Friday, November 28, 2014


Everyone’s writing seems to have picked up in quality and/or quantity. The autumn leaves me exhausted and partially brain dead. 

First it starts out as an inkling to get prepared for winter. After a few weeks of lollygagging and just casually getting things in order we’ll get a couple of days of really crappy weather which then slaps me in the face to get my attention. This is a predictable pattern that repeats yearly and yet causes me the same amount of stress as if it were a completely new phenomenon.

On the farm everything has to be put away, organized, mowed, repaired, prepared, examined for wear and tear, cleaned, replaced, and inspected. Winterizing the water troughs, making sure the heater in the tack room works and nothing has been piled on it, fixing fences (I guess that is ongoing), moving piles of manure or gravel to get them out of the way of any potential snow removal, and putting heated water buckets in the stalls are just a part of it.  

The day job has been busy, but the overtime is like getting a temporary raise. October was our busiest month (by far) since 2006, but we did it with three or four less people (there are only seven of us now) and it took its toll on everyone’s mental stability. Yes, even mine! Hard to believe, isn't it?

Most of the pictures I have been taking have been of odds and ends I have been trying to sell on eBay to make up some of my “fun money” that went away when my car needed an unexpected tow. Well, not totally unexpected as it is nineteen years old.

So, I’m tired of keeping my nose to the grindstone because all I seem to get is a bloody nose. That season seems to be coming to an end and winter sets in.  

And so I'll leave you with this because this is only temporary and I am already regaining my strength.
Here is Lili von Schtupp, the Teutonic Tit-willow in her famous rendition of  "I'm Tired".  

See? Isn't that better? It's a fwiggin shame!


  1. Jono, I always think that you write very well

  2. John, you are too kind as well as inspirational.

  3. "This is a predictable pattern that repeats yearly and yet causes me the same amount of stress as if it were a completely new phenomenon."

    Oh SO well said, Jono!

    And thanks for the clip; that was such a good movie.

  4. I'll take your quality writing over quantity anytime, Jono.

  5. This is a predictable pattern that repeats yearly and yet causes me the same amount of stress as if it were a completely new phenomenon. <-- I can's the same with me and Christmas. It sneaks up on me as if I didn't know that it happens on December 25 every single year!

    Overtime money is nice, but when it's too much overtime or for too long, then it just gets too stressful. Hope you have a nice, quiet, and (somewhat) relaxing winter season coming up!

  6. I'm retired yet I still find that fall-into-winter is always hectic—it only lets up after New Years.

  7. jenny-o, It happens, I KNOW it happens, and yet it still happens. WTF?

    AT, You're too kind!

    PP, I know the holidays are known to be one of the most stressful times of the year. Maybe we can all relax in a few weeks.

    Professor, Maybe it's because we know what's coming. Once it gets here...meh.

  8. Jono--Anything from Blazing Saddles brings a welcome chuckle.

    I love the bloody nose and grindstone bit...not that you got a bloody nose, but the image is one I connect with all too well.

    I hope you had a relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving...

  9. I know the feeling. I spent the better part of the holiday getting friendly with a 20 pound turkey. Am looking forward to having Christmas "off."

    Enjoy your well deserved break!

  10. Sioux, sometimes I just need a Mel Brooks fix!

    Donna, the holidays are fun for most people, but exhausting for nearly as many.

  11. I had a friend in college, a gay man, who sang that song so well! Still remember him strutting around his dorm room in a perfect imitation, yelling,

    "I've been with thousands of men! Again and again!"

  12. Just saw Blazing Saddles for the first time this summer. My education had been sadly neglected. As to ready for winter, as our neighbour told my father once, he wasn't even ready for last winter.
    Speaking of thousands of men, did you see the article about the Australia woman who had sex with 10,091 men over 12 years at $500 to $1000 per hour. Apparently she is now looking for true love and to settle down.