Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dragons and 'shrooms

Last weekend was the annual Dragon Boat Race which consists of a lot of people paddling their asses across the harbor at a high rate of speed. Some of them are even serious about it, but that doesn't spoil the fun.
 Here is Stitch steering her team in after another grueling heat.
The Coast Guard and local law enforcement were on hand in case anyone fell into the water. Luckily no one did as the water is about 40F (5C). and you won't stay conscious very long.
Not everyone was in a hurry that day. The folks on board the Hjørdis were out for a leisurely cruise.
Of course, the local ducks are always out for a leisurely cruise until it's time to head south.

Finally,  we have been having some dry weather after a particularly wet winter, spring, and first half of summer. People have been starting to get out and have some fun. On the way home from work the other day I saw these people paddling between shore and Five Mile Rock. The rock is a couple of acres in size and is a favorite place for gulls to nest. It got its name for being five miles from town, but sometimes it is called guano rock because of the gulls.
The other thing about this time of year is that it is chanterelle season! Those tasty golden mushrooms that grow under the large leaf asters that add so much to a steak or risotto or some of these other recipes. It is delicious fungus among us that is only here for a few short weeks. This is where they hide.
So after a late afternoon stroll through the woods, checking our favorite hillsides for this prize, we stroll back to the house with the Cooker carrying a basket full. We always leave enough behind so they will be back next year.


  1. Gorgeous pictures that could easily pass for Scandinavia. Looks like fun too!

  2. The Dragon Boat Race looks like fun! We have an annual cardboard boat race here in town - it sounds about the same as far as fun is concerned.

    That rock looks like a nice place to kayak. And "yeay" for mushrooms, any kind, any where!

  3. It appears like it was a fun-filled weekend.

    I'm glad you know your shrooms. I would be way too nervous, since I do NOT know my mushrooms. One that is poisonous would look the same as a delicious (and safe) one.


  4. Here I thought your post was going to be about Puff the Magic Dragon.

    We had our local dragon boat races a couple of weeks ago. I'm thinking the water here is quite a bit warmer than yours, though. Five degrees Celsius sounds pretty nippy for this time of year.

    Beautiful shot of calm water in that last photo.

  5. Correction - third from last photo, not last photo

  6. Fantastic photos and those mushrooms sound delicious. We don't get any like that around here.

    Keep enjoying what's left of the summer. In another month we'll be feeling that hint of fall in the air. ; )

  7. I'll give you a call at your work # Wednesday AM to get together sometime.

  8. Donna, that's why they call this the Scandinavian Riviera. :)

    PP, I've also seen bathtub races and milk carton boat races. Fun stuff!

    Sioux, If you want a mushroom movie look for The Beguiled with Clint Eastwood from about 1971.

    Jenny-o, the lake can be very calm, but it is moody. It is full of shipwrecks.

    Agi, I think I'll try and talk the Cooker into a nice homemade mushroom pizza soon.

    Batty, Excellent! I'm looking forward to it! If I don't hear from you I will check in with Ted and Barb.

  9. Nice 'shrooms....we get morels in the mid-spring, May usually. We've been in the near-80's for the past couple weeks, but down to the 40's at night.
    I'm ignoring the fact we might have snow in three weeks, it's happened before on 1 Sept.

  10. Great photos. Dragon boat race seem to always be fun and attract participants.

  11. You're a brave soul. We only trust ourselves to identify the puff balls, but I aspire to greater mushrooms.

    I'm so glad I found this blog! It's wonderful.