Monday, September 7, 2015

Hymers Fall Fair and Seasonal Transitions

It's that time of year again when the plants start to change and the sky looks different. There are still a few warm days, but it's dark when I get up in the morning.
Here is a horizontal look at the world. It took a moment to figure out where the horizon was and the clouds weren't.

Click the pics to embiggen.

We made an excursion across the border, deep into Canadian Territory in Northwest Ontario, a whopping 75 miles from home. It feels a lot like home and once you get used to the Canadian version of the English language,   “Coffee Crisp costs about a Loonie, pretty good deal eh?”  and their different looking money it usually goes pretty well. When you leave Hwy 61 doing about 90 (kph) turning toward the crossroad known as South Gillies, you're getting pretty close, eh? You have entered an area of high basaltic cliffs and beautiful agricultural valleys on your way to Hymers where you cross a one lane bridge to get into this teeming metropolis of about 10 or 15 houses.

We got to the fair just after the rabbit judging and we missed the Western horse competition, but got to watch the jumping with some fine horses and the young women riding them.
Note to self: If I am ever a teenage boy again, I need to get into horses at that age. Teenage girls love horses.

  Even at this small fair, now in its 103rd year, there are a lot of things to see and do. there is a nail driving contest, farm animals being shown, the latest in electric vehicles, old time engines, great vegetables, and Canadian women who are unafraid to beat red hot steel into submission. Don't ever piss off a Canadian country girl.

Nothing beats a quick international excursion. If you get a chance to go remember your passport. Otherwise they won't let you back in at the border. Staying on the other side would not necessarily be a bad thing, though, once you learn the lingo.

I almost forgot to mention one thing. Republican Governor Scott Walker, candidate for his party's nomination for U.S President, thinks we should build a wall along the U.S. Canadian border.  Maybe he thinks it will keep out the extra vowels.

Meanwhile, back here on the farm, we had some rain to green things up a bit. It didn't stop the ladies from going out for a spin. Remember, no bad weather only bad clothing.
There are colors changing in the woods, but one of my favorite cedars is looking pretty stoic about the whole thing.
Just so you don't think I've been slacking I was intrigued by an estate/garage sale of some folks I knew a little had decided to spend most of the rest of their retirement years in Arizona. The Cooker and Stitch made many rounds of the place and left with armloads of goodies as did I. But there was one thing calling my name and drawing me back the next day. Something so unique, functional, and unusual, that I just couldn't help myself. You see, I may not be the sane and stable person you always thought I was. So I present to you...

wait for it...

drum roll...

The Octocycle!

Don't you think everyone should have one? With a little bit of TLC, a few modifications, and something other than Forest Service green for a base color I think it might be a desirable thing. I know, it looks like the Beverly Hillbillies version of this:
But think of the possibilities! A perfect gift for the person who has everything. Well, maybe not, but a darn good way to spend an afternoon! And it's mine, all mine!


  1. Nice octocycle! With eight participants to push the pedals, you'll be off to the races.

    I keep looking at the octocycle photos, but I can't figure out its function. Does it mow grass, or just transport a party of eight plus a navigator?

    The photo of the blue and gray clouds was beautiful. A sky like that is good for introspection and dreaming.

  2. Love your mystical where is the horizon photo.
    And am seriously intrigued by the octocycle. If my partner had been there I think you would have had to arm wrestle for it. I am quite glad he wasn't. Nooooo room for it here.

  3. I'm a Canadian country girl who is a wimp. Just saying.

    The octocycle is awesome. How did you get it home? And did it come with a full barrel?

  4. The octomom should have the octocycle. I haven't heard anything about her in a while. Building a wall between the U.S. and Canada would be good for Canadians. They need to keep Americans out so they don't start carrying guns. I've been to Vancouver, Victoria, and Montreal. I would love to see more of Canada, especially Nova Scotia. Well, if I'm fortunate and unfortunate, we'll elect an idiot to be our president. My son and I have agreed to move to Canada if certain people are elected.


  5. I wish I were closer to Canada – I love it there. I enjoyed British Columbia, Toronto, Quebec, Calgary, Montreal and the Maritimes but I am very fond of Newfoundland – such a wild place. I also like the fact that they do have more French on things, and their TV too. You are right, teenage girls are into horses. Do you know that in France I rode on a horse quite often and have only been on one here in the US just a couple of times. Your first blue photo is truly pretty- love all the blue. And that octocycle was something I had never seen. Here in Georgia I would not know 6 or 7 people (counting 1 for my husband) to invite to take a ride on it, or any people who would be willing to try…

  6. Absolutely right, don't mess with us tough Canadian Girls! Nice to know that you came to our lovely country and left some of your US dollars here, thank you! The wall..... bad idea. But it might keep all those illegal guns from being smuggled across the border!
    The octocycle.... is that a barrel of beer in the front?

