    Blog Fodder, I really like this time of year, but it ends too quickly.

    Agi T, We've had a wet year, but not exceptionally warm. Things stayed lush and no fire danger was present.

    Diane, I can't tell you how many years I've said, "Look at the lovely colors!" just to have them blow away the next day.

    baili, All of this observation of nature and it's cycles can be very settling to a troubled soul and relaxing for all if they allow it.

    Professor Batty, It is one of the main hobbies of Minnesotans.

    Donna, Sometimes it is a snap and at other times a slap upside the head as a reminder of what needs to get done.

    Shammickite, Hummingbirds and their ilk understood the calendar millenia before it was invented. Clever indeed!

  18. Everything is green as can be around here. Hopefully this week we’ll start seeing temperatures deep to the high 80s instead of the mid 90s, but we won’t see color for at least a good month or more. I can’t wait because it has been too warm for too long, and so many mosquitoes ….

  19. I always look forward to your pics.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  20. I can appreciate the beauty of the seasonal change, but the thought of your winter gives me the chills. Don't you ever feel like moving to Florida when it starts getting cold?

  21. UGG the summer went so fast Jono! I can't believe it's over not looking forward to winter. Great pictures as always!

  22. I live in Texas..fall lasts about 49 minutes and then it's summer again and then winter..then summer then winter then spring then winter and then summer..

  23. Fall's just begun and it feels like it's already almost over. Enjoy those colors while you can. I know I am. And hey, at least you have the option of taking 'the scenic route'. My commute choices just depend on how much smog I want to ingest.

  24. While it seems as though you work awfully hard daily, Jono, you sure make the most of this (often and/or mostly) beautiful world.

  25. I am so glad it's starting to get cooler. Yeah, that feeling won't last long.

  26. I'm a big fan of taking scenic routes...your pictures are gorgeous! I miss fall, but at least I get to experience the season vicariously through your posts.

    Good idea about getting skis and making the best of the snow!

  27. Vagabonde, I think I would melt in that heat.

    Ol'Buzzard, Thanks!

    Gorilla B, Once in a while I think of that, but then I remember what Florida is like. There are good points and bad and it is a nice place to visit for a while.

    Dawn, It seemed just like yesterday that the mosquitoes were starting to bite.

    JACKIESUE, I've heard that about Texas.

    ABFTS, Almost all my routes are scenic. It is one of the good things about living where most people just vacation.

    Robyn, I just try to do the best I can for everyone and try to get some self time in, too.

    Al P., Yeah it gets cooler and then all of a sudden it's cold. At least the rain turns white to brighten things up.

    P.P., Half the fun of visiting your page is seeing different sights, especially on a cold winter's night.

  28. Beautiful photos, Jono! I am enjoying the cooler temperatures now, especially since we had a pretty hot and humid summer here in Montreal. And I love Autumn...the colours, the cool air and the abundance of root vegetables! :)