  7. Sounds like a perfect day. I hope Scott Walker reads this and is appropriately appalled.

    Thanks for more great pics to embiggen!

  8. we had a ocotcycle at the wesfest parade. it was greatly appreciated..I love the photos..and especially the first one.

  9. Ahab, The Octocycle is primarily party transport that actually burns off the calories being ingested. Parades, sightseeing, and just cruising as long as the driver is sober.

    Elephant's Child, There's always room for an Octocycle!

    jenny_o, I think you're being modest.

    Janie Junebug, As long as Canada keeps Scott Walker out they should be safe. I also have a Canadian escape plan.

    Vagabonde, I would love to visit the Maritimes and the West Coast. And the Mountains and the prairies. Maybe spend time in the Thousand Islands and the Georgian Bay and make a pilgrimage to Gimli, Manitoba and catch the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Probably lots of other things, too.

    Shammickite, I know better than to mess with Northern women, but Joni Mitchell still makes my heart flutter. Yes, that is a 16 gallon beer keg. Unfortunately, it is empty.

    Donna, It was indeed a lovely day. I think the American public should be appalled by Walker.

    JACKIESUE, I know they are all the rage for pub crawls in the Big City. We'll have to see how this pans out.

    PP, Being this close to the border is a real treat, and yes, we couldn't keep Bieber out. With some customizing the Octocycle could be a real party vehicle. I do want to keep it legal, so I'll check with local law enforcement.

  10. Great pictures. Fall fairs are a great community occasion in small towns, aren't they? Agree about horses and teenage girls. Older girls too. Stay out of trouble. That Octocycle is a strange looking beast. What is the top speed? It would not seem to be for octogenarians, though. What would you call eight octogenarians on an octocycle?

  11. A belated 'welcome to Canada' to you! *waves*

    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and didn't run afoul of any Canajen girls wielding hammers and tongs. A word of advice: be wary of wenches with wrenches, too. ;-)

    Your lake and sky photo is spectacular, but I'm not quite sure what to say about the octocycle. I'm hoping there are flex hoses from the keg to each seating position. Beer's probably not the most efficient fuel, but it works for me.

    P.S. I just tried to post this and got a pop-up message that said FORBIDDEN in big bold letters. Now I feel like a true rebel trying to post this again...

  12. "Republican Governor Scott Walker, candidate for his party's nomination for U.S President, thinks we should build a wall along the U.S. Canadian border. Maybe he thinks it will keep out the extra vowels."

    Don't give him any idea, Jono. I hear he's pulling his current ones out of his keister.

    That octocycle is fabulous! I think I need one ...

  13. The fair sounded pretty nice, and you had some cool pictures, but then you got to the Octocycle. How can I buy one? Or build one? We'd ride one of those everywhere. Not just because of the keg up front, but look at how many bike horns that thing has. AND a loudspeaker. People. Would. Hate us.

  14. Blog Fodder, Top speed is unknown, but estimated at about 15mph depending on the age and condition of the engine. "eight octogenarians on an octocycle?" I would call it something like a miracle, but fun if we had emergency medical services on standby.

    Diane, Wenches with wrenches? Would they tighten my nuts? Google doesn't try to make posting easy. I run across difficulties everywhere, but it might just be me.

    Agi Tater, Yeah, Walker doesn't need any extra ideas. The ones he's expressed are bad enough.

    ABFTS, I would bring this one to you if I had a 16' trailer and a week off. I'm overdue for a trip to Colorado. I would probably give it to you if I could read the police reports, the headlines, and the following blog entry. The laughs would be worth it.

  15. Bahahaha!!! Better make sure you tell them the torque specs before they get started.

  16. You know how to have fun, Jono. An Octocycle would do it for me, too, but I'd need 7 others (preferably manly, hot single men - Canadian or not, I'm easy. I mean, it doesn't matter) to do all the peddling. Cheers, friend.

  17. Jono - the ocean photo is incredible - I love that. Never have I seen an Octocycle, but I'd love to try it. Maybe serve fish and chips!

  18. Diane, Or else there might be some injuries!

    Robyn, Maybe you could sit on the barrel and wave like the Queen!

    Dixie, That is actually the inland sea called Lake Superior, the largest (surface area, Baikal has the volume) freshwater lake in the world. Fish and chips would be delicious while riding around at low speed.

  19. What a great outing. You're great for saving the Octocycle from certain doom. Time for a party.
    REally? He wants to build a wall to keep us out? Well, I guess it's good to know how the others on the other side of the wall feel.

  20. I love the Octocycle! Saw my first one of those in Nashville this past spring. I especially love the keg strapped on the front. Cool device, but whoever steers better not partake!

  21. Barb, YOU had the great outing. Thanks for the vicarious travel!

    Dawn, I foresee a "hold my beer and watch this!" moment.

  22. Yes my younger 16 year old daughter loves horses, although her interest is fading a little, but my older daughter was never into them.

    Looks like a fascinating trip!